If I told you I threw my back out, would you mock me?

Thankfully, The Boss Of Me did NOT have Pneumonia. The results came back late Wednesday. After much debating, we decided it would be ok to take her out, so we packed up The Van and headed out to Palm Springs to spend Thanksgiving with my family.
I’m so grateful that everything turned out for the best. I want to write all about it, some really great things happened, some HILARIOUS and CRAAAZY things. Things like peeing of the pants and dropping of the very expensive digital camera in the dish water, but I am in excruciating pain right now and unable to sit here much longer.
Just wanted to update so y’all stop worrying about Special Sauce. See? She’s smiling again. She’s almost ALL better!
On the other hand, you need to worry about my husband if he doesn’t stop the insanity. I swear to The Almighty, if he doesn’t stop walking around with tissue SHOVED UP HIS NOSE I may be forced to hurt him. Come on, that’s just STUPID and ANNOYING. Wouldn’t you agree? (You would if you had to look at that for THREE DAYS IN A ROW!)

27 thoughts on “If I told you I threw my back out, would you mock me?

  1. mrc

    I am happy everything turned out well, except for Tony’s nose and the wad of tissue (can’t believe you pictures of it). But then…

  2. kat

    Why is there tissue up his nose? Doe she have a cold and this is an easier method of conatining snot that I don’t know about?
    I can’t believe he let you take pictures…lol
    Oh, and so greatful that Gabby is ok. πŸ™‚

  3. cee

    LMAO!!! Those Tony pics just totally made my day! thanks πŸ˜‰
    And of course the special sauce and boys are sweet, glad she’s getting better!

  4. nine

    YAY! i’m glad The Sauce is ok too. i was worried! and please tell Tony to take that tissue outta his nostril. it looks silly! i’ll even share my Sudafed, if a runny nose is his problem. πŸ™‚

  5. Michelle

    He looks so happy and calm with the wad of Kleenex shoved up his schnoz, that I immediately thought of “security blanket”, ha ha. If he’s anything like my husband, he’s probably doing it longer than necessary just to get your Irish up. Hysterical pictures, those.
    And we’re so glad SS is doing better! She and the boys couldn’t be any cuter, Yvonne. Take good care of your back (I have a stash of leftover pain meds from childbirth for just such an occasion) and I look forward to hearing all about the pants-wetting and the fate of the digital camera.

  6. Jake

    Congratulations on the clean bill of health for the babes. Also, though seeing your husband with tissue hanging out of his nose isn’t the best image, at least it’s better than seeing tissue hanging out of a different cavity of his body.

  7. robymf

    I hope you had a faabulous time in palm springs. Taylor has spent the last four days in the hospital with his asthma, and is finally home. Terrifying, but no neumonia!
    I love you and hope you are doing ok, I’ll talk to you soon. xox r

  8. Caitlin

    Yeah, the tissue up the nose thing is totally not hip. Tony is very lucky to have such an understanding wife. My boyfriend once had this ear infection that was so excruciating that he decided to tie a pair of socks around his head to “numb the pain.” Yeah. Men. Go figure.

  9. Mellissa

    Personally I would find constant nose-blowing and sniffling and snorting and snuffling way more annoying than Kleenex up the nose. At least I could choose to not look at the Kleenex :o)

  10. Darleen

    Yea!! The kidlet is fine! :::whew:::
    No, I will NOT mock you for a thrown back. Hell, even at my age I’d be willing to have ten more babies then to go through back pain (I herniated a disc in my lower back when #4 was a baby and spent a week in the hospital).
    LIFT with the KNEES…LIFT with the KNEES
    Good Godfrey, your hubby let you take the pics it the snotrag up his nose????!!
    hugs to you all.

  11. raven

    OH here you go….. put it to him in this fashion:
    You don’t walk around with half a kotex hanging out your panties, when youre on the rag!!!

  12. MJ

    Kids. Too. Cute. Must resist. Hope you had a very happy thanksgiving in our little hamlet. And that tissue thing? Wrong, wrong wrong. Tell him to use a frickin’ tampon instead! Oh wait nevermind, he might actually do that. And there’s no explaining that one away…

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