“GET OUT OF MY HOUSE IF YOU ARE DARK SIDED, BUT IF YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS YOU CAN STAY!!” (because who said titles must be relevant to the actual post?)

I’ve been contemplating buying a new camera. Ok. I’ve actually been obsessing about getting a new camera. (I even started a “new camera fund” which had $5.00, until this morning, when I decided that I’ll start a new fund next week because…I drove by a Starbucks)
I love my camera. It takes great pictures and it’s very easy to use. However, I want a camera that gives me more control and allows me to manipulate a shot.
While researching cameras, I decided to read up a little bit on the one I own. And, um, wow, that “owner’s manual” would have been a great thing to read when I bought it over 2 years ago because, DID YOU KNOW IT CAN SHOOT IN BLACK AND WHITE? Neither did I! But, in that “owner’s manual” that’s been collecting dust under my bed, it said that ,and it even showed me how to do it.

(and for the record, THAT one is titled “When Evil Babies Attack..in black and white“)
I’ve posted black and whites before, but they were edited to be that way. I can actually “shoot” in black and white, and this makes me so excited that my mouth is actually watering.

(The smile on my face is 25% “I love my daughter” and 75% “OMG! I’M SHOOTING IN BLACK AND WHITE. YEEHAAAW!”)
But, not only can I shoot in black and white. I can also shoot in sepia and “black board” and “White board” and OMG! I CAN DO TWO PICTURES IN ONE!

Tony’s been asking me to read that damn manual for the past 2 years and I’ve not done it because “I KNOW HOW TO USE IT I DON’T NEED TO READ IT! I AM “GOD’S WARRIOR”! (Sorry, I had to work that into this post somehow because…It was only the greatest moment in the history of television!)
I think I’ll still start saving for a new camera (d-slr), but now that I know these totally awesome settings exist on my camera, I’m not feeling so obsess-ish about it, because, you know, TWO PICTURES IN ONE!
You can view the rest of the “black and white” photos HERE.

30 thoughts on ““GET OUT OF MY HOUSE IF YOU ARE DARK SIDED, BUT IF YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS YOU CAN STAY!!” (because who said titles must be relevant to the actual post?)

  1. julie

    Ha! That woman is completely psycho! She was just pissed that Jeannie got along with her family so well, while she couldn’t even get a goodbye or hug from the kids without begging when she left.
    She also didn’t seem to comprehend that someone can believe in God and not be a Christian. Wow . . .
    Someone should tell Miss Self-Righteous that gluttony is a sin;)

  2. Shylah

    That woman was off the HOOK. The funniest part, though, was that she tore that letter up and rebuked it in the name of the lord jesus christ amen, and said she didn’t want money that some dark-sider allocated. Then they showed at the end how Jeannie allocated it, and said she decided to take it after all. HAHAHAHAHA

  3. Jessica

    that episode was outrageous!! i laughed so hard when she was ranting i thought i’d pass out. apparently she missed the commandment “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”… how do you call someone satanic just because she’s not christian?? even though i laughed at most of the episode, i did cry at the end a little. yeah, i admit it. when they told us how Jeannie allocated the money. all i could think was this woman took the time and interest in that family to really know the wants and needs. she put so much thought and love into her decision by allocating the money for crazy’s surgery… and the only energy that horrible woman exerted was in the form of judgement and namecalling. she was so mean and disrespectful to Jeannie and her family.
    i bet those kids were wishing Jeannie was back instead of thier nutty mom! they were so glad to see her, and all she did was yell at them when she walked through the door. sheesh!

  4. Hed

    Man, once you go DSLR you never go back! So easy to get caught up in making the world around you one giant, glossy photo! So much fun!
    And isn’t it fun when you figure out you already have something that will do cool stuff you didn’t know it could do?
    Well, have fun with your research. I do have an eensy weensy little woo woo of assvice, but I’m really glad I found out about it before I bought my DSLR. AVOID THE GRAY MARKET! Best way to do that is to ask if the camera comes with a full US warranty. Gray Market cameras don’t.
    Peace out!

  5. melissasunshine

    Hahah, when I asked my hubby to let the dogs in last night he said “NO, I REBUKE THAT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD”. That’s quality programing, the big boobs episode for next week looks interesting too.
    I got the Canon S2 IS for my annivesary this past August and have been loving it. I dont know if I’ll ever learn to work all the fancy features but the ones I have learned are awesome: This one is my fave so far http://www.flickr.com/photos/melissasunshine/26870459/in/set-609067/

  6. zee

    What wonderful pictures, Yvonne! And that last one… WOW!!! My favorite, my artist brain likes to say, is the first one. *big grin*
    You are looking good lady!

  7. Itchy

    I wish I could take pictures as well as you. My hobby (obsession) is scrapbooking and better pictures would be great! I haven’t played with all of the features of my camera either, but I should. I haven’t been able to let go on my 35mm…but I am quickly becoming interested in one of the fancy schmancy digital ones…

  8. girl

    that third picture is the sweetest picture EVER. I hope I have a daughter some day that looks at me just like that. Gabby has so much love for her momma.

  9. Busy Mom

    I am laughing out loud here because I actually read the directions on my camera yesterday and found out much the same thing and was getting ready to write about it!

  10. Curly

    Dying from The Cuteness that is your daughter. That li’l gap toothed angel must get whateva she wants…how can you resist the Gap? And those eyes, and those lips? AAAACK, too cute, can’t take it!!!
    And by the way, those “Christians” are embarassing to me.

  11. NinaKaye

    I had to read the book to my camera just to figure out how to actually take the pictures. I had the b/w and sepia and all figure out already. I’ve only had this camera about 7 months, but I want a new one so bad. Being poor sucks!
    I like the 2-in-1 picture…that’s neat. I’d have to photoshop to get that. Too much work!!

  12. NinaKaye

    I forgot to add…
    that fat woman reminds me of my mother. She’s not that fat, but I bet she’d yell all of that dark sided stuff (was Darth Vader there, too??) and “of the devil!!” She’s been known to tell Jewish people they’re going to hell. She tells me I’m going to hell all the time…I just say “okay”…hehe

  13. mart

    Wow it’s like haveing a new camera…
    That’s a nice camera you have. I loved the B&W pics expecially the one where Gabby is trying to eat a whole grilled cheese in one bite. LOL

  14. Kristine

    Woohoo-you’ve motivated me to dig the camera manual out from under MY bed that I never read! 🙂 Also – WHAT SHOW is this that you and everyone are laughing at?? I must see it!

  15. Rachael & Eva & Ana

    I never watch that show, but I just HAD to see her crazy meltdown. I’m glad those that believe in Jesus could stay. LMAO!
    You have always taken great photos, and the black and white just make them look that much more amazing!

  16. beth

    lmfao omg thAt lady was messed uplmao the end is funny shes like i dont want no money from dark sided people then in the words iot satys she finally wanted ther money i was like lmfao of course she did
    but very beautiful pics hun
    very pretty

  17. Mellissa

    So I was just working (I do data entry for a business brokerage) and I see a listing for Wahoo’s Fish Tacos opening here in Australia, and I immediately thought of you :o)

  18. mona

    Beautiful pics Y 🙂 At least you know how to use black and white. I have that Canon Powershot S70 7.1MP for over a year now and still couldn’t figure out the features. I guess I have to read the manual one of these days.

  19. Mari

    OMG Maguerite Perrin is the scariest biatch on TV!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO! Did you hear about the GOd Warrior bobble head being sold on ebay???EBAYYYYYYYYYY! I WILL NOT HAVE DORK SIDED GORGILES IN MY TAINTED HOUUUUUUUUUUUUSEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I AM A CHRISTIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn!
    I can’t stop thinking about her. Her and her tainted gastric bypass surgery. LMFAO!
    There is also a song that has been called the God Warrior. And Tshirts and sooo sooo much scary shit!

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