Tap Tap. I Get Fonzie

I was talking on the phone with my sister tonight and we were reminiscing about when we used to play “house” when we were younger. The first order of business when playing house was to pick out a boyfriend/husband. It was a given that a fight would break out sometime during the whole “picking our spouse” process. It usually went something like this:
me: let’s play house
sis: ok, i get fonzie.
me: nooooo, i get fonzie.
sis: no, i said it first, fonzie’s mine
me: but that’s not fair, we didn’t say we were picking yet.
me: fine, i get gopher.
sis: ok, you can have fonzie and i’ll have gopher
me: no, you got fonzie.
sis: (in a smart tone) yah, but you said you wanted him so you can have him
me: i don’t want him anymore
sis: you’re just saying that to be a brat
me: well i think fonzies stupid anyway
sis: (whining) no he’s not, you’re just saying that because you’re mad cuz i got
him first.
me: oh yah? *slap*
sis: *screaming* *kick*
me: *pulling her hair*
her: *biting me*
mom: Lord Jesus what is going on in here?!
me *bleeding* she got fonzie then so i got gopher but then she wanted gopher but i said no because i got him first….

I think you get the idea

I swear, that happened every time we played house.

Now, I know we weren’t like most kids, we were a little “special” (because of the whole “Pastor’s Kid” thing) but I do wonder if any one else can relate to this.
it’s late, i’m rambling. i’m gonna go to bed and dream about my man.

13 thoughts on “Tap Tap. I Get Fonzie

  1. Christine

    Ahhh… the memories of me & my best friend playing house. That truly captures exactly what we did! (However, we normally fought over the Bee Gees and Andy Gibb. Fonzie came up though. I don’t remember Gopher ever being an option.)

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