14 thoughts on “Opening Boxes is Hard, Apparently.

  1. MariaV

    I don’t have children, so you would think I wouldn’t have this problem. Unfortunately, my 70 year old mother opens boxes like this and is fond of putting empty juice/milk containers back in the refridgerator.

  2. Roxanna

    I was just going to say the exact same thing about the empty boxes! Apparently they are going to help me “live the dream” of having oodles of things to clean up.
    Givers…. all of them.

  3. Mickie

    My husband will rip holes in ziplock bags. How about opening the top where there is already a hole made for you? GAH! Drives me nuts.

  4. Rosie

    My thing? The kitchen towels. My husband is not capable of drying his hands without removing the towel from its hook and dumping it on the counter where it doesn’t dry and soon reeks of mildew. Drives me insane! I have TAPED the towels to the wall. It’s not about the towels? OH HELL YES, IT’S ABOUT THE TOWELS!

  5. Kristy

    One more vote for at my house the box would be torn, empty and still on the pantry shelf.
    I love it almost as much as I adore all of the cupboards standing open when I get home.

  6. Scentsy

    LOL!! My boxes look just like these. Again, can’t always blame the kids…my husband must be in a hurry to get to whatever is inside…because he rips the boxes and is the worst offender. He then complains when something tastes stale.

  7. Dawn B

    hahaha ok… I kind of do that… but in my defense, it’s only with boxes of snacks that have chocolate in them. And usually it’s like midnight. Which raises a question for me..why am I eating chocolate at midnight. Ah well.

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