Excuse me while I brag

“Ethan’s excellent work is a reflection of his positive attitude and effort. He is always willing to accept a challenge and is enthusiatic about learning. He is well liked by his peers and demonstrates exemplary citizenship. It’s been a pleasure having Ethan in class.”
And he came from me… can you believe that?

13 thoughts on “Excuse me while I brag

  1. Alteredboy

    I was floored myself when my daughter recieved something similar to that. Shocking huh?
    Great job Ethan! and of course Great Job Yvonne!

  2. melly

    I just want to say, in relation to the post above, that yes, it is true that in a matter of a month you, and then the whole world of blogging, will know that I have a terribly mis-shapened penis.

  3. judi

    Congrats to Ethan for a great year. Yay~proud mom.
    Ethan is my son’s name too…hope he gets a similar report…

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