Help us decide.

Mercedes. That is the middle name we’ve chosen for Gabriella. However, I’m starting to have second thoughts about it.
It was my Granny’s name and that’s why I wanted to give her that name. However, I just found out that my cousin already gave her daughter that middle name. And besides that, she’s going to have one freakin’ long name. Gabriella Mercedes Long Mexican Last Name.
I know people rarely write out their entire name, but even so, it’s a long name.
So… I’ve been thinking of other names that would go with Gabriella and I thought of my mothers middle name. Rae. Gabriella Rae. I think it’s cute. Very cute. Tony hates it.
What do you think?
Gabriella Rae?
Gabriella Mercedes?
P.S. I love how you people always chose my side in these matters, I’m sure you won’t dissappoint me!

56 thoughts on “Help us decide.

  1. hip momma

    i like rae but you could take it one step further and make it raelynn ..
    i like mercedes too but if you’re cousin’s kid already has it ..

  2. yvonne

    yeah. she told me she wouldn’t care if i use it, because it was our grandmothers name, but still, it makes me not want to use it.

  3. fran

    It took me a while to figure it out, but I think Rae is fine…I see how your husband didn’t like it though…I didn’t think that much of it until I ran it through my head a few times…

  4. justsomegirl

    i think it’s really awesome that you want to honor your grandmother like that – so i think gabriella mercedes is beautiful.
    my sister’s middle name is rae and so that’s nice too – but hate to go against you – but i think gabriella mercedes has a really pretty ring to it.
    i had a SUPER long name as a kid and hated it in grade school when we had to write out our names practicing letters, but as i’m older – i’m glad i didn’t have a super short name.

  5. Tracy

    Um…I’m with Tony on this.
    When she’s a movie star, Gabriella Mercedes is MUCH more flashy. Besides, I don’t think it matters if more than one child in family has the same MIDDLE name – same first name, no, but same middle doesn’t matter. My daughter’s middle name is my grandmothers first name, and my nephew has his grandfather’s first name as their middle name…I think it’s a nice tradition. Granted, my grandmother’s name was Marie, which is a VERY common middle name. Mercedes, not so much.
    Pick the one she’ll hate you for less!

  6. zoe

    I’d stick with Mercedes, it sounds so pretty with Gabriella, plus I see about 15 baby girls a day that have Rae as a middle name (along with Mae, Jae, Dae etc)

  7. James McDone

    I feel sorry for your cousin’s daughter. Here’s why, Mercedes is a porno name and a car company.
    She have to grow up with “Wow, can I ride her” jokes all her life.
    Gabriella Rae is the best of the two.

  8. Luanne

    I vote for Rae. I love that name and was going to name my daughter Rachel and call her Rae, but my stepdaughter vetoed that in a big way. So after much discussion she was dubbed Alexandra Rae.
    Rae – very cute
    Gabriella Rae – Great name!

  9. Tina

    My cousin (Carinna and Christina Lee) and I both have the same middle name (after our maternal grandfather). My aunt shares the same middle name. It’s cool because it means something. If you were picking a random middle name, I’d stay away from the duplicate. But now it can be like a family name.

  10. bobbie

    how about angel instead? I always have to be different lol
    best wishes to you, your family, and the little one

  11. Caitlin

    Uh, not that it’ll sway your decision, but I almost named one of my rats Mercedes, and the other Benz. I eventually settled on Loki & Reese. Mercedes is more glamorous, Rae is nice and simple. Whatever you pick, she’s still going to be gorgeous.

  12. Talia

    I am partial to Gabriella Mercedes because I have always loved the name “Mercedes.” And it flows so well with Gabriella.
    Gabriella Rae is also very beautiful though. I think either is a fantastic choice.

  13. Sarah

    please please please please please PLEASE please keep mercedes. please. PLEASE.
    it is SO much better than Rae. SO SO SO much better.
    Rae is a syllable, an after thought, a cute little punctuation to fit between a first and last name. Mercedes has meaning and substance and class and old school and new charm and all of that. Keep it. It has major, major personality. Rae is just bland. And I, who know your last name, happen to think it all goes well together.
    Please keep Mercedes.

  14. Rori

    Gabriella Anna.
    It is the first two letters of Andrew and the last two of Ethan.
    Gabriella Anet.
    Gabriella Teay.
    I give up.
    I like Mercedes better than Rae, but I understand why you would not want to name her that.
    Gabriella Antoinette (after tony)
    Gabriella Truelove.
    I got a million of ’em.

  15. Louise

    You could always check out what the names mean…
    Name: Rae
    Gender: Female
    Origin: English
    Meaning: Doe
    Name: Mercedes
    Gender: Female
    Origin: Spanish
    Meaning: Virgin Mary
    Don’t know if that helps at all, but I always have fun looking up what names mean.

  16. Jessy

    I am with ginger on this. But out of all the suggestions given here today, I’d say I like rori’s idea (and name), and I also like ginger’s (because it’s different as Rae but classic as Marie).

  17. Purple Goddess in Frog Pyjamas

    I can’t believe I’m posting a quiz.

    But I think this one is kind of cool. So here are my results: Wackiness: 64/100 Rationality: 78/100 Constructiveness: 54/100 Leadership: 72/100 You are a WRCL–Wacky Rational Constructive Leader. This makes you a golden god. People gravitate to you, an…

  18. melly

    You wanted to name her Gabriella Mercedes. If you change your mind, okay. My cousin has the exact same name that I do,”Melissa Kathleen”. It not a big deal, mama. Name her what you want to in your heart.

  19. Trishie

    It’d help if I knew your last name..
    BUT –
    Gabriella Reece
    Gabriella Joy
    Gabriella Ann (hehe, my middle name)
    In any case, what you name her will sound right eventually.. but I’m partial to Mercedes.
    Sowwie :(.

  20. BillH

    I vote for Rae! It’s my wife’s middle name and my daughter’s middle name (it’s a family thing – it’s also my mother-in-law’s middle name and her mother’s middle name).

  21. kim

    you really didn’t need the PS.
    gabriella rae is just beautiful. and i agree about the length-issue. (kim is really short as well..)
    i think tony may be overruled ;o)

  22. jen

    My Dads middle name is Ray, so WHEN and IF I have a child…that name will be incorporated one way or another! My sisters two kids both have the middle name of Rae, but I don’t give a shit.
    It is short, sweet and simple.
    Gabriella Rae…
    But as you can see, I am incredibly biased lol

  23. Colleen

    I like Rae as well 🙂
    And not jsut because you told me too. I think its a really greay middle name (its my girlfriends) and sounds good with Gabriella.

  24. erika

    Jay and I have loved Gabriella for years. The middle name we have picked it very unique – and it, too, begins with R. I think Gabrielle Ree sounds beautiful!!!

  25. Kelly

    I like the sound of Mercedes better than Rae. I understand about not wanting to use the name because of your cousin though.
    What about Michelle, Renee, Marseille, Moon, Rose, Elizabeth, Star, Monet (like the painter), or LaRue.

  26. Melissa

    Gotta say I like Mercedes better – I think the family connection is what makes it so beautiful…

  27. Lindy

    What about combining the names? Maybe Raemer. But if I had to choose it would be Mercedes. The family name is something we do as well.

  28. Andreah

    Stick with Mercedes or use Rose. Not a big fan of Rae with Gabriella. NOT. AT. ALL.
    Ooooh! I know! Use Yvonne. Your name is gorgeous.
    Gabriella Yvonne Long Mexican Last Name.
    besides, Mollie Just named her baby with Rae as a middle name.

  29. Yolanda

    I think that it should either be mercedes or rose or for that matter yolanda might work too. I have tried to talk my sisters into using my name in one of their daughters names…but they haven’t yet…I have to try to convience SOMEONE to use my name as their childs middle name,since I plan on not having children of my own, it would die with me if I can’t get someone to use it…just think of the nicknames: yola, yoli, yo yo (good for a child who just won’t stay still), then if you throw in the heavy spanish accent with it, it could be : Jo, Jola, Jo Jo, Joli, you get the idea…

  30. Anonymous

    LOL. Raeann is my daughters middle name. I have no clue how we came up with that, but we did and I have yet to meet anyone with that middle name. Raelynn is pretty. But so is Raeanna. Like ‘rae-aw-na’ not ‘rae-anna’. Either way is pretty. Anyhow, you know who this is. Take care.

  31. Elaine

    Keep saying the name like someone would at a graduation ceremony. Gabriella. Mercedes. Long Mexican Last Name. That’s pretty much the only time someone says our entire name and you get more airtime if it’s long in that case.

  32. ratty

    my son has 2 middle names, one of them being richard, my father’s name. one of my sister’s sons has the middle name of richard, too. my daughter’s middle name is aurora, named after her great grandmother on the hispanic side. i really don’t like the name, it reminds me of sleeping beauty and toilet paper. but it was important to me to let her know how much i cared for and respected her. first names are one thing. but middle names are a great way to show love and respect for friends or family members. it doesn’t get used much but it’s still there. and there’s nothin’ wrong with a good ol’ LONG name 🙂
    so. knowing how much you cared for your grandmother, i would go with mercedes. because of what it means to YOU 🙂

  33. Annastazia

    Gabriella Rae… I think it just sounds nicer. I also like the idea that someone mentioned of “Gabriella Yvonne.” That’s nice too. 😉

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