Infectious Cheese

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My daughter has another ear infection and a touch of the flu. It’s obvious she’s in pain and uncomfortable by the way she’s clinging to me and letting me hold her in my arms. Normally, being held is torture to her, for there are picture frames that need to be broken, furniture just waiting to be scratched, dented and spilled on, there are toys that must be scattered in every room of the house and little objects to be placed into her mouth.
Not today. Today she wants “mama” to hold her, to cuddle with her and um, to give her The Bobs.
Yes, I’m still breasfeeding my daughter. No, not as often as I used to, but yeah, still doing that whole “tittymilk distrubution” thingy up in here.
Let me rephrase that.
Do not judge me as I have judged others, because you may say to yourself “I will NEVER breastfeed a child that can ask for it, but until you become and old, lazy woman who JUST WANTS TO SLEEP IN and you learn the way to sleep in is to bring your child into bed with you and let them drink of The Bobs, well, you really have no business passing judgement on others.
Long live The Tittymilk!
I feel badly for my little girl, I truly hate for her to be in pain. I’ll do anything I can to cheer her up, even if that means drinking excessive amounts of diet coke to WOW her with my contest winning burping skills. There really isn’t anything I won’t do to make her smile, because seeing her sickly breaks my heart.
Lucky for me, it’s not hard to get the girl to smile.

She is such a good natured little girl.
Do not mistake “good natured” with “Always happy and sweet” because Girlfriend is a Drama Queen prone to The Dramatics. However, she’s also incredibly affection, deeply loving and ridiculously funny. She’s a joy to know and a pleasure to care for when sick.
Well, except for the part where I have to take off her puked up jammies. That is definitely not pleasurable. Nor is the writing of checks for “named brand” prescriptions (thank you jackass urgent care doctor, seriouly, ammoxicillan would have been just fine, thank you very much.) But every other aspect of caring for Her Sickness is my pleasure.
Inspite of her pain and illness, she still manages to giggle at my silliness, to lavish my cheeks with her sweet little kisses, to wrap her tiny little arms around my neck and squeeze me tightly whilst telling me she loves me. The girl is an angel.
An angel who says “Shit” when pissed, but still, an angel.

23 thoughts on “Infectious Cheese

  1. skits

    Aaron weaned himself at 17 months. I was SO depressed, because, while he was obviously ready to stop, I wasn’t. *sniff*
    You just go on with your bad self and give that girl The Bobs as long as you both need them. 😉 I hope she feels better soon.

  2. zee

    My two kids were breastfeeding until they were 3. Yes, three years old. Of course, during that last year it was more of a ‘just before nap-time’ or ‘just before night-time snack’… but that’s the truth. They weaned themselves off easy when their time came, and it was healthy for all parties involved.
    Yup… 3 yrs -and I’m damn proud of it! 🙂

  3. marjorie

    Hi Yvonne, never apologise for nursing your baby! I nursed my second daughter for a year and would have kept going except I kept getting breast infections. You have such a special closeness with your baby when nursing. Keep going, its good for both of you, as long as she doesn’t bite you.

  4. LotionBarBunny

    Jellybean nursed until he was 18 months–believe me I understand the pure laziness of it! It was just so much easier than making forumla in the middle of the night. Plus a whole heluva lot cheaper. 😉 My bobs will forever sag now. 🙁
    Ps. I got your email. xoxo

  5. tonya cinnamon

    aweeee she sis soo adorable :0)
    an angel who says shit heheheehh. sounds like my kids when they were small, nuthing wrong with good ole titty milk.. as long as you are both comfy with it and all then cool!:0)
    plus the milk you have has antiboties to help her 🙂
    hugs and hope she gets better fast!!!!!

  6. clickmom

    I have 3 kids and a total of 10 1/2 years breast feeding experience. You can do the math and then remember that my kids are perfect. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.
    You go girl.

  7. Heather

    Man, the flu is going around here in Ohio too. They’ve closed some schools last week because of it.
    My son spent the night with a friend last night, then called us at 7:00am. We couldn’t understand a word he said so I texted his cell phone asking what is wrong and he texted back “I threw up”. Poor guy has been in bed all day and I’ve been disinfecting everything!

  8. Bronwen

    No judging here. I was all set to nurse for 18 months, but girlfriend wouldn’t stop biting at 11 months and my “Bobs” said “Nuh-uh. No more. We will invert on you if you put us near that kid again.” so I did the formula thing for a month until she could drink regular milk. She had no problems or trauma over it. I was more upset than she was, I think.
    Get better, Gabby! I like that blowing kisses thing from zee. Here’s some from me * X X X X X *

  9. Jessica

    I feel so bad for you and for Gabby! It’s no fun when they’re sick. My little girl has been home all week with an ear infection as well. An ear infection she apparently didn’t have on Monday, the FIRST time I took her to the doctor. Today is the first day in almost a week that she’s really been herself. I know what you mean about the clinginess. For a couple of days there, if she wasn’t asleep, she was in my lap (or my husband’s, the days he stayed home). Not that, you know, I minded. Yes, I was home, and yes, I could have done housework…..but not when my baby needs me! How could I do laundry when there was baby cuddling to do.
    I admire you for being able to breastfeed so long. I was devastated when my body flat out called it quits when my little girl was 7 months old. Dried up so thoroughly on its own that when I weaned her totally, they didn’t even swell up. Traitors.

  10. beth

    awww hope baby girl feels better fast!!! hugs to her and you!!
    no judgement here! i plan to breastfeed jack as long as i can

  11. Mieke

    We have all had that damn virus. Violent vomitting and then a two or three day weakness (ok maybe it was just me who felt like lying in bed all day).
    Gabo is still nursing. Morning, nap, and bedtime. I know the end is near. I told myself I’d wean by two and half and that is right around the corner. It will be brutal. I’ll miss it. Nothing calms a scared, hurt, or sick baby like a few minutes nursing and snuggling with the mom. Sigh.
    Feel better.

  12. girl

    I had the crud hardcore for a week and I’m still only about 80% healthy. I have the wheezing cough from Hell and a 24/7 sinus headache. oh, and have I mentioned the gas? holy mother of god, the gas. I think my husband is ready to move out. poor thing.

  13. hotdrwife

    Ooooh, my sympathies. My son had 18 ear infections in a year – 10 after tubes. I was bouncing off my rubber walls, I tell you.
    Hope she’s feeling better SOON!

  14. Kate

    I’m still nursing my 15-month-old, and plan to keep on nursing ’til we’re both ready to stop. The Bobs are The Solution to most of life’s problems, to a toddler. Besides, WHO and Unicef recommend nursing ’til 2 years AT LEAST.
    neener neener neener to the nay-sayers! (but why oh why can’t I manage to be anything but defensive when someone judges me?? :sigh:)

  15. Me

    This thing won’t let me post my real comment, so I’m trying to figure out how to send it an alternate way.

  16. me

    Weirdly enough, I just read an article on MSNBC about the longer a child breastfeeds, the lower their blood pressure will be later in life. To semi-quote, it said that “breastfeeding is to infants what reducing salt, fat and adding exercise is to adults in regards to blood pressure”.
    Maybe you can print and laminate that article and hand it out to the losers all up in your koolaid (isn’t that a lovely decade old phrase? I miss it) and tell them you’re making a wise choice for your child’s future, unlike their lazy decision to feed their children genetically altered and chemically treated substitute food products.
    Then kick em and run.

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