Dances Aerobicly at Weddings.

Dances Aerobicly at Weddings.
Guess who went to a wedding, drank a little too much wine, and began to dance sexily, aerobicly and YES, Wormily on the wedding dance floor?
Yeah. More to come later because I think whoever that was is quite possibly still drunk.

29 thoughts on “Dances Aerobicly at Weddings.

  1. Oh, The Joys

    What I totally DO NOT get is how come you always look so stunning in photos when you say you’re struggling so much to lose weight…??? You look FABOO!

  2. clickmom

    Next time you are invited to a wedding/party/event with dancing please let me know in advance. I wanna crash it just to dance with you.

  3. Stacey

    You’re hot! Your tummy looks so skinny! I can’t wait to see the ‘more to come’ post…still hoping for video of the famous worm!

  4. Pendullum

    Great shots…
    And they looked like you had so much fun…
    and really…
    How often does one have the opportunity to do the worm in public???
    Good on you…
    You made me smile…

  5. gabby

    Delurking to say that you rock! I am going to HAVE to do the worm at my wedding now. I wish you could come and show us all how to dance. Want to vacation in NC in October? 🙂
    I was just telling my fiance mere minutes ago how there was this terrific blog that I just started reading a few months ago (got here from amalah) and what a funny, sweet mom you were and how I wish I could meet up with you just so we could get drunk and do the worm- and then, I go to your blog and you are worming again! You made my day!!!
    Plus, you look awesome, girl! I know you might not see it some days, but you are gorgeous. Keep your chin up (and keep wormin’! And make us a video!)

  6. RachelS

    Just keep doing the worm and the weight will disappear! We’ll call it the worm diet. No one will want to try it because they’ll think you have to eat worms, but we’ll know the secret to success. Here’s to worming your way thin!

  7. Itchy

    Dammit! I gotta have a party so you can come and dance with me. Take that show on the road! 🙂
    And you do look great in that picture.

  8. teresa

    Yes…the wedding dancer has returned! You look sooo great! I love that polka dot skirt! I can’t wait for the follow-up post!
    You rock hot momma!

  9. Finy

    Wow, you look fantastic in the picture, but what I really want to know his … how in the WORLD did your husband not take a picture of you doing The Worm?!?!

  10. Debbie

    Do you even know these people or do you just show up at weddings??? That’s it you are a wedding crasher!!!
    You can crash my party anytime!

  11. Jenn

    You do look great grooving in your sexy polka-dot skirt! I too am sad your hubby didn’t take any worm pictures. Maybe next time. 🙂

  12. desiree

    Oh my god you did the worm in a skirt AGAIN?
    You are kindof my idol now.
    And you look cute in that photo. Not stupid sloshy drunk. You look like you’re having a good time and are comfotable in your own skin.

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