I bet she’s laughing at me!

I’m still only dialated to 1.
The baby is still high.
No contractions.
Doctor scheduled an induction on AUGUST 4th at 8am. August, people.
Of course there’s a chance she could come before then, but I doubt it.
GIRLS! They are trouble, I tell you. T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

27 thoughts on “I bet she’s laughing at me!

  1. hip momma

    i know they’re ordered you to rest but walking is supposed to help you induce labor 🙂
    or so they told me when i was pregnant .. they made me walk up & down the halls of the hospital

  2. GC

    I know sex is probably the last thing on your mind but I read somewhere that semen has an ingredient that helps dilate and efface the cervix. Maybe you can give that a try?

  3. yvonne

    Tried that.
    Tried walking.
    Tried eating spicy food.
    Tried nipple stimulation.
    Tried foot massage.
    Nothing is working.
    She’s going to be stubborn, just like me, I KNOW IT

  4. geeky

    my grandmother says you have to have 9 full moons during your pregnancy before you’ll go into labor. it looks like the next full moon is july 29-30. 🙂

  5. Mona

    I was told to walk round and round through the hospital hall like hip momma and yes I did dilate over 5 cms after that walking. Good Luck Yvonne~

  6. Stevie

    If ya really wanna start this labor, all ya have to do is make plans for an evening. You probably won’t even have to start to fulfill them, just make ’em and make sure Gabriella hears you.
    Start with, say, a movie. Then, discuss dinner… loudly. If need be, or for a little extra “labor karma”, you can even mention what you’d like to do after that.
    Then, you get a shower, get dressed- only not really for dinner, more in whatever you feel comfortable and happy in and can wear to the hospital- dab a little perfume on, do a touch of makeup, even, if ya want… let yerself feel as beautiful as you are.
    Unless I’m sorely mistaken, by then you oughta be feeling something. If not, yet, get in the car and just take a drive, like you are going to dinner. (To really tempt her to respond, you could go in the opposite direction of the hospital…)
    I promise, the INSTANT Gabby thinks you have plans, THAT’S when she’ll be ready.
    I know, I know… “Advice from the childless…” But, you see, this isn’t a “law of childbearing”, it’s a law of the universe.
    I hold up any man as an example. *grunt* eeeaaaarrrggghhhh* (Big boy, ain’t ya, Son?)
    Just think about it… when does a guy finally show up? Right when ya said “Aw, hell widdit” and went off on yer own, right?
    If you’re ready and waiting for something to happen, it never seems to. It’s always when ya have yer pants around yer ankles that stuff goes on, am I right? Fire alarms, tornados, missle attacks…
    Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and even if she doesn’t “give”, you’ll look and feel pretty damned good, anyway. Right?
    And, would you believe I have never been to a spa in my life…. not once. But, I bet a blabby spa-person would make me crazy(er), too.

  7. fran

    August 4th?! Oh oh, wait one more day and she’ll have mine’s and Mikey’s Birthday!
    You probably want to run over me with a car for saying that…this I know…
    Still! I am just saying! 😉

  8. vickie

    I don’t get it; wasn’t the due date July 29th? Why was an inducement scheduled for a week after that? Don’t they usually schedule inducements right after the due date passes?

  9. yvonne

    yes, the due date is the 29th. but, they will let you go two weeks past your due date. My doctor is being kind by only letting me go 6 days. The reason he scheduled it for that day is that day he’s on call so he’ll be able to do the induction.
    Let’s just hope I don’t make it til then. I can’t DO IT!

  10. maricar

    THEY ARE TROUBLE!!! For my little bundle of pink, I was on bedrest for a total of 20 weeks, was in latent labor for 3 weeks, active labor for 12 hours, pushed for 2 hours and ended up with an emergency c-section in the end. Hope I didn’t scare you. She is SO worth it in the end. 😉
    Have lots of sex and orgasms and more sex and more orgasms. I think that will help. Good luck! I’ll be thinking fast dilation vibes for you hun!

  11. The Sarcastic Journalist

    unfortunately, she’ll come when she wants. I did all that crap and nothing worked until they stuck some Cervadil up my cooter and got that Cervix dialated.
    Perhaps they can do that to you before they start the Pitocin? The Cervadil did it to me on its own and I didnt have to get that horrid drug.
    I feel your pain, honey. Seriously! You’ll have your own baby girl very soon!

  12. Lessa

    Oh man – i feel your pain. In fact, I have an “8-4-94” baby, who they had to induce because I was a week overdue. *chuckles* My middle one, and yes, my first girl. She’s been nothing but trouble ever since! but not near as much as my YOUNGEST. oy.
    Thinking good thoughts for ya, Yvonne! Hang in there.

  13. shy me

    i feel there’s gonna be a baby sooooooon. ( but i’ve been feeling that for like.. months, so i may not be right ) but, if you think she’s being stubborn, just tell her that you DON’T want her to come out, nope, just staaaay in there, whatever you do, don’t come out early or anything. you know.. that whole reverse psychology thing you can do with kids?

  14. daniel

    Girl. I’d have thought you’d have birthed this kid by now… She HAS to have your will, cause you have been focused on gettin’ her here already…
    BTW, thanks for sharing this whole pregnancy. It is something I may otherwise never have experienced w/o your honesty here. Sure I’ve had friends that had kids, but I never saw the “day to day”. Now I have read it. Because of you.
    How do I nominate you for a “Bloggie” award?!?

  15. Colleen

    I jsut want you to know that I’ve been reading this obsessively waiting to see if you haven’t posted in a while and if it’s been more than like 12 hours, I automatically start thinking “She’s having her baby!!”
    But sorry, no advice for inducing labor here, but I’ll be contacting you if I need hints. 🙂

  16. Lisa

    The 4th? Wow – still plenty of time left to go on your own. I love the 9 full moons thing, I did not know that. I have to admit I laughed out loud reading Stevie’s comments – and even nodded once or twice. Whitters has the right idea, if you manage to find yourself in the mood – otherwise the chemical mix won’t be right anyway and we don’t want bringing Gabby into this world to be just another chore. 😉 I’m hoping she decides soon that she wants out and your labor just “happens” without pain and you suddenly have a daughter. Wouldn’t that be great?

  17. Firebrand

    8/4/04 is when another friend is going to be induced, too! 🙂 I think it’s a great date…even if it is longer than you wanted….
    But, then, so is July 24, 2004…. /me wonders where Yvonne has been hiding all day….
    *fingers crossed*

  18. Shannon

    As the Mom of two teenager (okay one’s 12) daughters, I whole heartedly agree that they are Trouble with a capital T! But they are worth every ounce 🙂 Oh and I agree with Stevie.. just start making plans… she’s a girl, she’ll wanna come out and see what’s going on 🙂

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