Under pressure

After a routine visit, my doctor admitted me to Labor and Delivery because my blood pressure was high again and he wanted them to monitor me and do some blood work. My pressure went down and blood work came back normal, so they sent me home with orders of “bed rest”
Uh, yeah, right. That’s not even possible. I have 4303029 things to do before this baby comes. Cleaning my house inside out is one of them. I know I’ll have lots of visitors once she’s born and there’s no way in hell anyone is coming in with the house in this condition. Also, I have to do grocery shopping and more importantly, I have 2 boys I have to take care of. So there will be no bed rest for me. Not now, I have to be ready for this baby.
Speaking of my boys… You know, I don’t give a shit when people leave rude and insulting comments directed at ME. However, if you are pathetic enough to leave insulting comments about my KIDS? I kinda get urges to want to hurt you in evil, cruel ways and I WILL ban your ass from ever coming here again. Just thought I’d let that be known.
I predict that this baby will be born within the next 10 days. Wishful thinking on my part? Perhaps, but I just have this feeling that there’s no way I’ll make it til the 29th. Then again, what pregnant woman in her 9th month DOES think she’ll make it to her due date? None, I’m sure. Why don’t you people help me will this baby out? Do a dance, a chant, say a prayer, sacrifice a chicken or a goat… SOMETHING, ANYTHING!
I’m begging you.

16 thoughts on “Under pressure

  1. hip momma

    don’t worry bout what those people say .. there’s always someone who’s going to be pissy about what you or your family does. gives them pleasure or something .. i had someone bitch me out the other day cause i took a pic of my son throwing the finger! hey, i thought it was funny!

  2. Ginger

    A POEM
    Yvonne has poor, swollen, NOT hobbit feet,
    but her beautiful Gabriella she will SOON meet!
    She takes time out of her day,
    to post on here and tell us “hey”.
    But Yvonne is suffering oh so bad,
    and those mean motherfuckers have made her mad.
    Please let the baby come today,
    Tony, Ethan, and Andrew will say “hooray”!
    While I cannot sacrifice a goat,
    I pray this load Yvonne will no longer have to tote.
    What will we do while she’s giving birth?
    Shout “Hurry Home Yvonne and Gabby!” across the earth.
    ….Or something like that. That’s my best shot!

  3. shy me

    you get yourself into bed and i’ll dance, chant, pray and sacrifice things for an early delivery. GO TO BED!

  4. Firebrand

    I hope you’re not upset with me because I said that the boys inherited your attitude…because by that I meant that they inherited your KICK ASS attitude…as in “why should I care what anyone else thinks, I’m gonna do my own thing!” attitude.
    If it was interpreted as anything other than positive, I do apologize…
    Now, get yer arse to bed and put yer hubby to work cleaning the damned house! When else will you be able to lay about and make him do things for ya?! 😉

  5. yvonne

    Firebrand, NO, I know exactly what you meant, I just sent an email explaining… You did not upset me AT ALL. 🙂

  6. jasminbutterfly

    Yvonne, I know you don’t know me, and I have no right to get up in your business, but please, sweets, please follow the doctor’s orders and go to bed. Nothing is more important than your health and the precious baby you are caring. I don’t care if your house looks like a friggin’ hurricane hit it. No one will give a damn about the house I assure you if anything should happen to you or the baby. I agree that the boys and Tony or some family or friends could probably manage to get it presentable, not as clean as you would get it, but again? Who cares! Everybody cares about YOU not the damn house.
    Hugs, Heather

  7. yvonne

    I know, you’re right. I am just frustrated at all that needs to be done, but yeah, I’m laying with my feet up. Tony won’t let me do anything anyway. I think I’m going to call my mother in law and ask her to help me clean my house. As painful and humiliating as that will be, I don’t want anything to happen to my little baby!

  8. Hed

    I’m really glad to hear that Tony’s making you rest. It’s kinda surreal to know that you have to take it easy when you are the one used to having to do most of the housework, but it will get done.
    I went through the same thing, but my family pitched in and were great.
    You are going to be fine! Just rest.
    Doing a little baby dance over here for ya!

  9. melly

    Perhaps you should partake in the ancient birthing ritual of “eating lots of shit”. It’s better than pitocen.

  10. Caitlin

    It’s ok, I’ve never seen anybody’s to do list (including my own) get shorter than 324235424 things. Here’s hoping that the baby comes quick, so you and your not hobbit feet can get back to normal. Oh, and maybe you won’t have to be sniffing panties anymore after this.

  11. Chelle

    I promise to dance, chant, pray, and sacrifice tomatoes if you promise to rest and put your sad feet up. I know you have 43 zillion things to do, but they will wait for you.
    Sorry about the asshole, just what you don’t need right now. They are probably just jealous of your Gorgeous family. While I’m at it with all this chanting and sacrificing, I bet I could make up a little voodoo doll for them. yeah.

  12. kim

    aww – i’m thinkin’ of you – if that helps. and it’s sunday so i wouldn’t know where to get a chicken or goat to sacrifice. but i’m thinkin’ – very hard ;o)

  13. Jennifer

    Somebody insulted your BABIES?!?
    Also – hold onto that baby! At least for the next 5 days. I still have to send you your Mommy present, dammit.

  14. Dixie

    I predict that precious baby angel will make her appearance the 29th or 30th. I was right on the exact date with my sister who gave birth on the 2nd of July. Just gotta love that full moon 😉

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