I always try to find the humor in situations. That’s what helps me through most days.
Laughing at myself, it’s “how I deal“.
Always look both ways, so that you don't pull out in front of my husband and almost kill people (including yourself.)But I can’t find anything funny about the fact that some woman didn’t look both ways before she pulled out onto a street that my husband happened to be driving on (with my daughter in the car) and that as hard as he tried to brake, he hit her and now our van has been declared a “total loss” and the difference between the amount we still owe and the amount of the blue book value is less than $3,000 and um, no one got the woman’s insurance information because she was injured and well, now we’re not only homeless, but also van-less and there’s just nothing funny about any of this.
I suppose I can take comfort in the fact that no one was killed, but not really because the woman was injured and Tony has a hard time walking and is in pain all day at work and my daughter is traumatized and afraid to ride in the car.
I suppose I’ll find the funny in this at some point, but right now, I can’t see it.
(Although, come to think of it “Hi! I’m Y and I’m homeless…AND van-less!” is kind of hilarious. Is it not?)

92 thoughts on “NOT.

  1. Andrea

    Wow Y…we are sending some good thoughts your way. It certainly is your turn for some good luck. Keep your chin up, sista!

  2. Tracy

    Wasn’t there an accident report filled out? If so, her name is on it, and can be given to your insurance agent to pursue the insurance liability.
    But Dude…total suckage there. Good to know Tony and Gabby are alright. And, if you look on the bright side…if you weren’t living at your parents, and Tony took the other car all day, you wouldn’t have any way to get around. Now you can borrow your parents’ car! (I’m really trying to find a positive here…)

  3. Heather

    I am thinking of you and your family right now. I can’t imagine how terrifying that accident must have been for you and husband and poor beautiful little girl. You really should think about trying to track her down for insurance purposes. The accident was so clearly her fault that I imagine you could get a bit of coverage out of it.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

  4. Annika

    The police and/or hospital will have her name, which you can give to your insurance company. I believe they can pursue her insurance information. I hope so!
    Let me know if you need some company! I can drive out and take you to Starbucks or something.

  5. Susan

    No, not funny. You’re in my thoughts. There’s got to be a light at the end of this tunnel, I’m sure of it.

  6. anne nahm

    Oh that sucks sweaty monkey ball sac. I am so sorry this keeps snowballing. I will clicky-clicky to the righty-right (winkedy-dink) and put two nickles toward covering the plus blue book. And also, of course, because I have a heartfelt interest in: Women’s birth control, Elizabeth Hurley movies and Hotel livin’. Hmmm… Must consume product!

  7. Mamacita

    Oh hon, not funny at ALL. I’d loan you my van if you were nearer. In the meantime, you’ll be in my thoughts. My prayers, too, if you don’t mind my saying that.

  8. Lisa

    Oh, man, that sucks so bad! I wish you lived in OK because we have a van I’d loan to you, too! Heck, at this rate, you could have a van for every member of your family, including Buddy!
    I’m sorry! I hope things look up soon!

  9. danelle

    You can certainly find her through the citation she was surely given. Get the police report and go after her. Call one of those guys on tv that got Mrs. So and So $600,000 for her accident. He’s a BULLDOG! (or so the ad says).

  10. Mir

    Ugh. There are no words for suckitude this big. Thinking of you and hoping things start looking up soon, like RIGHT NOW.

  11. MsInterpreted

    I just wanted tell you that I’m sorry too. All of what you guys are going through sucks, but it will get better hon. Don’t lose your sense of humor. Here, this will help you smile!

    Keep your chin up! :o) ::hugs::

  12. Mandi

    I don’t know how you will ever find humor in this situation. I feel so bad for your family. Tony should start seeing a chiropractor for his pain, if that’s possible. It did wonders for my sister who flipped her car a couple of years ago.
    I’m sure you can find the woman and get her insurance information. Don’t let her insurance company screw you out of what is owed. I sure wish I had a pile of money to give you right now, you need it more than anyone I know. Again, I am so very sorry.

  13. margalit

    Not the slightest bit humorous. Not even a speck. But… can you get the woman’s contact information from the police to get her insurance info? I mean, your insurance CO should do the legwork, but they won’t. And why should YOU be out of a van when they can find her pretty easily through the police report?
    I’m sorry this is all happening to you at once. Total suckage!

  14. Rachael

    Oh dammit. That is awful. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.
    I hope Tony finds relief soon. And I hope Gabby will be okay.

  15. FlippyO

    All you need is her license plate number. Plus, if you don’t have that information, then go after your own uninsured motorist coverage on your insurance. You have pictures and witnesses, you shouldn’t be screwed by this. If you contact a PI lawyer, they’ll take your case on a lien, and they’ll work on getting the information for you. They won’t charge you. What is really important is for Tony & Gabby to keep getting the medical care that they need for the case, if they’re both in pain. A gap in medical treatment causes problems for settlements; nonetheless, at the very least, your transportation should be replaced. Don’t give up.

  16. Divrchk

    That sucks. Can’t you get her insurance info from the police? It looked like the cops were there… They should have her info.

  17. Y

    I should mention that we do have some information on her and I know that eventually we’ll figure out her insurance info, but in the meantime, every thing is kind of up in the air because haha, we didn’t have “rental car” coverage on our full coverage plan.
    But, dudes. My VAN. Do you know how much I loved my big, ugly van?
    DO YOU?
    I think I need to write a goodbye letter to my van.

  18. Y

    Divrchk- The cops got some of her information, but they did NOT get her insurance info or her phone number. The cop was all “oops! I didn’t get her insurance info, sorry!”
    And Tony didn’t get a chance to approach her to get her info because she was injured and surrounded by firemen and such.

  19. Katie

    Oh no, I’m not sure that’s ever going to be funny. I’m sorry for your loss. (I love my big ugly black van too.)

  20. Candy

    Someone already said it, but I repeat…
    If the police came to the scene, they have her insurance info, so track it down through them!
    I’m very very sorry to hear about your situation. Keep looking for the funny though. It’s always right around the corner.

  21. Christy

    I’m really sorry that the hits keep on coming for you. Here’s hoping that you find her insurance information and everything works out right in the end.

  22. blairzoo

    Oh, I’m SO sorry! That just blows. Sure hope your luck turns soon. Extra hugs to that beautiful little girl. So scary for kids.

  23. Scoot

    Oh Y, I’m so sorry. Accidents are horrible. And I know just how you feel about your van, as my beloved car (the first car that I ever bought and paid for myself) was just declared a total loss from an accident last week. I feel silly for being so attached to a car, but at the same time I don’t know how I’ll find anything I’ll love as much. So yes, there is a bit of a grieving process. 🙂
    I wish your husband a speedy recovery, and Gabby too. I hope you get some good news soon.

  24. ishouldbeworking

    It’s been said, but I’ll chime in too. The cops at least have her name and/or license plate number. Hell, check your pictures – maybe you got the plate #. Give those to your ins. co. to pursue. HER insurance company should pay the cost of your rental until you get a replacement…I went through this a couple years ago. It takes persistance and sometimes a lot of attitude but stick to your guns and it’ll be OK.

  25. ishouldbeworking

    one more tidbit I learned when going through my ordeal….document EVERYTHING. Every person you talk to, the date & time of the coversation and notes on what you talked about. This is invaluable.

  26. anita

    Well, not *everything* has much humour in it. I’m glad everyone is okay (well, not more hurt), but totally understand how you feel.

  27. KathyHowe

    Totally not funny but like the other commenters said, pursue finding her. The police were obviously there, they’ll have the information to track her down. The tow truck company that hauled her broken car away would have some information. All you need to do is get a copy of the police report over to your insurance agent and they will most definitely take it from there.

  28. Stephanie

    I’m so sorry! Thankfully everyone is (mostly) okay. Like others have said, you should definitely be able to track down the other driver. Give any info you have on her to your insurance company and they’ll be able to do the work for you. But I hear you how much it sucks… even if you can get insurance money from the other driver eventually, it certainly doesn’t help your situation out now. I had a city-owned tree fall on my car a few months ago and I’m still working on getting reimbursed from the city for my deductible that was several hundred dollars out of MY pocket for something that was THEIR fault, but I had to get it fixed right away and couldn’t just wait for them to (hopefully) give me the money.

  29. ella

    You need to get a copy of the police report.
    Even if her insurance info isn’t on it her address is.
    Talk to your agent, they should be handling this.
    Good luck!

  30. kate.d.

    totally understandable to feel irrationally sentimental about an old, ugly car 🙂 i actually cried a little at the junkyard place where i left my first car, also a “total loss” (and also hit by a woman preoccupied and not paying attention – in a BMW SUV, no less!), after gathering up my few sad belongings from the glove box and trunk.
    celie, the 89 toyota celica. sometimes i still miss her! 🙂
    hang in there….

  31. Deborah

    wow. This truly sucks. I am glad no one was seriously injured. Definitely pursue finding the lady and after seriously smacking her upside the head, sue the pants off her. Then go buy yourself a brand-new van! My thoughts are with you, and your family!

  32. Nothing But Bonfires

    ALSO, shouldn’t her insurance company pay for a rental car? When these two crazy drunk redneck dudes crashed into the back of my car, their insurance company (Geico, I think) paid for me to have a rental car while my car was fixed. I know you don’t have her insurance info YET, but like you said, you’re going to get it. And she’s going to have to pay, since it was her fault. So surely if you get a rental car, you can file that cost towards what she owes you — keep receipts and stuff and make her insurance company pay for it. I don’t know; is it worth calling all the big-name insurance companies and seeing what their policy on this is, so that when you DO find out her details and info, you’ll know which company you’re dealing with and what their policy is? Still, I know it must be that last thing you feel like doing.
    I’m so sorry all this is happening to you at once, Y. It’s horrible how that happens, but at least you’re getting it all out of the way! My dad was in a car accident (totaling the car) AND lost his job in the same week once, and it was awful, awful, awful. At the time, you don’t know how it can possibly get any better. But it does, it totally does. And a year later, you look back and think Christ, that sucked, how did we get through that? But you do. And you will.
    Thinking of you, my dear. I’m still on for an Aerobic Dance-Off. Now, THAT would be funny. In fact, let’s wear leotards to make it even funnier.

  33. Ocanbug

    OMG that sucks… I hope they don’t try to make Tony “a fault” cuz she may sue yours insurance for injuries. Did Tony get a ticket? Tony could be site for failure to avoid an accident, they say if you cannot stop in time you must be going too fast. That is what happend to me anyway… I will pray that your family gets through this whole crisis thing.

  34. Y

    Crap, I’m sorry that happened to you.
    I’m not too worried about that happening to TOny though. He was NOT cited at the scene and the officer told us it was “pretty evident she was at fault”. She literally pulled out RIGHT in front of him. The skid marks from his brakes will prove it. He didn’t have time to stop, he tried, but he didn’t have time. Also, we have two witnesses who saw her pull out right in front of him.
    Thanks for your prayers. Honestly, I need them. xoxo

  35. Kathy

    So sorry to hear of this latest sucky thing happening in your life. Not much of a comfort right now, but it WILL get better, remember that whatever trials that don’t kill you will make you stronger.
    Your agent should be handling all this for you Y. That is his job. Her ins should indeed pay for a rental car, medical for Tony, his time off from work if any, PLUS a percentage of ALL the expenses. I’d suggest not getting a PI laywer, they take too big a bite out of the settlement, and don’t do much of anything. Don’t settle for the first offer her ins makes, either. Total all your receipts, expenses, everything spent due to this accident, add what you think is a fair percentage of the total, (10-15%), and don’t settle for less. You guys are the ones put out by all this and you should be compensated. I was in an accident where my car was rear-ended throwing my little dog off the back seat, killing her. The “crashers” ins paid for her cremantion, a new pedigree dog, and everything connected with the accident.
    Good luck. I’ll be anxious to hear how this turns out for your family. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Luv yu Y!!!!

  36. Linda

    I’ll second the get a lawyer now thing…I know from recent experience. If you have any questions, email me because I have just gone thru this and I could have used a heads up on a couple of things!

  37. Stefanie

    Sounds like you’ve hit rock bottom. Time for booze, pills and and and…I can’t think of anything else. Sorry, girl!

  38. Dawn

    Damn, girl! Your family is having some awful luck. I am sending good vibes your way (i just wish i could send you a new van).

  39. Kris

    Nothing funny about that. I’m so sorry. I’m grateful that Tony and Gabby weren’t hurt worse but other than that it totally sucks. I agree with everyone else. They know who the woman was and your insurance should go after her for you–they won’t want to pay for everything if they don’t have to. You are in my thoughts and prayers. (((((Y)))))

  40. Sarah

    Damn homie, that happened to me one time. It’s not y’all’s fault, though, and that bitch better have some serious cash. The car accident happened with Miss Gabby while she was still little, so she’ll forget it. I guess just give her ice cream and things that make her happy when you go on car trips for a little while…scary man.

  41. Lindy

    Y, my prayers are all for your family right now. I read this post to hubby & he says to send his thoughts & prayers too. I’m sure you’re freaking right now. The good news is everyone is alive. The better news is ‘through god everything is possible’. It just has to get better for you soon. Remember if he puts you through it he will see you through it!

  42. FlippyO

    Can God give me those long legs that that girl on So You Think You Can Dance has? You know, the girl who auditioned with her teacher. If through God anything is possible, it must mean there’s a way I can get me those legs. Because I want ’em! Yesterday! Okay, okay, the abs too.
    If you have UM coverage, your own insurance will help you and will proceed as if the other woman was uninsured, and then they’ll go after her or her insurance. Through insurance coverage, anything is possible. If you don’t have that and you’re having problems getting a vehicle to replace your van, make sure you let us know and make sure your Paypal address is front & center. Through friends, anything is possible…except getting that girl’s legs, and abs, and ass. Damn. Although, if Janet Jackson can buy her abs, we can too!

  43. meritt

    I’d say you are taking this quite well! I still see a little bit of humor shining through there on the edges. 🙂

  44. Philip

    I’m very sorry to hear this. I’m glad your loved ones survived, and I hope his back heals fully and quickly. Car wrecks are very scary things.

  45. Rachael

    Makes you just want to punch the “Look at this new Prada bag I just got!” bloggers square in the teeth, doesn’t it?
    Well, it does me.

  46. chasmyn

    No, it is not funny. I’m so so sorry, Y. I’m sending all of the positive energy, angels, love, you name it your way.

  47. kim

    *hugs* i hope things will get better for you guys REAL SOON! and i’m glad they are both [pretty much] okay. *more hugs*

  48. robyn

    I am so sorry. I just don’t know what to say. I hope by now you’ve been able to take the advice above and have a lawyer and her insurance info. Thinking of you… xoxoxoxo

  49. geeky

    Oh Y, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all of this. When it rains, it pours. I’m thinking about you and your family, and hoping you start having some better luck soon! (Winning lottery ticket, maybe? 🙂

  50. Summer

    Sorry Y :(. Glad your husband and daughter is ok. Update us about how the woman is doing please.

  51. Jen

    yeah, I must agree with everyone in that it’s probably not ever going to be funny. Maybe if you track the woman down, get her insurance info, then film her slipping on a banana peel. Now that’s funny.
    Glad everyone is okay.

  52. EDW

    Oh, my heart goes out to you. In January, I got laid off, we had a house fire, and someone hit my car rendering it undrivable and in need of month-long major body work. It wasn’t funny, except in the manic way of laughing while telling it because it was either that or I cried. Also I kept scanning the sky for locusts, because that’s what I figured would be coming next. My 2.5 daughter was scared of the car, too, but she got over it before mommy did. Resilient little things, they are.

  53. AmyM

    I’ll take any opportunity to quote Wayne’s World, and I do believe this sums it up…”I’m being shit on, that’s all…shit on!”
    You poor thing. I hope things turn around for you soon! Keep yer chin (and your thumbs) up!

  54. jeanie

    Hey Y
    Poor you – sucks big time.
    Should be traceable with her number plate?
    If she is driving a rental so much the better – they would have ALL her details
    Sue the police officer who forgot!
    Hide in a corner in case number 3 hits…

  55. Mrs Butter B

    Hey where are you? I’m starting to think your mom grounded you from the computer….
    Seriously, is Gabby (and Tony too, of course) ok? No lasting repercussions?

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