I have a very bad feeling about this

Can someone please explain the appeal of Star Wars to me?
I didn’t see the movies as a kid. Probably because we weren’t allowed to see it.
So, when they were re-released at the theaters a few years back, I asked Tony to take me so I could FINALLY understand “the hype.”
A half hour in, I started asking “Is it almost over yet?”
I was hating it. H-A-T-I-N-G. Like, wanted to rip my hair out and punch the walls hate. Like, THIS IS SO STUPID, WHY DID I WASTE MY MONEY hate.
So boring. So cheesy.
Totally didn’t get it.
I hate not “getting it”. But not as much as I hate the movie.

21 thoughts on “I have a very bad feeling about this

  1. Steph

    I’m with you, man. Although I can’t say that I hate it, because, I refuse to see any of them.
    I haven’t seen one speck of any of the movies. As of now, I am just doing it on the principle. I want to be the only person who has never seen any of them.
    Plus, they don’t even appeal to me. Eh.
    The force is not with us.

  2. ben

    You get to blow shit up.
    In space.
    With aliens.
    You don’t think that’s cool? Okay, mebbe it’s a guy thing.

  3. QC

    I know. I started out with the original Star Wars, trying to “catch myself up,” knowing that I was going to be seeing the new one with QuirkyGuy in the foreseeable future.
    I fell asleep 1/2 an hour into it, and haven’t watched any more of it (or the other ones) since.
    I feel your pain. And I still have to go see this one.

  4. mikey

    i think you have to have “grown up” with it to really get it.
    it’s like… Wizard of Oz. or Gone With the Wind. or Casablanca. if you saw it when it first came out, you remember it as “a classic.” but now, i would guess that most people seeing it would think it was boring.

  5. kat

    Yeah, you would have totally had to grow up wit it. It’s blowing stuff up, shooting things, good vs evil, cute Han solo, strange creatures and far away places and stuff.

  6. Jen

    My husband is all upset because he’s in the field and won’t be able to go see the new one on opening day. I’m like boo hoo, cry me a river. I never could get into the hype either (though I will admit I’ve seen them all).

  7. NinaKaye

    I don’t agree about the growing up with it theory. I didn’t see the originals until I was like 20, and I really like them. We’re planning on going to see Episode III, but we’re not into it so much that we’re going the first day. The last two times we’ve went grocery shopping, the majority of our purchases have been based around the Star Wars characters on the packages (not by my choice).

  8. hed

    Oh, I know. I just can’t go there. Can’t do anything related to Star Trek either. I. Just. Cant! Geh.

  9. Katherine

    AAAAAAAMEN!!! Don’t like ’em, don’t get ’em, don’t care. Oh, and for the record, I am forever mixing up “Star Trek” and “Star Wars.” I have geeky friends who’ll correct me, to which I reply, “Oh, you know it’s the same thing.”

  10. shy me

    I think you may have had to see em as a kid. I’m not hyped about the new ones, but I lurve the old ones.

  11. Eden

    I don’t agree with the “growing up with it” theory either, because my two little girls absolutely LOVE Star Wars… they became involved with it when Ep. I came out, and have seen II, so then of course I rented IV, V and VI for them. They are SO excited about Ep III. And they’re both really girly-girls, too. Troy and I are fans, and that’s probably influenced them, but we’re not hardcore fans. I loved it as a kid (had Ewok toys, R2D2 pencil sharpener, 3PO lunchbox, etc.), but then kind of forgot about it until Ep. I came out and renewed my interest in it. Are your boys into it at all?

  12. what a life

    My husband is a Star Wars FREAK! I saw the first ones when I was a kid because my brother made me watch them. The new ones totally suck. But you have to admit, this this is pretty funny. Yes, we have one.

  13. Maddie

    My husband, he’s got midnight tickets too. And the friggin light saber that he paid 150 bucks for. OKAY? 150 bucks. for a toy.
    I’m ashamed.

  14. Stacey

    Is it a bad thing I bought the Darth Vader Mr Potato Head for Caelyn?
    ….and I’m gonna collect the light saber spoons from the cereal boxes too. 😀

  15. raven

    LOVED Star Wars (the initial first movie) when I was a kid. The big deal was it became a tradition for my dad and I to go see. We saw every one of them, and unfortunately he died before the prequels came out.
    I saw the re-release of Star Wars some time ago in the theaters, and almost fell asleep. Yeah for the 70’s it ROCKED. For today’s standards it would have almost bombed.

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