Don’t let my one chance suck.

I love spending time with my children**. I genuinely enjoy their company. They make me laugh, with their wit, their charm and of course, their Great Farting Skills. They are my true source of happiness.
I need a night out with my husband! Let me rephrase that.
No, seriously. I might.
I love my children, I adore them, life would be meaningless without them, but at the same time, I love my husband and I miss him. I need some time with him. Alone. And by be “alone” I do NOT mean “have sex”. I mean “Go see a movie” or “Go out to eat without having to whip out a boob for Gabby to eat”.
You know what I’m sayin?
Now, here’s the part where I ask for your help. We haven’t been out together since November and before then, I couldn’t even tell you the last time we had a night out. And? I’m pretty sure it’ll be another 6 months before we have another opportunity to do this, so, I do NOT want to waste the night on a stupid movie.
For those of you asses who are lucky enough to go out and see movies (yeah, YOU ARE AN ASS TO ME) Can you please tell me what movies you’d recommend and which ones are so bad that I’d want to cut people up for wasting my ONE NIGHT OUT on?
These are the movies I WANT to see…
Be Cool.
Hitch. (Because… KEVIN JAMES a.k.a Doug Heffernon a.k.a My Pretend Boyfriend)
Million Dollar Baby
Hide and Seek.
Please, if you’ve seen any of these and they sucked, tell me. I only get one night out every six months, I’d like to have it NOT SUCK.
**All of my children are not represented in this picture. I do have one more who happened to be at school during this “photo session”. It’s very important to me that people recognize THREE BABIES where pushed through my vagina.

39 thoughts on “Don’t let my one chance suck.

  1. lex

    I’d love to recommend a movie. Except that I’m in the same boat as you. Even for our anniversary, we took Isa along with us to dinner! It’s probably been longer than November since I had an alone date with my man! I’m jealous!!! But I really do hope you have a great time. Now that you made me think of it, I’m going to have to arrange a grown up date with my hubby too!

  2. Jenna

    Hitch = Very funny. I enjoyed it, but I’m weird. Kevin James was/is fabulous.
    Hide & Seek = Heard that it sucked, but seen it anyway. Glad I did.

  3. Wendy

    I’m an ass. And a major one at that when it comes to movies.
    Be Cool – I fell asleep during the movie. The Rock was VERY funny, and so was Andre 3000, but that was about it. It wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped.
    Hitch – I *loved*. I love anything with Will Smith, but like Jenna said, Kevin James was awesome. It was a super cute movie. And it’s a chick flick that a guy would dig.
    Hide and Seek – Freaked my shit out. Dakota Fanning is awesome. VERY awesome. It wasn’t one of my favorites that I’ve seen lately, but it was still worth the price of admission for me.
    Million Dollar Baby – Probably not a good movie to see if you’re in the mood to be happy at all afterwards. If you’d like to walk out of the theater feeling like you take advantage of everything in your life, then maybe you’d like it. It’s a powerful and great movie, just not a happy one.

  4. dani

    i have to say NO to million dollar baby. however mr. eastman got the academy to vote this best movie is beyond me. it doesn’t get much more depressiong than this.

  5. Donna

    screw that! Get rid of the rugrats for a weekend and go to a bed & breakfast and bask in being waited on and fucking like rabbits in a big giant king size bed while you get ambiance and all the accoutrements.
    Some B&B’s have canoeing, hot tubs, horseback riding, sleigh rides…the whole bit.
    Have a REAL alone time.

  6. Wendee

    Hitch. Loved it. Kevin was excellent in it. I laughed, a lot. The husband enjoyed it too. Have a fun night!

  7. NinaKaye

    I want to see Be Cool! I love Vince Vaughn.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had an alone date with my husband. (our oldest kid is his from before me). The only thing we’ve ever done alone was go to the grocery store. And I haven’t been to see a movie in like 8 years.

  8. Stacey

    I hear Hostage is supposed to be REALLY good, but that’s not on your list.
    I’ll tell you how it is, I’m going to see it tomorrow. Even though movie prices are atrocious here.

  9. clearlydistracted

    Since I get out for a movie with my husband, oh, say every NEVER or so since my 4 year old was born, I don’t have any recommendations on that. But I gotta comment on your pic – the look Gabby is giving you is PRICELESS. Also, I love your last addendum where you mention that not all of your offspring are shown in the picture. I swear, I have the same thought when I’m out shopping with my almost-2 year old when my 4 year old is in pre-school. For some reason, I always feel compelled to stop people and tell them, “You know, I have another wonderful son, too. He’s in school today. But usually we’re together.”

  10. Sarcastic Journalist

    what are movies? are those the talking pictures? i used to see talking pictures. now i sit at home, drinking because i’m an alcoholic.
    woohoo! alcohol!
    PS you want to have sex. slut. 🙂

  11. jen

    I have to agree with the above comments: Don’t go see Million Dollar Baby.
    We also liked Constantine (not on your list).

  12. Mieke

    MILLION DOLLAR BABY is a very good movie but is HEAVY. For your first date out I’d see the light and entertaining HITCH.
    THE JACKET was disappointing.
    SIDEWAYS had excellent writing, was funny, and interesting. I sobbed at FINDING NEVERLAND, but it’s a quiet film. THE AVIATOR was a interesting but not captivating and a little disappointing.
    HOTEL RWANDA is supposed to be fantastic but you really have to bein the mood ala Schindler’s List.
    THE SEA INSIDE is also supposed to be excellent but intense.
    THE UPSIDE OF ANGER is supposed to be goo.
    BE COOL is supposed to suck- I wouldn’t waste your time. THE RING TWO also supposed to be lame.
    I say HITCH.

  13. Shylah

    I hear ya – Ted and I saw Lemony Snicket on Christmas day.. before that, I hadn’t been to a movie since I was pregnant with my now-three-year-old. And, of course, I haven’t been since. If you see Hitch, tell me how it was, eh?

  14. Mona

    I wanna bite Gabby’s chubby hand, really I do hehe. She’s forever cute and Ethan’s so handsome 🙂
    No clues on what movies to watch, I am like u, stucked at home with a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old. Nowadays it’s just having a good dinner outside 🙂 Have fun at the movies 🙂

  15. Tammy

    Make sure you sit in the back during the movie, so you can slurp all over each other without people hucking popcorn at you!
    Gabby is just too cute. And lady, check out the awesome cleavage!! Has Tony SEEN that?!

  16. Shaunta

    Hitch was really funny. I liked it a lot.
    Million Dollar Baby was good, but SO SAD. Like everyone else said. I don’t particularily like to go to a movie that has a super sad ending.
    I didn’t like Hide and Seek that much. I spent the whole time wondering why in the hell they dyed her hair. What was the point of that? To make her look darker and more loopy? Who knows. Also, the end was very contrived to me.
    Have fun!!!

  17. Firebrand

    I’ve seen “Million Dollar Baby” and loved it… I definitely think it deserved the awards it received. HOWEVER, knowing you oh-so-well like I do (HA!), I totally think that you’d loooooooooove “Hitch”!
    And since it’s after midnight now, I’m sincerely hoping that you saw that, had a fabulous dinner with your hubby and then went home intoxicated with each other so that you could shag till dawn.
    Oh, wait…no snippy-snippy yet, right? Damnit! Tony! Get on the ball here, man!! 😉

  18. jen

    You mean there is some one else out there who likes Kevin James?
    I think he is so adorable.
    We NEVER make it to the movies, and we don’t even have kids. That just goes to show you how much we hate people. LOL
    I cannot deal with all the rudeness…really. So I just go to places that have little to no people. We spend a LOT of time with Mother Nature…lol
    Whatever it is that you guys get to do…be it dinner or a movie or anything else, I hope you enjoy it to the FULLEST!!

  19. cindy

    You HAVE to see hitch. I just saw it tonight and it was awesome. I was almost embarrassed at how loud I was laughing. Almost – but not really. Keving James is a funny mofo and SO cute in this movie. Go see it.

  20. kristal

    Million Dollar Baby is the only one I’ve seen. Great movie, but sad and depressing. DON’T see it on a one and only date night.
    I am guessing that you picked Hitch ~ because that is what I would pick for you.

  21. Corrie

    I had to laugh at Alone. And by be “alone” I DO NOT mean “have sex”.
    We babysat for our friends last night and my husband commented to me, “They are going back to their house to “do it”, I bet.”
    He has it in his mind that when women get to leave the house, without children, that we automatically want to have sex.

  22. KB

    Like you, time away with my wife from the three kids is PRECIOUS. Last Saturday we finally got a chance to go out on our Valentine’s Day Dinner & Movie. We saw Hitch. I heavily recommend it. I’d wait on Million Dollar Baby because it should be out on DVD soon. Between Will Smith, Kevin James, Tony, and a nice dinner your evening should be SUCK-free. Enjoy!

  23. Y

    We saw Hitch and all y’all were right.
    And now I’m even more in love with Kevin James.

  24. gojou

    That is a great photo, Y. Don’t lose that one — you’re kids are gonna cherish it when they grow up.

  25. myllissa

    Hitch was a cute, light comedy that I really enjoyed. It wasn’t serious at all, and the plot was predictable. But sometimes that’s what you want or need to see. I really had a great time and left it feeling really warm and fuzzy inside.

  26. Keli

    Hitch was awesome! And my husband actually loved it too…. It’s definitely a “feel-good” movie that’ll have you laughing your ass off.

  27. robyn

    “Hide and Seek” is one of two dates we’ve had since our munchkin was born in Feb ’04 (grandparents relieved us in OK for his birthday trip) — the other one being “Troy” last May. I’m surprised to see so many people give it good reviews here to be honest. We both walked out with the exact feeling you’re wanting to avoid — we wasted the one date night we’ll probably get in 2005 for THIS?!? Your mileage may vary…but since our favorite movies (“Dumb and Dumber”, “Napoleon”, etc.) usually tend to be along the same lines…

  28. Stacey

    Saw Hostage last night. No plot, kinda violent.
    And the one kid who plays a bad guy will give me nightmares for years to come.

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