Because "resort" makes me feel all wealthy inside

I’m irritated as hell right now. I thought I had taken some really great pictures of our weekend in Palm Springs, but now that I’m editing them, I’m realizing that they’re terrible! And that pisses me off. So does the fact that there isn’t ONE picture of me with my kids. Nor are there any of Gabby in her pretty little Thanksgiving dress. Dammit. Β Here are the few that I did get.

Ethan is The Coolest Kid and it shows in just about every picture he takes

The entrance to the “resort” we stayed at.

The view from the front entrance of the “resort” condo

My boys showing off the view from the patio of our “resort” condo

Gabby getting a bath in the sink of the “resort” condo because SOMEONE (Hint… “Someone” has a tissue shoved up his nose right now) forgot to pack her bathtub

And yes, she HATED IT

It is a fact that my boys can’t walk by an object without feeling the need to CLIMB ON IT and JUMP OFF OF IT

Did I TELL him to pretend like he was a dog peeing on the fire hydrant because I thought it would be hilarious? Or did he think of it on his own? Give me a break, what kind of a mother would put their kid up to something like that!?

14 thoughts on “Because "resort" makes me feel all wealthy inside

  1. kim

    there are palm trees and there’s sun. *sigh* i’m cold.. and the boss of you is unbelieveably chubby and cute. those eyes…

  2. Mieke

    Looks like a good time. We stayed at La Quinta last Memorial Day and had a blast. I know exactly what you mean about feeling wealthy. It’s a nice escape!

  3. Kathy

    I know what you mean! If you look at our pictures – I have motherless children. There’s my husband but where’s mama? Yes, behind the camera. And when he actually takes a picture of me with them, I haven’t brushed my hair yet or I’m looking fat, or he’s about 200 feet away from us. Looks like I need to give him some photo tips! Your vacation looks great! And that fat belly. I’m looking at my 3 1/2 year old now, all long and lean, just a little baby fat on the thighs…it goes so fast!

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