Now if I could only balance my checkbook.

Words can not describe what is happening inside of my heart and my mind at this very moment.
I opened every window in my house to let the sun shine in and feel the breeze. I want to see the sun, I want to feel the breeze, I want to live again. My house is clean for the first time in months, I am already starting to cook dinner for tonight. I don’t have any desire to go back to bed, or to cry. I want to call all of my friends and tell them I love them. I want to go outside and play with my dogs. I want to wash my windows, I want to clean my car, I want to organize my closets. I don’t want to live in a dark, messy house anymore. I want my house to be a home again.
It could just be added shot of caffeine I got this morning, but something tells me things are getting better and I couldn’t be happier.

17 thoughts on “Now if I could only balance my checkbook.

  1. dana michelle

    Yeah, Yvonne!!
    Hearing you say that makes me feel happy and sunny inside too. (Even though it is raining cats and dogs at my house right now.)
    These guys are happy too! —> 🙂 8^) 😉 :o)

  2. Meredith

    OMG – I was going to say something about how happy I am for you, then I saw Sphinx’s comment and lost my entire train of thought. Ha!!!!!!!!
    Seriously – rock on with your bad self, girlie… enjoy the day!!!!

  3. pink lotus

    Congratulations! I hope the rest of your days are filled with this energy. And the weather is finally gorgeous after days of yuckiness…

  4. Lilly

    i think that is really terrific…as someone who has suffered many years w/depression, i can totally relate to how good it feels when you have a change in outlook and things really look brighter…i’m very happy for ya! 🙂

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