Manic Sunday

We never found the dogs last night. I couldn’t sleep all night, worrying that they might get hit by a car or beat up by other dogs.
I woke up around 6 to go look for them again. I found Snoop up the street, wondering with a dog that WASN’T Willie. He was soaking wet, covered in mud. He looked pretty traumatized.
“Where’s Willie?” I started crying. They always stay together.

I put the dumbass dog on my lap so he didn’t get my car full of mud and drove home crying all the way. As I’m walking up the sidewalk, I see paw prints on my walkway. Could it be? YES! Willie was at the front door waiting for me!

I wanted to kick them and hug them all over at the same time. I hated thinking something bad had happened to them all night long.

And if it wasn’t bad enough that I was worrying about my dogs all night, I had to deal with my fucking RUDE neighbors. They were partying all night, which I’m used to and I tolerate, but when the walls in my house are literally shaking from their music being so loud at THREE THIRTY IN THE MORNING?

Hell no.

I screamed out the window. “CAN YOU TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN??”

Tony got mad, said I should have just called the police. A very pregnant woman is MUCH scarier than the cops. Yes?
They turned it down, but not off, it went on until after 5 this morning. What the hell?

I don’t mind people having fun, partying, playing their music loud. I really don’t. But I think playing it that loud at 3 in the morning (and screaming “OH PLAY THAT SONG, FUCKERS, I FUCKING LOVE THAT SONG, PUT IT BACK FUCKERS” at the top of your lungs) is beyond rude.

Now that my dogs are safe and the walls have stopped shaking, I shall go back to bed and try to put my throbbing crotch back to sleep.

5 thoughts on “Manic Sunday

  1. Stevie

    YAY!!!! Thank God!!!
    (Can I un-cross my fingers now? It’s sooo hard to type…)
    I’m thinking that the dog coming back with Snoop was one of those kid-deals…
    “Look, man. I’m gonna be in allll kindsa trouble over this shit. Can you come with me so she won’t yell at me too much? C’mon, man… ya owe me. You’re the one whose idea all this was… besides I have a KILLER hangover.”
    Give ’em both a hug for me!

  2. girl

    I used to call the cops on my upstairs neighbors back in MI probably every other week. they were assholes. I think they got evicted after a couple of months b/c they got tickets for noise pollution. ha!

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