51 thoughts on “I kind of want to go to this church

  1. Kerry

    I’m………….speechless! I especially like the guy on synthesizer. For the life of me I cant picture my priest doing that with the lectern ladies at my church. BAHAHAHA

  2. Liz

    That was seriously disturbing. Oh. my.
    I’d seen the Jesus ska band on The Soup’s blog over the weekend.
    Dear oh dear.

  3. danelle

    The drummer is out of control!
    Hip Hop Service 10am
    Traditional 11am
    I love the guys Britney Spears micrphone, you know so he can be hands free for all those intense moves!

  4. cindy w

    You know, I was wondering why the guy got the Janet Jackson-style headset while the ladies had handheld microphones. Around the 1:55 mark, I understood: were the ladies busting out the moonwalk? I THINK NOT!
    Oh my, that was awesome. I would totally go to that church too, but I’m afraid I’d get kicked out for giggling inappropriately.

  5. JoAnn

    OMG- that is freakin’ hilarious! And I’m laughing just as much at the comments that have been made so far!!!! Too funny!

  6. Y

    I wish I had their email addresses. I have so many questions for them.
    Like, how long did it take to choreograph? And where did they learn the moves? From SECULAR MUSIC VIDEOS? Because I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to watch those. At least that’s what my dad always told me.

  7. Amy

    Actually, they kinda remind me of a slightly updated Lawrence Welk act. I was shocked to see the year was 2007, since that act looks waaay older, and cheesier, than I would have thought possible. WOW.

  8. JachiCue

    Tell me he’s straight. I dare you!
    Oh this made me so happy. I love the way he looks over at each of the ladies periodically. It’s golden.

  9. Text Imps

    Dude looks like Will Farrel & Dracula had a baby. TY Andrea for pointing out the awesome dancing at 1:55. I had paused it at 1:45 cuz it just got too creepy! I almost missed it. LOL

  10. Angie

    Wow! It was like Lawrence Welk met up with Billy Graham and Michael Jackson. You don’t see that in church everyday. I was impressed that the older woman moved just as well as the younger. It’s gotta be a family act. The son must have been begging to do this since the 80’s!

  11. Mary

    Actually, I thought they were pretty awesome. Their moves were a lot more synchronized than some famous acts I’ve seen. Even their harmony was good. If they had a more catchy tune to sing I think they’d really go over big. It’s just funny to see those moves done to that music. However, more power to them! They looked like they enjoyed it and they’re getting their message out.

  12. Peggy

    Do you think those two ladies went “same style dress” shopping together to make sure they completely matched? And I don’t care what anyone says, that dude got those dance moves at toga parties in college after just hittin’ the beer bong!

  13. burnurcomputer

    What exactly did they say in the chorus? “The ______ is the Christ in me”. Might be the baby pulling on my headphones or the fact I was trying to keep him from chewing on the cord, but I missed what they were saying. For real here people! Anyone wanna reply so I know? Please?
    It certainly wasn’t horrible, just different. I was raised as an Episcopalian so we really lacked on the instrument and dancing part. Still not my “type” of church, but you can say that you wouldn’t fall asleep during the service 🙂

  14. Joy

    I *think* it was “The Redeemer is the Christ in me” – but I’m not really sure because I was laughing too hard 🙂

  15. Karen Reilly

    Oh My God…LOL I would go to that church just for a good laugh. OY hahaha It was pretty funny

  16. talda

    while we dance at my church, it’s nothing like that. i don’t know what’s better, the dance routine or the image i had of them choreographing and practicing the routine. i think it’s a winner either way

  17. JesseeezMom

    You Rock! Too Funny! This rates right up there with Cubby doing all the “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. I now have another “go to” video after a hard day at work! Thank You Y!

  18. Marcy

    I cannot tell you how much this video made my day… for reals.. I needed a good laugh. I agree with Amy.. I would have thought this was from the late 80’s or 90’s…. but never 2007 !!!
    I hope you don’t mind, I had to put it up on my blog…
    Priceless !!!

  19. brad

    I find this more than SOMEwhat disturbing! I find it sacriligious. Hmmm, “be not conformed to this word” (Romans 12:2) comes to mind. I’d be outta there fast!

  20. mbbored

    I actually thought of you tonight when I was at church. We were singing a hymn, when I had a silent but smelly fart. Just as that happened, the man beside me turned and bent over behind me to pick up something that fell. Fortunately, it was the final hymn so I could high tail it out of there without ever making eye contact.

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