I said I would choose the winner of the raffle for the camera this morning. I had Ethan help me this morning and we recorded it, but it is now 5 minutes until noon, and I do not have time to upload the video. SO, I’m going to go ahead and just tell you that the winner is Matthew. I will post the video later on today.
When I set this up, I didn’t think it was tacky, nor were there any selfish motives involved. I was hurting for a friend who had lost her only child. I didn’t want her to have to worry about how she would pay for the funeral. I knew she had been laid off from her job a few months ago– I know the expense of the funeral would be overwhelming and I wanted to do whatever I could to help. If I had $1,000 to help her, I would have given it. Instead, I thought “how can I turn my $100 into $1,000?” I’ve participated in car washes and bake sales to help people who needed to raise funds to bury a loved one. You can’t do that on the internet. I thought this was a good alternative. And the fact of the matter is with your help, we raised over $1,800 to help a mother and father who suffered a sudden and tragic loss. That’s what matters to me.
Thank you to everyone who donated to The Spohrs. You are wonderful and I appreciate your generosity more than words could ever express.