baby pool

This isn’t for money, just for fun, and if you’re right, you get to gloat all about it in the comments.
Let’s bet on what day y is going to go into labor. Starting from today, the 29th, leading up to the 5th of August (if she hasn’t had Gabby yet, she’ll be induced on the 4th, but remember, labor could go on into the 5th. or maybe not.) All I know is that I’m taking this way too seriously.
My bet: Sunday, August 1st (i’m a dumbass).


39 thoughts on “baby pool

  1. yvonne

    august 5th at 12:01 am because she’s STUBBORN like that.
    And she’ll weight 8lbs 2 oz.
    i KNOW, i’m her mother!

  2. Firebrand

    I’m gonna say 8/4/04 in the evening (8:48pm?)…and she’ll weigh in at like 8lbs 4oz (because 8 and 4 are the theme, damnit! :P).

  3. Dixie

    hmm lets see….7/31 at 947pm weigh 7lbs 11oz
    obviously Im clueless lol…. but be on guard this being #3….you will probably be dialated at 3 for several hours then boom they will see the head lol

  4. JNel

    After posting, I immediately thought to myself, �someone will interpret that comment wrong.� My sentiment was simply that there are only a couple days to choose from and people would double up on days… If it were thought of sooner, it would have given people more options… I should have stated that more clearly.

  5. Caitlin

    I noticed you signed off as “Benicio Del Toro’s Wife”. Perhaps you will go in to contractions while vigorously rubbing your nipples during a viewing of one of his films this weekend. Cracked, I know, but hey, it could happen.

  6. Stevie

    Saturday night… it’s supposed to be a “blue moon” that night. Fark had a link about it.
    And, in keeping with the rock-n-roll theme that seems to be emerging (I mean, c’mon… “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night”- Bay City Rollers and “Blue Moon”-Marcels), I hafta go with some time “After Midnight”- Eric Clapton.
    Then, after she gets here, Yvonne can sing her a “Rock and Roll Lullaby”- BJ Thomas.
    (Somebody stop me!!!)
    Just be glad I didn’t suggest Tony start singing “Havin’ my Baby”- Paul Anka (?!? I coulda sworn that one was by Mac Davis or somebody… wow.) Anyway, be glad I didn’t eeeeven go there… *giggle*
    Yeeees, I’ll shaddap now….

  7. Stevie

    That’d do it.
    Or, I could Stop! In the Name of Gawd… er, I mean Love…
    (Did you mean to use the almost name of yet another song, there, Love? “If I had a Hammer”? lmao, either way.)
    “Already Gone” (Eagles),

  8. Andy

    Having not seen Yvonne for a few hours, I hope you’re resting (or maybe “you-know-what” has started).
    I hope that Mrs Benicio del Toro is able to post if you had to rush off for some reason?
    Be well, Yvonne.

  9. trish

    When I was pregnant with the nub, I used to sit and watch Little House on the Prairie and cry at every episode. I was also afraid that because my son was biracial, that he was going to come out looking like Rodney Allen Rippey with a huge afro and I cried some more.
    I think you will go into labor tomorrow night, and have her on AUgust 1.
    Oh, and she’s going to be a boy, the ultrasound was wrong.

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