Warning: Parental Bragging (and also lots of talk of POOP) Ahead

One of the things that I was dreading about having to do toddlerhood for a third time was Potty Training.
I started trying to PT both of my boys at 2 1/2 years old and neither one of them actually was potty trained until a few weeks after their 3rd birthday.
They both fought it every step of the way. They especically fought “pooping” in the toilet. Every single time they’d have to take a dump, I’d find them hiding in the corner, grunting and red faced SWEARING that they weren’t pooping.
“No *grunt* I’m *pfratta grunt* not. *grunt*”
I remember crying a lot, pulling my hair out a lot and falling on my knees asking God to send down his angels to carry my boys to the toilet when they needed to poop a lot.
I hated every single minute of potty training my boys. (Well, except the minutes where they would sit on the pot with a book and pretend to be pooping, because that was so precious.)
I have been putting off potty training G-Unit because I wasn’t sure that I was ready to go through the frustration and the changing of shit filled chonis.
Monday, I decided that I was ready to commit myself to potty training her and had stocked up on aspirin. (And wine. Lots of wine.) I also went to Target and bought her pretty little princess chonis and flushable wipes.
I was ready and I was hoping she was too.
I chickened out on Monday.
I chickened out on Tuesday.
But yesterday, I took the diaper off and put the chonis on.
I explained to her that from now on, when she needed to go pee or poop, she needed to go on the potty chair. (She had gone pee on the potty a few times before and had also pooped once. However, I would always put the diaper back on because of my “commitment issues.”)
She wore chonies all day yesterday, even when we went to basketball practice and she did not have a single accident. She would tell me everytime she needed to go and I would scoop her up and we’d run to the potty.
Each time she did it, I’d clap and cheer for her.
“I DID IT!” She’d squeel and then she’d flush the toilet and wash her hands.
Last night I started to worry because she had yet to Do The Doo. But at 7pm, she came running to me and declared “I need to poop!”
And poop she did.
Last night, she woke up twice to say she needed to go potty and when she woke up this morning, her diaper was completely dry. She’s been in chonis all day today and has yet to have an accident.
What the hell? This has gone entirely too smoothly. I’ve been waiting for her to pee or crap her pants, or beg for me to put a diaper back on her, but it’s not happening. She runs to the potty every time she has to go and doesn’t cry or whine about it. Infact, she claps and giggles and sometimes? She puts her head between her legs and says really precious things like “Come on, pachina, let the pee pee come out, ok?”
The real test will come on Saturday when we’re out at basketball games all day.
Could this really be true? Is it possibly my daughter is potty trained in two days? People have always told me that girls are easier to train than boys, but I never imagined it could be THIS easy.
I feel like I’ve won the lottery, man.

62 thoughts on “Warning: Parental Bragging (and also lots of talk of POOP) Ahead

  1. Trishie

    OMG – pachina. TOOOO precious.
    That is classic – I’m glad that now you can enjoy your wine for pure enjoyment, and not to intoxicate yourself because of messy chonis.
    I, apparently, was easily trained, and I’ve heard the same thing from other parents about boys vs. girls. I assume because boys have to stand for one excretion and sit for the other. Perhaps it’s confusing?
    My husband still gets confused occasionally… but when he gets it right, we usually clap too.
    Congrats. 🙂


    If only pt-ing my son is/was that easy. He has the whole pee-ing thing down pat. He’ll stand up, sit down, whatever just as long as it make it in the pot. Poop on the other hand. Oh good grief you would think that I was trying to kill him. I hear a grunt I immediately put him on the pot to receive in return nothing but screams of terror. He will yell and scream at me like I’m going to kill him when I tell him he has to poop in the potty. Pee…fine…poop…hell no!
    I’ve tried everything in the book to get him to poop on the potty with no such luck.
    I’m glad you are having it better with g-unit. If only it were that easy for my little one.

  3. Danielle

    It’s amazing how much easier girls are. I am not ready to commit yet and my daughter is really forcing the issue by always yelling potty and going.
    The one day that I did decide that I was going to commit, she wore her little panties for a little while and then I found her on her bed with a big turd between her legs. She was very upset and crying but it was so funny.
    I’m not ready yet. Hopefully she will teach her twin brother how to do it.

  4. gladcow

    My boy trained at 3.5 just in time for his little sister to be born. It was a trial. Lots of poop filled underwear, oh joy!
    My mom bought my girl some cute tiny Dora underwear for her second birthday. I was like “what the heck?” And sure enough, she trained herself lickety split so she could wear them. I don’t remember any hassles. I don’t actually remember her being trained at all. just *bling* it happened.

  5. Cheryll

    Y, I totally dig your site and read all the time however I never feel like I have much to add, so I dont comment however today is the day!!
    My daughter who will be 5 in a few days PT excalty like that. My mom kept saying she is ready but i was the nay sayer.. anyway so we started and she was pt automatically. It was fast and easy, no tears. She was PT at about 2 yrs and 2 months Amazging HUh! So hopefully it goes as well for you. Good Luck!

  6. jess

    My daughter did the same thing. I think girls are just easier to potty train than boys! Also, the fact that you didnt push it on her too early helped too. Congrats! 🙂

  7. Y

    Oh, trust me erica, I thought about not posting it for that very reason.
    But, so far, so good. *fingers crossed*

  8. Terrie

    It was the same for me when I potty trained my daughter – easy peasy. My son on the other hand was a nightmare to train. Maybe females really are the superior sex!

  9. Kat

    Two words: Girls rule!
    I have three chikitings too (2 boys and a princess) and my girl wins in all contests where discipline and independence were necessary. Potty too included!
    It’s all real, my dear. Enjoy it! And, oh…cheers! *clink*

  10. Brandi

    I also have 2 boys and 1 girl and yes, girls are easier to train. All they have to do is sit on the seat and do their thing. As opposed to boys who have the whole aiming thing to contend with. Plus, girls love wearing their big girl undies. That’s just so cool that she is excited about it and is making it so easy for you. For me, potty training was always bittersweet, though. You know, because it means their out of the baby phase.

  11. Elizabeth

    “come on, pachina” that is too cute! LOL
    This is fabulous that she’s telling you and everything! Congrats to both of you! I hope saturday goes well, too.
    My little guy will be 3 in June and he’s not into the potty that much at all. I’ve tried the underwear and he just pees in them! I think I’ll wait till he’s three.

  12. ambrosia

    You owe her lots and lots of skittles. Or stickers. Or whatever-the-hell else we’re supposed to give the kids when they potty in the pot.

  13. Tara

    My ds is 2 1/2 and though we talk to him about it he just doesn’t want to. Don’t think we’re going to push him into it. We had to get excited a couple of days ago… he did something in the potty – wind. rofl

  14. erica

    Yeah! My daughter was the hardest of the three. The boys were easier. Don’t ask me why. I think it is because her personality is exactly like mine.
    Good luck on Saturday. My kids liked to sniff out every bathroom in a 10 mile radius when we were out in public.

  15. Bunny

    I am sooo jealous! My son is almost three and he goes back and forth and it hasn’t taken off yet. I will be so glad when this is over!

  16. Heather

    Okay. This is more proof of how adorable your kids (and thus you, as their mother) are. This was funny and cute, and dear god I hope my first is a girl

  17. KK

    Y.. I’ll take “Pachina” anyday.. when I pee, and my 2 1/2 year old daughter is in there with me?? She tells my “Hair-butt” good job! Hahaha.. Having kids is Sex-Ay!

  18. Lisa

    Oh, goodness, your daughter talks to her “pachina” – that is TOO FUNNY!! I’m glad that it’s going so well and here’s to hoping that you’ve not jinxed yourself! *clink*
    (I always jinxed myself by talking about my kids sleeping through the night!)

  19. erin

    I challenge the girls vs. boys, my girl was a nightmare to train. She was 3.5 when she finally broke down and did it. Also, my sister and I were nearly five before we were completely accident free, but not so for my brothers. I think it’s all about the personality. Glad it’s going well for you and Gabby, though!

  20. Kristy

    I have 2 girls and a boy. Training the girls was so easy. Day and night by 2 and a half. The boy on the other hand. I thought for sure he would be hitting kindergarten in diapers! He finally got it shortly after his 4th birthday.
    Good luck with Gabby!

  21. Kymba

    In a few months, when you’ve got Gabby all taken care of, will you come over and PT Zoe? I’ll bribe you with lots of wiiiine (the good stuff!) and also tasty appetizers. Upon completion of the ‘project’, I’ll totally make you cards for your new business: The Potty Whisperer.
    Also thrown in to sweeten the pot (HAR) – tutorials on your new cell. Because? I can launch the DAMN SHUTTLE with mine, I’m that good.

  22. Laura

    CONGRATS to you both! I was also expecting the worst in potty training. My son showed NO interest.. well, ever. He could hold it and pee on command in the shower but he refused to use a potty. I finally got fed up at age 3.5 and just forced him. Half a day of torture and that was it.. he was committed! It took a month to get a poop in the potty but once he did it for a bribe then he did it for ‘free’ every time after! I’m so proud of him. He still loves diapers and when he gets one for bed he KISSES it.. but he is really coming along. I can’t believe how easy it’s been for us!

  23. jenny

    i’m jealous that you all have kids to talk about potty training. honestly. can’t wait for the day when i can come back and you all are talkin about camping or dance lessons and i’ll break in saying i potty trained my kid. watch for that comment in about 5 years 🙂

  24. s

    NO FAAIIRRRR!!!! I have FOUR BOYS!!! And only ONE is old enough to be 100% accident free.
    Boys truly are a nightmare to potty train…. I thought I was the only one struggling with this…glad to know my boys are not the only ones being difficult.
    I need a GIRL!!!!!

  25. Earthami

    I had always heard that girls were easier to train. My boy, who is now 4.5 has FINALLY started pooping on the pot regularly. I was starting to belive he would go to college pooping in his pants still.

  26. Ms Lala

    Isn’t it great? My daughter was the same way. It’s as if from one night to the next she was so over the diaper. I think it was me who wasn’t ready to see her go potty on the big girl potty.

  27. kellie

    I haven’t PT’d any boys but my first daughter… UGH. One solid year of pure hell, and then just before she turned three, the lightbulb clicked on and she was fine (daytime, nighttime, #1, #2, whatever – no accidents). With the second daughter (2.5), we’re working on it but not in the sticker-chart, M&M’s, bribes of big-girl pants kind of way. We’re just taking it slow, and letting her have control over it. My bet is that she’ll train at the same exact age the older one did.

  28. andrudeness

    You have given me hope. My daughter is 2½ and we first wanted her to let US know when SHE was ready.
    Well… not it is TIME. And I am hoping that my little Bubba does as well as G-Unit. Cause if I just let Bubba be ready… I think she will go to college in diapers.

  29. Bronwen

    She is too cute for words – come on pachina? Cute as hell.
    Potty training Miss Peanut wasn’t as easy. It took until her 3rd birthday.

  30. Susan

    Totally. Somehow — by the grace of God — both my kids were trained practically overnight. My son was even quicker than my daughter, but they were both in the timespan of no more than a few days. It was amazing!

  31. Mamacita

    My daughter: I dangled a pair of lacy panties in her face and she never had another daytime accident. Her age: just turned two. As long as her bottom was covered with lace and ribbons, she would not pee in them.
    My son: I had visions of him at his wedding, walking down the aisle with a sopping wet, poop-filled diaper flapping between his ankles, leaving a snail-trail of brown goo all the way, his horrified bride slipping and sliding on it as she ran away in terror. When he was four, I “forgot” to pack extra diapers in his bag, and he came home from the sitter’s, trained. I don’t know how she did it, but there were no marks of violence on him so more power to her.

  32. Valerie

    that is so awesome! T man trained really fast too although we still do pull ups at night. Just the thought of a pee soaked bed freaks me out.

  33. Gabby

    Good Job G-Unit! You show them boys how we handle things. My daughter who is now 4, couldnt wait to use the potty. I was thrilled because I didnt have to spend $25 bucks on diapers anymore.
    Keep up the good work Mom.

  34. Cheri

    It’s “God’s” way of thanking you for doing such a great job dealing with the boys. lol D was way easy so I don’t know about girls being easier than boys – I heard they are ready much earlier though. D had very few accidents and was out of pullups in 1 month. I was too chicken to do real undies right away. 🙂 Way to go G- Unit!!

  35. Jen from boston

    I have my theories on stuff like this. Maybe b/c the time/tears with the boys PT is considered your purchase and G here is the “free gift with purchase”? Or God was all, “okay, the PT w/ the boys was time served, I guess you can get your Get Out of PT jail card now.”
    Serisouly though, that’s awesome.

  36. ella

    Honestly, I think girls are easier to potty train.
    My daughter was first. When she was 2 we bought big girl panties. She was very proud of them. She liked to tell people she wore big girl panties. No accidents in the night either.
    My son – ugh! He finally got it at about 3 1/2 yrs.
    Congratulations to you both!

  37. gc

    I had an easier time potty training my daughter, too. Congratulations to you both for reaching this milestone!

  38. Owlhaven

    My girls were usually easier too. I just the other day did a similar post about my 2 year old! it was kinda a quicky and in a day or two I am going to post more about potty training since I had a bunch of people asking my ‘secrets’. hah. Luck, mostly…and marshmallows.
    MARY, mom to 8, 7 of whom are potty trained and one of whom actually ‘held it’ today for 15 minutes while driving before we could get to the potty….

  39. Neva

    Not sure how I found your blog but….. the potty training brought back MEMORIES….you described my 2 boys to a “T” and my daughter had it in 1 day—before she was 2….20 years later…I still am shocked at the difference and the emotional involvement I invested in that whole process. I can remember hoping no one would ask if the boys (who were 18 months apart) were PT so I wouldn’t feel compelled to lie about their achievements (or lack thereof)
    You have lots of fun things to experience. Good luck.

  40. Kendra

    I agree totally. I have three girls and they all potty trained in a month or less. We had a couple of the turd filled panties and pee pee puddles on the bathroom floor, but all in all it was very easy. Once they got the hang of it, there was no looking back. I wish you the same success!

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