Ok, so, um, like when you hear a very loud buzzing sound from a light that is on and then there’s a mini explosion and it starts to smell like smoke, that’s bad, right?
Because that just happened to the hall light and so, I kind of freaked out and ordered the kids to EVACUATE THE HOUSE AND then I grabbed all of my storage containers with photos and put them in the back of the van just in case this shitty house burns to the ground.
I’m (almost) sure the house isn’t going to burn to the ground now, but I am afraid to plug anything in or turn on anything that isn’t already turned on. (And also afraid to flip any light switches on. Good thing I like peeing in the dark.)
I may or may not have unplugged everything in the house that is not this computer and not the TV and well, I also may or may not have did a little in my pants.
PigHunter is not home and he also does not have a cell phone so I can not call him to ask him if I should keep packing all of our valuables in the car because OMG! The house is going to burn down! Or if I should let the kids back in the house and relax because hahaha.. it was probably just the light bulb exploding and not really a big deal.
Except I’m [high pitched voice]PRETTY FREAKING SURE[/high pitched voice] that light explosion + loud buzzing sound + smoke= a big deal and not good at all.

I have to say that, aside from the fact that I have loaded all of my family photos into the van and have forbidden my kids from coming back into the house and have unplugged almost everything in the house and have DUCT TAPED ALL LIGHT SWITCHES so that no one can flip one on, I have handled this mini crisis with “minimal overreacting.”
Think of the 911 call that I could have made.
You should be proud of me, Internet. I’ve grown so much.
PigHunter actually got home as I was writing this and is now in the attic “checking things out.”
Which, NOT ENTIRELY OK WITH THAT, because of things like “electrocution”, but for the sake of my sanity, I’m going to go ahead pretend like I’m totally ok with it and chill out with a glass of wine.
(Meredith Viera’s all “oh noes! She drinks wine in front of her children! Bad mommy. Bad.)

30 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. bonnie

    See, because I overreact a lot, too. Not that YOU overreact. But I do. And so I thouroughly enjoy reading these types of entries. *pats head* You did a good job not calling 911

  2. Lisa

    You know, the house next door to mine is for sale. You should move in there. Although, that would involve you having to move to Oklahoma….not sure if you’re up for that. But then if your light fixture explodes you can come over here and hang out and laugh til we fall out of our chairs.
    Sound good?
    I’ll call the realtor, ‘k?
    Oh and one morning I flipped the switch in my bathroon and the same thing happened. And I got to call into work and say, “Well, I can’t come in because this funny thing happened with my light switch and I’m afraid my house will burn down if I don’t wait for the electrician.” And then, oops, it took the electrician 4 hours to get there, so I just couldn’t get into work until after lunch. Darn. 🙂 But my house didn’t burn down.
    Wow, that was a loooong comment. And oh so interesting, huh?

  3. Suebob

    You should get PigHunter to show you where the circuit breaker box is.
    In other news, one time I loaded my car with all my valuables because my dog was trembling. I heard dogs know when earthquakes are coming…so…I freaked out.
    My mom said there was thunder. No earthquake.

  4. Tara

    I know the feeling, scary as anything. I was once putting my baby boy to bed and I turned on the light and the bulb BLEW OUT OF THE ROOF AND EXPLODED ON THE FLOOR. That was a little scary. And I had bare feet.

  5. Nina

    One day I was at my mom’s and it was raining. The people across the street called to tell us that our breaker box was throwing sparks. So, my stepdad comes over and pokes at it WITH A SCREWDRIVER. I’m like “uh, please don’t!”
    Also, my kitchen light makes this sound sometimes like it’s going to explode, so I just leave it off for a few days (and cook and stuff in the dark) and it gets okay. haha (I could go on and on about this stuff.)
    My name is Nina, and I am trailer trash. haha

  6. goodthingscomin

    In my humble opinion, I think you did the right thing by unplugging everything. I would also unplug the TV and PC until it’s inspected (preferably by an electrician).
    My aunt had a problem this summer. My grandmother’s TV suddenly burst into flames and all of the TVs and bigger appliances in the house got fried. There was some sort of electrical surge due to old and faulty wiring that was not up to code. They’re still working on fixing all of the wiring, one room at a time.
    I think you and the chillin’ will be safe provided you unplug TVs, PCs and the like. No unnecessary use of power until you can verify the source of the problem.
    I only advise this due to the flaming TV at my aunt’s house. Gram is still not happy about that.

  7. chickadee

    Hey, I would MUCH rather get all the valuables out of the house and maybe look a little silly afterwards than lose them in a fire!
    Oh, and congrats on your typing test/interview appointment. WHOO!!!

  8. Kay

    Yet you were on the computer typing this out? WTH were you thinking? You could be sprouting an Olgivie Home Perm right now and WTF are you gonna do then huh? Hello? It isn’t 1979!?

  9. starrynite

    Know what? a year ago the extractor fan in my bathroom wouldn’t turn off when I went to bed. I ignored it, shut the door (thank the lord!) and went to sleep. At 2:30 in the morning the fire alarm woke me up.
    So, I’m not trying to be all scare-mongery and say that your house IS going to burn down, I’m just saying better to be safe than sorry!! I don’t think you really overreacted much. Better to overreat than underreact, surely.
    Hope all is good and safe now 🙂

  10. nila

    You’re too funny. I’m glad you didn’t call the cops, although that would have been kinda funny.
    You need a T-shirt that says Save the Drama for Yo Mama!

  11. Y

    All is good. PigHunter checked everything out (he used to do electrical stuff) and figured out the problem. It was limited to that one light. (Something about leaving it on all of the time caused something to melt and blahblahblah some things I can’t remember.)

  12. meritt

    I know I’m supposed to be like all, “Omg how scarry” but all I can think of is… “Dude! She has red duct tape! Where did you find it, cuz I need some for BabyGirls car!”
    That sounds soooo redneck. But yeah, we really do need some for my 16 year olds car. Lowes? Will Lowes have it?

  13. Kris Herbst

    I’m glad to see the crisis is over and that everythin’s ok! You definitely have grown. And the red duct tape looks all “official.” Like you work for the power company of something. Nice work Y!

  14. Della

    well, technically, you weren’t drinking in front of your kids, right? they were outside, and you were inside…so you’re good…and I guess the rule should be:
    If you want to drink, send the kids outside! Don’t worry if it’s night, or winter! Because drinking in front of your kids? Evil! lol!
    I drink in front of my daughter. In fact, one night, after a weekend of having a glass of wine each night, she actually asked me why my breath always smelled like wine when I kissed her goodnight! I felt a little bad…..had another drink, felt much better! 😉
    and Y, I’m so proud of you for not called 911! I would have freaked out too. I’m used to light bulbs burning out, but the smell of smoke? scary! Glad it all turned out well.

  15. chris

    Dammit woman, why didn’t you call me?! We have had this exact thing happen for the same blah blah blah you should turn the lights off once in awhile reason.
    But last night? Our wood stove caught on fire… in a way it isn’t supposed to. Um, and I tried to vacuum up the flying burning embers which caused the vacuum to catch on fire.
    We could have freaked together. And also, discussed which kind of depends to buy.

  16. Helen

    I drove my van to the store yesterday and it was making a TICK TOCK noise. By the time I got to Asda I knew that the polish people living in the apartment under our house had planted a bomb under my car, why? Because my husband has a stop immigration sticker in the back window. You are not alone. Paranoia rules.

  17. Kait

    Well, good thing it’s all fixed. I would have freaked out too, and loaded the cats up into the car, along with my camera… and all my books which would have meant that I would have DIED TRYING TO GET MY BOOKS OUT OF THE HOUSE. Which reminds me. I need to update my inventory so if my house DOES burn to the ground? I can get insurance to spend thousands of dollars to rebuild my library. Ugh. So much work.
    But yeah… I’m glad that everything’s ok! 🙂

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