So, what was the point, really?

I’m not feeling so well today so I decided to do something that I never do.
I asked for help.
I have a hard time accepting help when it’s offered, so to actually ask for help kills me. But I had to. I can’t stand for more than a few minutes without swelling like a pig and feeling dizzy.
I called my mother in law and asked her if she would help me and clean my house (she has a cleaning business.) She was more than happy to help, she’ll be here tomorrow morning with her “crew.”
So guess what I’m doing right now?
CLEANING before she gets here.
The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of her seeing my house in this condition.
I know this totally defeats the purpose of asking her to help me, but I’m just trying to make it decent. I’ll let her do all the hard stuff, like scrubbing the tubs and toilets.
I don’t know how people let people clean their houses on a regular basis. It’s too damn stressful for me. Especially considering it’s my MOTHER IN LAW that’ll be doing the cleaning.

5 thoughts on “So, what was the point, really?

  1. Canadian Lauren

    UGGHHH, I did the same thing. My MIL does cleaning for a living too. She offered to come clean the house before I had 3 month old Nicole, and I too, cleaned before she got here. Then on the day she was supposed to be here, I got so freaked out I called her and cancelled…lol.

  2. Mona

    You’re fortunate to have a mother inlaw who offers to help, while mine doesn’t. One day I had enough of her mess and told her to reduce her mess and she yelled at my face saying she’s not my servant. I told her I am not her servant either to clean after her every mess. Mind you she hates me and still lives with us. What a life and I have to go through this everyday and life is such a struggle.
    You should take it easy and let her clean coz not many ppl have that good of a heart to offer and help. When you’re in my shoes, believe me, you wouldn’t even want to have a vicious mother inlaw like mine.

  3. ben

    We have somebody clean once a week. A pair of fantastic women that own a cleaning service.
    Before they came the first time, we cleaned like freaks. You could eat off of the floor.
    After they had been doing it a month or two, we would “pick up” and make sure we did the dishes (cuz I’m not going to pay somebody to load the dishwasher!) and laundry and stuff.
    This morning my wife left them a note: Sorry, we haven’t been home much, good luck!
    But I could never let my MIL do it. I’d freak if she saw how I lived.

  4. Andreah

    Oh, my MIL thinks we live like pigs (we dont though!) and this from a women who leaves out sliced apples on the counter for days at a time. She thinks that’s okay but freaks if our bathrom garbage gets too full.

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