15 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Mona

    Good Luck. Hope the baby comes soon. Am checking on ya alot I meant yr website to see how u r doing.

  2. picklejuice

    My last pregnancy was the only time I lost my plug and my water broke on its own – I can easily say that was the most disgusting part of the whole process. Even worse than doing the little poops in front of the midwife.
    That damn plug just never seems to end, does it? Or maybe mine was freakishly large, I dunno. I lost my plug about ten minutes before my water broke and wooshed it all away and that was the nastiest ten minutes I’ve ever spent on the toilet.
    (This is my idea of being supportive – focus on the plug as the worst of it!)

  3. Rae

    Yep, I’d say that the countdown is on if you’ve lost your mucous plug… 48 hours and counting (or less)!!!

  4. Lisa

    OOh-oooh-OOOHH! That is great news!! I lost my plug one day, and the next morning I was having mild regular contractions. Next afternoon my water broke on the way to the hospital and 30 minutes later I had a baby!! Good luck Yvonne!!!

  5. Lessa

    Oooooooooooh eeeeeeeeeew elephant snot! (aka mucus plug. *L*) Yes, much disgusting, but a well known fact that 90% of the time that means labor within 24 hours! Good luck!

  6. ginger

    Yay! Can’t wait! Make sure Melly keeps us updated while you are in the hospital! We will have withdrawals if we can’t monitor your progress! Eeeek! Yay baby!

  7. djmofo

    i saw a lot of mucus plugs dislodging this weekend—-from kids at the local pool ( ie. boogers).
    i know, not the same, but still…
    i’m guessing you’re going to have it by tuesday.

  8. Amber

    Hey I been checking out your website from looking at Genuines. Been waiting on lil missy to make her arrival. Im almost 32 wks with number 4 so I know what your feeling 😉 Congrats on losing your MP and Im hoping to read about lil’ missy’s debut very soon.
    Love Amber

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