This sucks!

I’ve been having contractions for 13 hours now. I’m totally paranoid and confused as to when I should go back to the hospital. The more I think about it, the angrier I get that they sent me home. I mean, I’m 4 days late, my contractions were 4-6 minutes apart. Couldn’t they have broke my water for me? Or induced? I don’t understand and like I said, now I have no idea when would be a good time to go back because I do NOT want to get sent home again. I don’t think it’s ok for me to sit here waiting either. I don’t know what to do.
And as if I wasn’t miserable enough, my mother in law decided to show up right now with her “helper” to clean my house. I know it’s totally thoughtful of her to do, but NOT TODAY. I don’t want to talk to anyone or be bothered. I don’t want to have to wear clothes while I lay in bed. I asked Tony to tell her to not come into my room, but I have a feeling she will anyway.
What’s a girl to do? I’m totally confused. And I HURT EVERYWHERE.

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  1. Lisa

    I’ve been thinking about you all day. I just emailed you. What you’re going through right now is why I hate when they send women home. I’m sorry you’re in pain. Have you timed your contx lately? And you TELL THAT MIL TO LEAVE YOU ALONE. You’re the laboring woman, not her. I’m sure she’s trying to be thoughful, but her timing isn’t the best, apparently. ๐Ÿ™

  2. dani

    hmmm i have never had a baby so i’m not sure what you should do either! my suggestion is, and i know it hurts, to take as vigorous of a walk as you can. try squatting, too. they usually don’t break your water for you unless you are dilated enough, because then the baby really should come soon, etc. don’t let them talk you into a c section unless you really really really need it!

  3. Tracy

    Um, call you doctor! He’ll tell you if you need to get back to the hospital. Are your contractions getting any more frequent?

  4. LT

    they should not have sent you home. to be honest, go back to the hospital and demand a room. you’re obviously ready to go. enough is enough. this is your body and your baby and YOU know when it’s time and it’s fucking time!

  5. Firebrand

    Wow…sorry to hear it’s taking to long, hon. :/ My nephew’s momma had to go through that…she started contracting on a Wednesday, so she went to the hospital…only to be sent home for not being barely dilated. She didn’t have him until Friday…. :/
    I sincerely hope that the contractions start coming more frequently and that she makes her entrance sometime tonight! I’ll be thinking about you and sending you whatever positive energy I can!

  6. ben

    I echo the idea to call your doctor. Not the nurse, not the oh-so-helpful hospital, but the person responsible for taking care of you.
    That said, if your doctor is like mine, you’ll get
    a) voice mail
    b) “We’re sorry, that number has been disconnected”
    c) drunk person saying “who?” “you’re having a what?”
    d) idiot nurse that won’t put my call through.
    Good luck! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

  7. ginger

    I’ve been thinking about you all day Yvonne! Maybe if you just go back up there they will let you stay… surely they wouldn’t send you home TWICE? Women can dialate pretty fast too, can’t they? I say, go!

  8. Andy

    I don’t know the answer.
    What would be the less stressful?
    Sit it out at home until Gabrielle pops her head out and says “enough already”?
    Go to hospital at the risk of getting sent home again?
    Your health, your decision; do what you think is best, Yvonne. That will be the correct decision!

  9. Vickie

    You’re not known for taking shit from anybody.
    Don’t start now.

  10. Louise

    Is there another hospital you could go to? I think it’s ridiculous that someone who is in labour would be sent home because of dilation. I’m sorry but you could be 1.5 cm right now and in 45 minutes be at 10 cm.
    Also– I think you should just stay naked in your bed. If your mother in law comes in, jump up and wave your cervix at them.

  11. guruvious

    I think you should gather up all the kids, pets, husband, mother-in-law (& helper), and move in to the waiting room at the hospital.
    They’ll get you a room real fast…I bet.

  12. Lessa

    Hang in there, chica! With three c-sections myself, I can’t tell you when for sure to go to the hospital as I was in from the beginning to end of labor both times I went through it before the eventual surguries – but I can tell you this – if you start feeling pressure, and I mean what you’ve felt the past few weeks intensified 50% or more, get thee to the hospital NOW.
    Also to help with back pain, try kneeling on forearms and knees, it’ll take the pressure off your spine and lower back.
    Just try to remember your breathing, find a focal point (use something new for Gaby!), and try to stay calm. Concentrate on the end result, your beautiful baby girl.
    It’ll be soon! hang in there!

  13. raven

    okay should I just echo what everyone else is saying???? Hopefully you were able to get a hold of your doc. Hell you may be on your way to drop the kiddo. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Hey Yvonne’s momma-in-law… stay the hell out of her room; her tits are all hanging out!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Trishie

    Get your adorable pregnant ass up and walk! Or ride a horse! Or have sex!
    Help the baby out, yanno!?
    and good luck, precious!

  15. Hed

    you know, I think if my mother in law came in when I didn’t want her to, and I was that uncomfortable, I’d sit up in bed, show her the goods, and give her a good hiss!
    C’mon! It’s the one time you’ll have immunity to do something like that!
    Congratulations, and my prediction is that you see your little girl by morning.
    Also, you may want to talk to your doctor very soon, because the same thing happened to me. I never progressed past 3 CM, because my daughter’s head tilted slightly.
    I never would have dilated past that, because of the position of her head.
    I’d call your doc asap.

  16. Chelle

    If you are still there… Can you talk through the contractions? That’s usually a pretty good measure of the pain you are in. You know your body. I would go back to the hospital personally, or go to a different hospital. Still can’t believe they sent you home. Don’t let them do it to you again, throw a fit if you have to.
    Great timing MIL.
    I hope it’s all over soon! Poor you!

  17. Sheri

    What the *INSERT LOT OF CUSSING*???
    Sent you home??? God, that’s unreal. Grrrr…
    Sure hope you’re back there right now!
    If not:
    Post the phone number to the hospital here, then go back.
    Bet if they get thousands of calls to *ADMIT YVONNE NOW*, they’ll let you stay…and we *would* call them!
    Sending up “L&D admittance” vibes for you, hon!

  18. Rori On...

    New Bebe!

    One of my dear girliefriends had a BEBE today! Welcome Claire Elizabeth! And now go get your vibes on that Yvonne have a speedy delivery as well!…

  19. Michelle

    I can’t believe the hospital sent you home, it makes me think they didn’t have enough staff or beds or something. Women can dialate pretty fast and you have regular contractions, what are they thinking?
    CALL YOUR DOCTOR Especially as a previous commenter said if there is a problem that would prevent you from progressing on your own.
    Oh and please do post the hospital phone number, I would be more than happy to call and bitch them out.
    Hang in there. You’re in the wave, ride it out.

  20. Amy

    Yvonne, I hope you’re having that baby now – it’s been a while since any update. I’m headed to bed and wanted to “check in on you” before I turned in. I hope I wake up to some happy news!

  21. butterflies

    Stay calm Yvonne..the baby will come when shes ready and she needs your strength to help her transission into this life…she knows that you love her and thats the greatest energy you can give. You will be safe.
    How exciting for you tho! shes on her way and soon you will be talking about diapers and vomit..hehe..and we will all get to see the pics of the wee sweetie:)
    Im thinking about you Yvonne and sending good have many internet friends and we all give strength to each other…see you

  22. Cindy

    I hope you’ve talked to your doctor and gotten some good advice. You’ve been in my thoughts all day! I hope to hear an update soon….

  23. kim

    hey, good morning………. gabby – anywhere???
    yvonne, if they don’t let you stay in the hospital because of your contractions just tell them your MIL is at your house and they’ll most likely let you stay ;o) athough i think you have to wear clothes in the hospital as well….
    still thinkin’ of you guys! sending loads of love ;o)

  24. Vickie

    Oh my…it’s 6:45 am here in the East…and the first thing I did was check for an update…but nothing since yesterday afternoon…good sign; you must be in the hospital!!!
    Prayers to you all for a speedy delivery.

  25. Shelly

    Like Vickie, I got out of bed this morning here in south carolina & the first thing I thought was I gotta see if she’s had the baby!! Hope everything is going wonderfully…:)

  26. dana michelle

    I too am checking in before I go off to work, where internet security is so tight, I can’t pull up most of my blogs.
    Good luck today, Yvonne! I am hoping that today is the day for you. (Maybe it aleady IS the day??)

  27. Susan

    First thing I thought when I got up was to come check on your Yvonne. I pray that you are doing well and that Gabby is here already or soon will be.

  28. Tracy

    No kidding! At least call Melly and have her update! Crimeny!
    By the way, baby girls after two boys are THE BEST ๐Ÿ˜› Just ask my two big brothers.

  29. nine

    i’m also joining the throngs of people waiting for an update. and i have no Internet access at my work so i won’t find anything out until i get home tonight! drat!!
    i hope things are going well and that you are resting comfortably soon with your new baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚ hmmm. maybe you already are!

  30. Lauren

    *waiting* sheesh the fact that we haven’t heard anything since yesterday afternoon is a good sign right??? *nervously tapping foot*

  31. Stacey

    Checking in as well.
    I still can’t believe they sent you home, this is your third baby, you could dialate quicker than anything!!
    Dumb nurses.
    I hope Gabby is here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Gina

    Unbelievable. I can not believe that this day and age they would send you home in that condition! It seems like to me that would cause some extra stress to the baby!! And you!Not to mention that your BP hasn’t been good the past month and your swollen feet. I hope that you’ve had the baby and are resting comfortably now.

  33. Sheri

    Oh god….Melly, are you out there? Have you gotten any word?
    Geeze, I keep checking back every few hours…you’d think all of *us* are having this baby…LOL!
    Are Yvonne & Gabby okay?? Did she go to the hospital? I’m praying that she’s there right now and/or Gabby is HERE!
    *HUGS, Yvonne*

  34. ella

    Hopefully she’s at the hospital holding her baby girl!
    I can’t believe they sent her home yesterday considering how bad she was feeling and upset she was.

  35. Justagirli

    I hope labor is finally over for you Yvonne and you have that beautiful baby by your side. I know labor is hard and just plain sucks but it is all worth it in the end. Sending my thoughts to you and your family (hopefully having a new member now)!

  36. Rae

    I’m hoping that not hearing anything for 21 hours means that your wait is finally over. Hope everything goes/went smoothly for you sweetie. Thinking of you today! Take care, Yvonne!

  37. Shelly

    Just checking in again…do you have a baby yet??..huh, huh??…do ya?…………do ya??…huh??…
    Please oh please oh please….UPDATE!!!!!!…
    and pictures would be nice too…

  38. christine

    I’m sure Melly is just laughing her ass of because she knows and she’s not going to tell us. She has the power.
    Yvonne, I hope you’re doing ok (as much as can be expected) and along with everyone else, I can’t wait to hear the news! Thinking of you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Ro

    I have a feeling you’ve got yourself a little baby girl right about now. *big huge hugs & kisses to you, your hubby, the boys and your little baby girl*!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Andy

    Sheesh! Who’da thought that Yvonne would stop blogging while in labour?
    I hope all is going well.

  41. melly

    I wasn’t meaning to keep info from you guys. It’s just not my place to be saying anything. I want Yvonne to have that opportunity. You will hear from her soon. I promise!

  42. shaunacat

    Dude. I am a nervous kind of person anyhow, please don’t make me think bad thoughts!
    I guess I’ll just keep updating until something new shows up! (Talk about high BP!)

  43. Lisa

    Oh, Melly, thank you for popping in. I’ve been just dang near reloading the comment page over and over in hopes of seeing at least one tiny post from you. So far, you’ve helped immensely. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks again!
    Yvonne, I’m so glad to hear you’re not available for posting. Sending happy family vibes to all of you. I sure was hoping that no news meant good news! Still hoping I’m deducing correctly!

  44. melly

    Yvonne is FINE. Believe me, if anything was wrong with her, I would be on a plane on my way to California, IMMEDIATELY. She is great. Don’t worry!

  45. Hilary

    I hope Yvonne is holding her sweet baby girl right now. Hopefully she had a quick and easy labor. Can’t wait to hear and see pictures of the little princess!!

  46. tammy

    Been checking in over and over with the rest of them. Congratulations Yvonne. So happy for you!

  47. Tracy

    Heh. Yvonne is going to laugh her ass off at everybody commenting, waiting for info.
    But SHEESH! Freakin’ hurry up and post!! We’ve ALLLLLL been waiting 9 months for this baby!

  48. Kristy

    I’ve checked back a million times today. I’m soooo anxious to hear about the sweet baby girl!!!
    Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on here before!

  49. Sheri

    $100.00 says she looks *just* like Ethan did as a newborn, and she’s here right now, being snuggled by her gorgeous mommy. :-))) *sniff*
    Oh, and ordering the nurses to “make me an egg sammich & get me a venti, iced soy mocha from Starbucks”. Ha!
    Remember when she posted the side-by-side ultrasound of Gabby/newborn pic of Ethan?
    God, that was the FIRST time I’ve ever been able to decipher a baby’s looks…and her face was the spitting image of Ethan. And he’s SO cute!
    I can’t stand this…I’ve checked over 60 times here today…LOL…Melly, you’re a great friend to Yvonne.
    Now…PLEASE, post an update before we pull our hair out…ACCCCK! LOL!

  50. Southern Chaos

    I imagine that you’re doing great right now. If she was born today not only was I right, but it’s my birthday as well. She’ll have a strong drive and a dynamic personality, like us leos do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. shaunacat

    Man, I haven’t been this anxious for updates in a long time. I’m sure you’re getting some much deserved rest right now in the hospital and all but DUDE throw us a bone! ;o)

  52. dana michelle

    So Yvonne’s in the hospital, Melly’s somewhere up in the air, and there’s no one here to tell us anything.
    Information! We need information! Waaaaaaa!!!

  53. dana michelle

    Oops! Correction. Melly is not up in the air.
    Sorry, Melly. I read that “would” as a “wouldn’t” and I thought you were on your way to Californi-I-ay.
    Time to get the eyes checked…

  54. Amy

    Longtime lurker and fan – I’ve been checking obsessively for two days now… hoping and praying that everything’s going well and beautiful Gabby is here… wishing good thoughts for you and your family Yvonne, and hope to hear from you soon!

  55. Vickie

    Goodnight all from Connecticut…it’s 10:50 pm and I’m dog tired.
    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we’ve all become one HUGE YVONNE FAMILY??LOL
    Here’s hoping for some pictures in the morning!!

  56. Trishie

    Yvonne doesn’t even know I’m alive and I’m STILL antsy as hell.
    I need baby pictures.
    and a life.
    Thinkin’ bout ya dear.

  57. Empie

    Hey Yvonne like everyone else I hope your holding that precious little Gabby in your arms right now! Heres to many sweet Gabby hugs and years full of pig tails and dolly’s! I hope for you a fast and pleasant recovery and can’t wait to see Gabby’s cute little face…
    (((Hugs))) from Sac Town!

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