No need to worry! We’re not on fire! (Yet…)

It kind of hurts to breathe
The fires are all around us, but not close enough to cause any concern. The only concern is the air quality. It’s smoky and ashy. That worries me because of my daughters history of asthma attacks. She’s already displaying some early symptoms that an attack may be looming around the corner, but I’m not going to stress about something that may not happen.
I’ve been watching the NON STOP coverage on the news and my heart breaks people who have been affected by these horrific fires. I worry about the firefighters risking their lives to save the lives (and property) of others. I worry about the animals, the elderly, the people who have no one to turn to for help. It’s a horrible situation and I feel incredibly grateful that my family is safe.

80 thoughts on “No need to worry! We’re not on fire! (Yet…)

  1. nabbalicious

    My coworker here lives really close to one of the fires, and she’s coughing and hacking up a storm! I’m in Long Beach, so I can smell the fires, but that’s about it, thankfully.
    I’m glad y’all are doing okay!

  2. Kathy from NJ

    Thanks for the update. We’re getting a lot of news coverage and my heart aches for all the firefighters, rescue workers, volunteers, etc.

  3. Mrs Butter B

    Here’s a special prayer for Gabby & her asthma…
    And glad to hear you’re all doing well. Its hard to not worry, seeing all the CNN coverage, etc.

  4. Procrastamom

    I’ve been thinking about you the last few days and hoping that you’re safe. Glad to hear you are. What about the earthquake that So. Cal had this morning? Did you feel that? (it was only about 4 on the Richter)

  5. Jennifer

    How scary. I can’t even imagine. Just know that the rest of the country (even here in the midwest) are watching the coverage, saying prayers, crossing our fingers for all of you to be safe…

  6. angie

    I’m glad to hear you guys are safe for now, Y. I worry about my favorite people/bloggers. Good luck to you. I’ll keep all those effected in my prayers.

  7. Candy

    Glad to hear you’re in a safe place.
    As hard as it is to hear about the loss to people and their property, I HATE hearing about the animals who suffer through this. Today, I saw a group of people trying to herd some lost llamas into a truck. Broke my heart, I suppose because they have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. Yesterday, I was muchin’ alfalfa, today…I’m a stray. Poor things.

  8. teachbroeck

    glad you guys are safe…THE NEW CABINETS!!!! “but I’m not going to stress about something that may not happen. ” is this the Y we know and love? WOW! Good for you.

  9. Michelle

    Glad you are OK. I was actually just looking up your site to make sure you were…
    Prayers go out ot all those that are in the thick of it, fighting it and having to cope with loss.

  10. AA

    Like everyone I am glad you are okay. I spent several months at a time (several years ago) in S. CA and I have been through most of the towns mentioned in the news. I can picture it all too well. Scarey.
    Stay safe.

  11. Les~

    Prayer of Protection:
    The light of God surrounds you;
    The love of God enfolds you;
    The power of God protects you;
    The presence of God watches over you.
    Wherever you are, God is!
    Be safe!

  12. anne nahm

    Glad you are safe. I’ve got a lot of family in So Cal and San Diego and it is no joke from what they are saying. They are talking about coming up this way to visit just for the sake of air quality. If you are coming up this way (Central Coast-ish), give me a jingle and we’ll do that coffee thing.
    Take care.

  13. Tammy

    You know I adore you, right? And I’m so glad you are safe. BUT I just have to say…
    “I’m not going to stress about something that might not happen”???!!!! Who are you, and what have you done with Y?!! You MUST be an imposter!!
    Very proud of you….

  14. Y

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaa @ Tammy and Teachbroeck.
    It’s hilarious to me that you picked up on that. Because it is SO unlike me to NOT be freaked out.
    I think I’m just too tired to stress about it.
    because, really, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

  15. sassy

    I just read in the LA Times that they suspect some of these fires were started by arsonist. That just makes me sick to my stomach.
    Glad your family is ok. And as a fellow asthmatic I raise my inhaler (in a gangsta way like we asthmatics do) to your daughter and wish her luck with her lil’ lungs.

  16. Corinne

    The light that the smoke creates is the eeriest thing to me…it’s almost like tornado weather in Pasadena in the afternoon.
    Glad you and yours are safe!

  17. Meegan

    Hope you and family stay safe, Y! And keep your eye on that little pumpkin. My husband was just out in the LA area and said the air quality was horrible!

  18. Mrs. Flinger

    You turn something so scary in to a beautiful picture, Y. I’m glad y’all are ok but I DO keep reading about people evacuating. It’s crazy. Stay well down there! (And come up here if you want some rain and wine. We have both. Or, rather, I do…)

  19. Lucky

    My mom is in San Clemente and I get constant updates via YIM on things. Its scary, for alot of reasons. Most importantly because my son is spending the school year with her, and as you know – us Moms tend to be control freaks when it comes to our child being anywhere CLOSE to danger. *sigh*.

  20. Heather

    I am so glad you posted and you are alright ,I have been checking and praying for your safety. Just like you I am safe from the fires at this point but they are in my mind every minute. I even have clothes and water packed in my car in case we have to leave fast. I live in a rural area like you and have mountains right next to us so I am always checking the mountainside for smoke. Hope your baby is ok!

  21. Jenny H.

    Thank God. I live in Georgia. But am originally from California.
    Most of my family lives out of range of the fire(s).
    My cousin is going to college in San Diego, but is working in L.A. right now. And he is okay.
    My family’s thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the California coast right now.

  22. KimberlyDi

    My sister lives in Ramona, CA, and had to evacuate her family, 2 horses & 3 dogs. She still doesn’t know if she has a home left or not. I worry about her.

  23. Liv

    It is a very bad situation, but I am so glad your family is safe. I bet a lot of people are getting into perspective what is important in life. I do hope things settle down over there soon.

  24. Kay

    I thought of you guys in that “OMG she finally got a home of her own and please God let their home be safe” kinda way.
    Glad you are ok!
    My Daughter in law’s sister has evacuated so I have had a little personal experience with this and know how scary it is for families that are away!
    Devastating. 🙁

  25. Jessica

    every time i see the fires on the news i think about you and your family. i’ve been praying that you are all safe. i hope gabby’s breathing is ok. maybe a humidifier in the house might work? just until the air outside clears up? maybe it’d keep the dryness out of the air in the house anyway. just a thought. 🙂

  26. demondoll

    So frightening, I’m glad you are all safe. We used to live in LA, and have been checking in on friends…

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