HAHA@ my life.

Me: I am glad I didn’t give into my “feelings” and cancel. I had so much
fun with Jodi. I’m really glad that I went.
Him: And why were you going to cancel?
Me: The usual reasons. I’m fat and I have nothing to wear.
Him: Well then, lose weight and go shopping. Seriously.
I suppose that a certain someone who dreams of hunting pigs has had it up TO HERE with my whining about my weight.
But you know what? I’m right there with him. More on that once I get this “notice of suspension” from the DMV taken care of.

17 thoughts on “HAHA@ my life.

  1. anne nahm

    For a minute I thought I was going to have to put up a picture of my jelly belly as a show of love and solidarity for you – and you know, to make you laugh (can’t put up a jelly belly without some kind of lipsticked on face or message or something to hide the fat). Anyway, THANK GOD you snapped out of it on your own.

  2. Stephanie

    Argh, I hate the DMV. I just learned that in the previous state I lived in, they are claiming I owe them nearly $1800 for letting my insurance lapse, because for some reason they never got the information from my new insurance company when I switched companies. I nearly had a heart attack when she told me that, but I should be able to get it all cleared up… I hope. Not without waiting at the DMV for another THREE HOURS though, I’m sure.

  3. Helen

    It’s all so simple when you’re a man isn’t it? Have to say though, when my first husband left ( I collect them you know, am keeping the latest one, he does the dishes EVERY DAY!) anyway, the first one said he had never hated my body but got really sick of hearing me whine about it while eating biscuits. SO now I don’t whine to husband but still eat the biscuits, life is all about learning.

  4. Wacky Mommy

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm biscuits! First over at Zoot’s place, now here. I think I know what I’m fixing for dinner. With honey and butter.
    If I let “am fat” and “nothing to wear” discourage me I would never leave the house. Then I could be “really fat” but the “nothing to wear” wouldn’t be an issue.
    Have fun with DMV…

  5. Tracy

    Oooh…and the kick ass eyes with always perfect eyeliner.
    Besides, you are so far ahead of me in the weight loss thing. I’ll come out and we can take pictures – you’ll look like Nicole Richie next to me 😉

  6. Heather

    My husband gets sick of the complaining too. I genuinely believe him when he says he wouldn’t care an ounce if I stayed big forever, as long as I would shut up about it.
    Of course now I’m pregnant, so here come the REALLY HUGE. At least now I have an excuse, and a newfound determination to lose this crap as soon as the breast feeding is over with. Hopefully that resolution won’t go the way of all the rest of them…
    Have fun at the DMV. Try not to shoot anyone.

  7. mickey

    I love going to the DMV almost as much I love going to the dentist for a tooth extraction. I spent 2 hours there on my birthday this year, only to have this conversation with the clerk:
    clerk: Let’s have a PRETTY smile for our picture!
    me: I can’t smile…please just take the picture.
    c: Oh, come on now, EVERYBODY can smile…..say CHEESE!
    m: I can’t smile, please just take the picture.
    c: C’mon, I bet you have a really pretty smile when you try……
    m: The right side of my face is paralyzed from Bell’s Palsy and it is physically impossible for me to smile…now take the damned picture so I can go home and eat something chocolate to cope with this traumatic experience!
    c: erp….sorry ma’am. your license will be ready in a few minutes….
    I’m now playing “count the chins” with my DL photo. sigh.

  8. tiffany

    lose weight and go shopping…hmm…sounds good.
    i shall contemplate that as i sit here watching dancing with the stars. and then the bachelor. and then maybe a few episodes from season two of gray’s anatomy.
    but, i’m eating trail mix.
    isn’t that at least a little bit healthy?

  9. LTG

    This site appears to be part of a whole slew of scam sites perpetrated by this Matthew Menster guy. Here’s another one:
    I love how he stuffs all his sites with fake “testimonials” but notice there’s no real address or phone number or real way to contact the fake company. What a jerk. Too bad there are probably people out there dumb enough to fall for this stuff and send this shyster money.
    – LTG

  10. LTG

    OK, I’m an idiot and somehow posted these comments on the wrong post. These should have gone under the stolen picture post after this one.
    Now I really know it’s time to go to bed!
    – LTG

  11. Anonymous

    One word: Liposuction. Seriously, I know it sounds crazy but just do it. For 8K you will never regret it for a second. Worth every single solitary penny even on a credit card. I spent many years in your shoes. Now I’m a size 10 again, the size wife my husband married. What could it hurt to get an initial consult? Even that made me feel better (and it was cheap – $50).

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