Because sometimes, blogging hurts.

I woke up in excruciating pain in my neck and upper back. I can’t move my neck and it’s hard to lift up my right shoulder.
I have no idea what is wrong. It could be a pinched nerve, it could be a stiff neck, could be tension and stress. It could be an infection in my spinal cord (because yes, I’ve had one of those before. What the hell? Why do I get all of the crazy illnesses?) It could be The Devil trying to KEEP ME FROM DANCING AEROBICALLY, because tonight, I was going to go back to Dance Aerobics (and record video! Just for you!)
Whatever the hell it is, IT HURTS and sitting here at the computer is too painful.
“OMG! It hurts to blog! Call 911!”
I wanted to tell you about The First Date That My Husband Has Ever Planned For Us in the History of Our Marriage, but, I can’t! It hurts!
So, because I’m afraid that I may damage my neck even further by sitting here and typing on my blog, I’m going to leave you with a couple of my (new-ish) favorite blogs that I think you should be reading because they bring The Funny, people.
Oh, The Joys.
p.s. ouch