i stand in front of the mirror, naked.
i cringe at what i see.
my body is worn and torn,
the marks from carrying a child ever present.
my breasts, once perfectly shaped and beautiful
are now large and saggy, repulsive to look at.
my stomach, once flat and smooth,
is now covered with stretch marks, fat, no muscle tone.
i am ashamed.
i will never be beautiful again.
but today i tell myself, although it is hard to look at and it is indeed ugly, it is a reminder that two amazing human beings were formed inside of me and those marks and stretched out skin are proof that life grew inside of me. it is a reminder i made love to a man i adore, life was created and my body was home to those beautiful babies for 9 months. my stomach was stretched as they grew, my breast were enlarged with the milk that would sustain them for the first months of their lives. it takes my breath away when i think back to having them inside of me, to the miracle of their births, seeing them for the first time and it makes it easier to accept the mess my body has become. looking at them, kissing them, i say these marks on my body were a small price to pay for the amazing gift that grew inside of me for 9 months and have filled my life with love and purpose everyday since they were born.
i may be ugly, my body repulsive to look at
but i am a mother
and i am blessed.

7 thoughts on “naked

  1. popcorn

    Damn. I think I’ll save this one and share it with Wifey around Mother’s Day. Am I allowed? Think she’ll get it? Beautiful, like you, this post was beautiful…

  2. Patrick

    As much as it is human nature to respond to physical beauty, there is so much more beneath and behind a beautiful woman. Many men, and indeed many women, do not pass physical looks – the secret is to realize what you did.
    I’m only 19 and I am continuing to work past physical looks, but you are already there, and the beauty of having two children is worth so much more than a physically beautiful body.

  3. robyn

    I’d trade my perfectly round, perky breasts for the miracle that goes along with your saggy ones in a heartbeat. Yes, you are very blessed — and the very best mothers know it. Amazingly beautiful post!

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