As if it’s never happened to you.

It should be socially acceptable to rip farts whilst doing any weight machine that involves the squeezing of ones thighs/ass muscles.
Because, seriously, how is one supposed to concentrate on controlling THAT much weight AND holding in gas at the same time?
Whose idea was it to let Aaron freaking Neville sing The National Anthem?
Forget the fact that the man scares the living crap out of me, his voice? Is horrifying.
Oh my God. That was awful. Hold me.
Go Steelers!

20 thoughts on “As if it’s never happened to you.

  1. Itchy

    The entire National Anthem experience irritated the crap out of me. It made me remember why I cannot stand Aretha Franklin. There, I said it. I feel better…

  2. Lessa

    I’m totally there with ya! omg – that was the WORST StarSpangledBanner EVER. my 6 year old coulda done better. Guh. *gags*
    and go….whoever! just bring on the commercials!

  3. Bronwen

    Ooowowowowow sayayayaya canannanna youououou seyeeyeeyeyee? Holy mother of vibrato, that man must be stopped!
    Farting in the gym is like a rite of passage – you’ve proven your strength now.

  4. Fiona

    dunno about farting in yoga class, but i damn near smothered myself when doing the plough a few years back
    large breasts + yoga plough maneuver = near suicide by boobs

  5. Amy S

    omg I always end up farting while doing yoga, thank god I only do it at home….
    That was definitley the WORST star spangled banner I have ever heard. The funny thing was that the night before on Saturday Night Live, they did a skit about and poked fun about Aaron singing it, it was hilarious.
    Then when it happened I laughed my ass off and told my husband about it. He said he must of fell asleep by then. Did anyone see the SNL skit?

  6. Chewie

    OH THANK GOD I’m not the only one who thought was was horrendous….his “oh say can you see” was awful, but made even MORE awful by Aretha coming in…they should have chosen one or the other…or NEITHER.
    and I really din’t git no satisfaction from watching an aging British dude wiggle like a girl either…

  7. ishouldbeworking

    hmmmm….I missed the national anthem. Kinda glad I did, now. I’ve never liked Aaron Neville either. Who decides these things? LOL at Chewie – “aging British dude wiggling like a girl” HA!

  8. Paige

    Hah. That always reminds me of the SNL skit where Horation Sans is Aaron Neville and he wants someone to hold his cocoa butter.

  9. Debbie

    My children wanted to know what was wrong with that man who COULD NOT sing!!
    In the SNL skit Aretha needed a stool for her boobs!!

  10. Heatheranne

    During my TWO HOUR pilate session last friday, I was holding in some serious gas! I sit and giggle my ass off at just the thought of farting in pilates, I don’t think I could compose myself if I actually did it.

  11. ben

    Makes me miss the days of Roseanne singin’ the anthem.
    And the farting? You are officially allowed in the club now. You rock, Y.
    (we’re gonna have to call you Rock-Y if you keep doing it, though. Adrian!!!)

  12. Shylah

    Yikes.. I had a dream once when I was about 15 that I was engaged to Aaron Neville, and he drove this beat-up old pickup truck with a front seat that wasn’t bolted down. When he’d turn the corners, the seat would lurch to the side, and he’d shriek like a little bitch and I would laugh and make him mad. Bahaha.
    But seriously. I was going to marry that mole–I mean, man.

  13. Frectis

    I found you via shenuts 😉 I love the gym comment! Farting is why the gym stinks to high heaven! It’s not sweat, it’s gassy weight lifters! LOL!

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