Pulling Teeth

This morning my daughter came running into the room while wiggling her front tooth.
“I think it’s ready to come out, Mommy!”
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This was both awesome news and dreadful news because pulling out a tooth= drama. There is excitement, fear, nervousness. There is laughter, crying, screaming followed by more laughter, crying, screaming.
It started out like this: “Pull it out! I’m ready!” and quickly turned into “STOP IT! WHY DID YOU PULL SO HARD!”
This “okay, pull it!” “STOP PULLING IT!” game went on for a better part of the morning. I’d beg her to let me try just one more time. She’d give in, but the second I’d start tugging, she’d be all “Stop! It hurts! I’m never letting you touch it again!”
The thing is, I’m not the kind of mom who can be all “It’s okay, sweetie, we’ll try again when you’re ready.” I’m hardcore (or is it, “I’m half Mexican?”) I’m like “let me pull that tooth out so we can move on with our lives, kid.”
Gabby wasn’t having it, so she spent a very long time in her room, trying to pull it out herself. Which was kind of cute, but mostly frustrating because I just wanted to pull that effing tooth out of her precious little face? Head? Mouth?
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An hour or so later, she came back into the room, ready to negotiate.
“I will let you try to pull it out, if you promise to stop when I make THIS noise.” And then she made this very loud noise.
I was all “Okay!”
(Notice, I didn’t say “I promise?”)
The second that I began to pull the tooth, she made THAT noise. I didn’t stop because I knew that tooth was less than 3 seconds from coming out. She started to scream, not realizing the tooth had already come out and was in my hand.
She started doing that super crazy laugh that kids do after a tooth has been pulled out of there mouth and ran to the mirror to admire her new smile.
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After she was done celebrating, I asked if I could wiggle her other tooth to see if it was ready.
She put her hand up, Stop in the Name of Love Style and said “Don’t even THINK about it.”
I agreed to leave that tooth alone for now. But that tooth is on notice.
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9 thoughts on “Pulling Teeth

  1. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    She is adorable with the missing tooth.
    But this whole post made me shudder. I cannot pull teeth, I can’t even look at the ones that are dangling all loose like. I might have to bring my kids to you.

  2. Y

    Tony is the same way. He was all “I’m gonna let you handle this!” Pulling teeth doesn’t bother me at all, but cleaning up puke? NO WAY. That’s daddy’s job.

  3. Kyla

    KayTar lost her second top tooth on vacation…she got so worked up thinking about the blood in the sink, she puked all over the hotel bed. We were with childless friends and I’ve never seen people flee a room so quickly. LOL.

  4. Nancy P

    That is so cute! But you are braver than me. Somehow I got out of ever pulling my kids teeth. Whew!

  5. FireMom

    Most horrifying but simultaneously awesome post. Ever. LOL I can’t handle wiggly teeth. I almost vomit every time. Thankfully my mother-in-law is a dental hygienist. I don’t have to do it!
    GREAT photos of the process!

  6. Holly

    I am totally with you on your method and lack of patience. I hate the whole “drama” and crying…Oh my god!! Just let me pull it out already. LOL!! Too funny…

  7. Colleen

    Zoe currently has 4 wobbly teeth. They’ve been wiggling forever. One is quite loose…. but still nowhere near loose enough for us to attempt pulling.
    That last photo could be the happiest toothless grin I’ve ever seen.

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