Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Have a Thyroid. (Trust me, that will be HILARIOUS after you watch the video.)

My Endocrinologist is totally pissed at The Internet.
You see, I’ve been emailing him asking for tests that my incredibly awesome readers have suggested that I should have done. Here is his response to my suggestion he test me for “adrenal Fatigue.”

There really is not true medical condition called adrenal fatigue, although this is a term that one can find on the internet. The true condition is called adrenal insufficiency.

And by “one” he meant “Me.” and by that entire sentence he meant “stop googling shit and bugging me with your questions, woman.”
Six months ago that kind of “tone” from my doctor would have intimated me. In fact, I used to be terrified to open emails from my doctor. “What if he’s pissed at me for asking him that question?”
Fuck that noise.
If I hadn’t questioned my doctor, I would still be undiagnosed because when I told him I wanted my thyroid tested, he told me I just “needed to eat less and work out more and oh! By the way, maybe I should consider joining weight watchers!”
The good news is that in spite of his annoyance with me (and my ability to get advice from the Internet) he has ordered whichever test it is that I need for adrenal insufficiency and has also ordered B12 shots. I’m waiting to hear back from him regarding testing for PCOS.
THANK YOU for helping me through this difficult and frustrating ordeal. You have no idea how much I appreciate you.
In completely non thyroid related news, I am going to post another video. (I know and I’m sorry.) If you’ve ever said to yourself. “I wonder what the Y Family does for fun in the evenings?!” (which, let’s be honest, you’ve NEVER ONCE wondered that.)
Wonder no more!
(Things you must know before you watch: a) It’s poor quality because I am a jackass who can’t keep the recorder still b) I CAN’T SING, no hate mail necessary, I already know. c) No, I still haven’t hung pretty things on the walls. We’ve “only” been here 7 months, cut me some slack. d) my kids are awesome.)

130 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Like I Don’t Have a Thyroid. (Trust me, that will be HILARIOUS after you watch the video.)

  1. Honor

    Your kids ARE awesome! I love that you all hang out and sing. My boys and I laugh at fart jokes together, but that just doesn’t seem as touching as a jam session…
    If you were my neighbor I’d force you to go cruising with me so we could drive the streets with the windows down and the stereo pumped, and we’d sing along to every song. You rock, Y!
    P.S. Way to go, internets!

  2. MsB

    You sing beautifully! So much joy in your family, I feel like I know you guys. ugh *misty*

  3. Megan

    I think your singing voice is so beautiful!! No lie, I loved that video!
    Also, man do I get your medical stuff. I have “fibromyalgia,” which is basically what you have when all the doctors in the state don’t know what’s wrong with you and think you’re PROBABLY faking it, but it COULD be fibromyalgia, I guess…. I’ve been dealing with this since September of 2006, and all of my tests are still inconclusive. Tomorrow I’m going back to a pain management center (where they do not manage my pain, of course!) because the doctor there thinks maybe we should just take me off medication all together. My reaction is something like: UH. Because wow, if I feel like crap ON this medication, what’s it going to be like to go off it? I bet I’ll get to find out!
    Anyway, that was quite a tangent but I just wanted you to know I definitely relate!

  4. Jennifer

    I think you have a lovely voice! Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom. They are such happy, beautiful children, too.
    Fingers crossed that these new tests yield some answers for you. I’ve heard that PCOS is a bitch and can often go misdiagnosed and therefore untreated so I hope you’ll be able to get that one on the books as well!

  5. Timi

    Dealing with thyroid issues really sucks, I don’t think doctors realize how it can make you feel like total crap, like you are completely falling apart. My GP is supposed to treat my hypothyroidism but when I was unhappy with his treatment I went to an endocrinologist who refused to treat me because apparently “a monkey can treat hypothyroidism”. And that’s why I still feel like crap, right? Anyway, I found a different GP who I was happier with and it has taken a long time to get to a dosage that I feel good with. And of course it’s constantly changing. What’s so difficult is that regulating your thyroid so that you feel like a human being and regulating your thyroid so that it is just within the “healthy” range are not the same thing and finding a doctor who understands that is not always so easy.
    Hope everything gets sorted out soon so you can feel better.

  6. Maria

    Your kids are AWESOME, but your laughter is so beautiful I’m sitting here crying.
    Your doctor should be scared of the internet. 🙂

  7. Amber

    That was awesome. I am totally jealous of how cool and talented you and your kids are–and how well you all get along. I wish things were like that at my house now.

  8. Louise

    Andrew is an amazing guitar player, and Ethan is so funny. And I loved the part near the end where Gabby was all “Stop guys, I’ll sing it!”

  9. T

    your voice isn’t horrible – it’s lovely!
    thanks for sharing – I needed a reason to get happy first thing in the morning.

  10. Karen

    AWWW You guys looks like so much fun..Can I come live with you hahhaha I think you sing wonderfully and your son plays great guitar

  11. Erin

    First of all, I think it’s completely awesome that you can email your doctor and that he emails back.
    Second, and I just know this is not going to come out right but I want to say something moderately encouraging, and the only analogy I have has to do with my dog.. who also gets B12 shots, and let me just say, since he started them he has really been a new (more annoying) dog. His energy is up, he plays more, he’s perky, happy, and while I’m sure results vary, I hope that you’ll have as much luck as he did! Not that I’m comparing people to dogs.. I’m just saying..
    And third I wish my job didn’t block streaming videos.

  12. Emily

    That is the best thing EVER! Your son is so talented, you have a beautiful voice, and I can’t believe they all get along so well!! You have done something right, Y 🙂

  13. Jenn

    Y, that video is wonderful. Right now my twin girls are young but after watching this video I hope in the future we can spend quality time like that together…its so wonderful to see videos like this.

  14. Wendy

    Thanks for making me smile this morning. You have a beautiful voice and your kids ROCK!!!

  15. Operation Pink Herring

    Why must YouTube be blocked? WHY?
    You should not feel bad at all about googling the hell out of your condition and asking for a million tests. That’s what the internet is for!

  16. lani

    Ok… I know this is going to reveal a lot about me right here, but you know what? That video made me cry. I was laughing and crying at the same time, because it was the awesomest “cheese” I’ve seen in awhile.
    And about the voice thing? My three-year-old just about lost me this comment (the longest comment in the history of your blog, probably), because he’s begging me, “I want to here the la-tey (lady) sing again,” while clicking frantically on my mouse button at the same time.
    A few more things… your oldest boy plays a mean guitar… your youngest boy has some mean dance moves and rockin’ sense of humor… you have an AWESOME, sexy laugh, and I totally love how Gabby sings along and then later tries to get everyone to stop with the goofing already because she has somethin’ to show/say to everybody. Ok? Complete with a hair flip, no less.

  17. Della

    That was absolutely amazing. Your son rocks on the guitar! Your other kids are wonderful too. But you my dear, you are MARVELOUS.

  18. susan@stopcallingmethat

    Will you be my mama? That was phenomenal. I want you and Andrew to be at my next party, (cuz, yeah, I have so many of those). But to have a handsome guitar player and a beautiful voice in the background…I kid you not, that will be the favorite part of my day. Thank you.

  19. Helloheather

    You and your kids are so awesome. That is exactly how I want to be with my kids someday. (My son is only two now, so I think it’ll be a while before he can jam on the guitar, but hey, a girl can dream.)
    Thanks for posting this.

  20. Jenny

    Don’t get me wrong because that was the awesome. But I was sort of hoping for Jessie’s Girl.
    Oh well next time maybe.
    Also, my mom’s DVR did the EXACT same thing during the finale of AI last night. David……OFF.
    She called me going WHO WON WHO WON WHO WON ZOMFG DAMNDVR ARGGGGG!!!??!!!

  21. Lori

    That is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen. All I can say is, cherish every moment. We take for granted moments in our life like this. You will enjoy this video and memories like this for a long time!

  22. MetropolisMom

    You have a sweet voice. How I wish I can also sing like that. Every time I sing, I sound like a frog. I also have a problem with my thyroid. I have a small mass in my thyroid gland. But, thyroid gland test shows I am not on the hyper or hypo. I am in between. So, they just need to remove the mass. But, I do not want any surgery, I guess I just have to deal with the mass on my throat once in while. There are times I feel I am choking because of the mass, but most of the time, I do not feel anything at all.

  23. Stacey

    Yay about the tests! Here’s the thing: if the doc orders the blood test or single test adrenal, it won’t give a good picture. Naturopaths (some of them) use a saliva test that measures your adrenal levels every 2-4 hours over a 24 hour period. What this is good for is catching situations where things are abnormal only part of the day.
    When I did my test, I had normal levels at mid-day, slightly elevated at morning and evening, but all night long, my cortisol “spigots” were wide open. What this meant for me was that I never got good restorative rest at night.
    If I had taken the standard medical test, I never would have known.
    There are independent labs where you can order the test. It’s really easy to self-administer, and not terribly costly. Treatment is primarily through diet and supplements anyways IF you even have the condition.
    Fun stuff, that endocrine system!

  24. Kyla

    You guys are cute.
    And yay for standing your ground with the doctor. I hope thou art healed quickly. 😉

  25. Donna

    Oh, thank you for the pure joy! I’m still grinning here and let me tell you, I look forward to more singing fun from you and your wonderful children!
    I sincerely hope you get to the bottom of your medical issues.

  26. Ashley

    Is this the same doctor that didn’t want to have you tested for thyroid problems?
    If so:
    So far, you’ve been right EVERY time and so far he’s doubted you EVERY time.
    Something is not right, you feel sick, and this man, despite the fact that you have proved you know your body pretty well, still doubts you or has the nerve to talk down to you.
    That man should have his tail between his damn legs at this point, with how many times he’s brushed you off. He should be embarrassed, because so far you’ve diagnosed yourself better than he has.
    Even if it’s not the same doctor, that part of the email that you quoted up there? The sole purpose of those sentences was really to say “Hey lady, I’m smarter than you because I’m a doctor, so stop telling me how to do my job.” And that f**king sucks.
    I wish it were easier to find a doctor who wants you to get better as much as you do.

  27. TPO

    Dude-my 18 month old totally started rocking out when you started singing-head banging and all kinds of fancy footwork. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for your singing. Oh, and your kids totally rule!

  28. TPO

    Dude-my 18 month old totally started rocking out when you started singing-head banging and all kinds of fancy footwork. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for your singing. Oh, and your kids totally rule!

  29. Jenine

    Dude! Oh you guys look like you’re having so much fun. I’m so glad that with all your thyroid symptoms and all the problems that you’re having, you can still take a breather from it and have fun with your kids – who definitely ARE awesome.
    I’m taking a wild guess here that Andrew is the serious one in the family? I saw him crack a little grin at the end there. He’s so good with the guitar! It made me smile to just to see him with his musical aptitude. It looks so easy for him. And Ethan! What a character! He was making me chuckle through the entire video. Are acting classes in his future? He sure can turn it on. And Gabby looks like such the drama queen. Reminds me of my three year old. And don’t sell yourself short, Y, you sing terrifically. 🙂

  30. jadine

    Y’all sound GREAT! It’s nice to see a family hanging out together and singing with no one acting/looking like they’re too cool for it 🙂 AND! I never understood the words to that song until I heard you singing them! (You do have a pretty singing voice, BTW). Loved the video.
    Oh, and that you’re advocating for yourself with your doctor. That, too. (Everyone in my family has thyroid issues, and I know some of what you speak).

  31. crookedeyebrow

    Wow, go you. Stand up for yourself with doctors!
    I felt like I was reading my own ordeal. I was diagnosed with PCOS from a fertility doctor after years of knowing something was wrong.
    I have been begging for a diagnosis and treatment for a thyroid issue for years and just yesterday I too read about adrenal fatigue.
    Hopefully, everything will work out just fine for you and quickly so you too can be back to feeling right.

  32. angela

    You’re kids rock! You all looked like you were having so much fun jamming. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening!!

  33. Laura

    Things like that make my uterus itch. I swear, you have such a great family that it ALMOST makes me want to have kids so we can all sit around singing songs from my college years.

  34. Lily

    Keep the videos coming. I love getting an bird’s eye view of life in your house. Your family is adorable and talented and you and the hubby are obviously doing something right. Good thing my husband didn’t see this video because he’d be chasing me around the house trying to get me pregnant right now.

  35. Jakki

    As a nurse once told my niece and I….’honey its your body and your the only body its got.’ yeah sounds country as hell but she had a point and we got it. Take care!

  36. Linda

    Like your blog. Now look up polyscystic ovary syndrome. I probably spelled it wrong. It has alot of the same symptoms you talk about. I am always bugging my Dr. for a thyroid test. It always comes back ok, but my mom and sister need medication and I have all the symptoms so I keep asking. Have a good weekend.

  37. tori

    I am normally a very calm person and definitely non violent.
    After my thryoid cancer, I remember asking my doctor about a few things and when he answered his stupid answers that pissed me off, I actually said to him “maybe you should have your stupid thyroid taken out and see how you feel. Maybe then you would get what I am saying and stop giving me your “doctor” answers and realize that you just don’t know”. I may have continued with some things about how I’d be glad to cut it out for him if he wanted to understand because really? He just doesn’t know what it is like. Thyroid issues stink.
    I feel for you and hope everything is ok.

  38. Dani

    Hmm I never thought to suggest Fibromyalgia to you. I’ve had it since I was about 11, and it DOES have symptoms that you are experiencing. Mine is under control mostly, I get real sore sometimes, but it is 100% my fault for not exercising. Don’t bother bringing up FM to your endo, he won’t have any experience with it. Try your family doc. FM is now recognized as real, and there are a couple treatment options out there, however, the one that I was recommended the most was exercise. And sadly, it really works. I still need meds to sleep, but otherwise I consider my FM in remission.

  39. jen

    That made me laugh. Not AT you, but because I was thinking “is that… is it really? no… come on sing already so I can see!” 🙂

  40. angela

    how is it possible that watching a video of you and your family on the internets has made me weepy?
    that was a great video!

  41. Jakki

    I finally got to peep this out…OHMYGAWD! He is so talented, the other son is a total ham, and of course your daughter is just like ‘my family is so cool i dont even need to look up! Your kids ARE awesome. I love moments like this.

  42. Dana

    OMG! This video made tears pour down my face. Your children are AMAZING!!! I hope someday I can sit around with my girls and sing like that. I hope to teach them a song like that. Thank you for sharing!!

  43. Rebecca

    This is the best video ever. I hope that you look at it whenever you need to smile…it certainly put a huge smile on my face!

  44. Stefanie

    That’s like my new job; defying doctors. It takes a lot of energy and the pay is shit but I do it. And sometimes you feel so vindicated that it’s worth it. Now where’s my momlogic post?

  45. Norma

    It sounds crazy loving a family that I don’t even “know”, but you guys are SOOOO awesome!

  46. Izzy

    Y, you are doing the absolute right thing by advocating for yourself. I have been where you are (really, I have) and I am well familiar with all the different possible endocrinological issues associated with your symptoms. I once had an endocrinologist make me cry over my insistence that he do certain tests. I once had a doctor (a WOMAN doctor!) tell me my symptoms were “all in my head.” I could go on and on but I won’t bore you. Just know that I totally support you and if you ever want to talk, vent, whatevs, I’m available. I know people always say that stuff but I mean it. (I think you have my cell number and of course, my email address)

  47. Izzy

    Okay, I just watched the video and my God! It gave me chills (I get chills when something is AWESOMETASTICALLY AWESOME!) Your son is so talented on the guitar and the rest of you are so fucking adorable. Will you guys adopt me?

  48. CATE

    Dude. That is so effing awesome. SO effing awesome. I wanna be your family when I grow up. And has anyone ever told you that your laugh is the BEST EVAH??? And I love that your boys don’t give a rat’s ass that they’re being videotaped. Heck no. It’s all about having fun with them. So cool. You should be so proud that you’ve raised them so well. Jeebus, I’m really rambling.

  49. Beth

    That video of your kids (and you!) all hanging out and jamming together is absolutely lovely. What a special time. It looks like you kind of captured the essence of each of your kids. You gotta save that to a disc and keep it forever. Totally awesome.
    P.S. I think I would try to dump a doctor who didn’t take me seriously and tried to discourage me from researching my condition. Just sayin’! *hugs*

  50. Jennifer

    That video made me smile so much — thanks, Y!
    1) You sing very nicely! I wish I could sing half as well.
    2) Your son is *great* on the guitar! I wish my parents had encouraged my musical interests.
    3) What a delightful evening of fun — I wish I could sit around and just jam with friends or family like that.
    4) Your family is just plain delightful, and so are you. 🙂
    Regarding the doc — IIRC, you have Kaiser. Since they *are* their own insurance, they don’t want to pay for much of anything. Please try not to take it too personally, and please continue to fight for proper health care. (I had them for many years, so I feel your pain.)

  51. Jennifer

    Two Addendum:
    1)I clearly overuse the word ‘delightful’…
    2)I have to admit to singing along to the chorus — that’s how much I enjoyed your video. 🙂

  52. christine Gill

    i sang along too.
    i wanna move in, just for a lil bit and can you make me something that vegetarians can eat that is soothing when they have a cold cos i haven’t figured that out yet.
    : )

  53. Amity

    Your kids are freaking awesome. Thanks for starting my Friday off right. I love all three of their distinct personalities showing through in their performances. You’re a lucky momma. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  54. deb

    You have an amazing voice don’t sell yourself so short. But you have more amazing kids. This is one of the coolest vids I have seen in a long time. You all rock and all good thoughts on your health concerns.
    Lots of love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Beckie

    You guys are FUN! I love it and I wish I could sing so bad.
    Good for you for asking your doc tough questions. Make him earn his money. So there.

  56. ali

    holy crap.
    you guys blow the vontrapp family singers way out of the water.
    your kids are awesome. so are you, miss!

  57. qwyneth

    Screw your doctor. Keep being proactive about your health, because no one else will. After all, to your doctor you’re just another customer.
    I strongly recommend you get your Vitamin D levels checked. I badgered and badgered my doctor about my thyroid, but it always came back fine. When I finally got a referral to an endocrinologist for my PCOS, she checked my Vitamin D levels. Bingo. I was at an emergency low of 11. After a loading dose of that and regular B Complex pills, my energy levels are back to a reasonable level and I don’t spend so much time crying.
    Also, if you do have PCOS, get your doctor to prescribe metformin. I went on it 6 months ago, and holy god, I’m actually losing weight at a relatively normal rate for the first time in my life. (Well, I was until I got pregnant.) Before the metformin I didn’t lose no matter what I did. Afterwards? Well, I’m just eating healthfully and staying fairly low carb, and I dropped between 10 and 15 lbs in 6 months. No exercise. It took me 4 years to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for my PCOS and vitamin deficiencies, but my body is finally setting itself to rights again.
    Good luck. You have a whole posse of people backing you up. 🙂

  58. Ms. T.

    First time commenter, long time reader. What a BEAUTIFUL family!! I can’t stop watching this video simply because of the joy and love that pours from it. Watching that and reading Ethan’s Mother’s Day poem afterwards make me wish for a mother like you. You rock, Y!

  59. elena672

    Yet another long time reader delurking to say that video was so darn sweet! All of you made me smile! You truly are blessed with such a talented and loving family… 🙂 Keep on keepin’ on, Y!

  60. Jennifer

    That video just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
    Your kids, they DO rock. So do you!
    I’m thinking you all are the next Partridge Family, except with cooler songs and better clothes.
    Also, I got engaged (the first time) (in high school) while that song was playing.

  61. pookie

    OMG Your boy is awesome, Ethan is SO frickn FUNNY!! I was busting up!! And sush!! your voice is beautiful!! Haters can just DIE!! hahaha

  62. Somni

    Wow, I didn’t know he played guitar! He’s wonderful! You should post more recordings, he did an amazing job.
    “I’m thinking you all are the next Partridge Family, except with cooler songs and better clothes.”
    Haha well said. ;D

  63. Mrs. Flinger

    I’m guessing I’m the 101th person to say YOU CAN TOTALLYS ING. OHMAHGAHHH. For real. Seriously. And can I just say your kids rock? Because they do. Like everyone else said. They just do. And I wish I had more assvice about things to ask your doc but I don’t. I just read and hope and listen. It’s all I have. But I still loves me some Y From The Internetz!

  64. Juju

    What a wonderful and talented family you are! And how heart warming to see a family having simple fun together. So much love shines out from this video. Thank you so much for sharing with us 🙂

  65. Tricia

    I love this story and how you’re bringing your new-found information to the endochronoligist. I remember spending hours researching online, if i’d had a blog back then, I’d have asked my blogging friends for advice, too.

  66. Hilary

    That video was awesome. Almost like something you would see in the movies as a ‘family bonding moment’ it was perfect! =) Keep the videos up, I know we all love seeing them!

  67. Kelley

    That made my night. So glad to see that someone else does this sort of thing.
    Yesterday my daughters were Vogue-ing and I taught them the dance to Holiday.
    It was epic. But not recorded, fortunately.

  68. Sarah

    one of my all time fav songs. gotta remember to teach that one to the kiddos some day. Thanks for the inspiration(in more ways than one)

  69. Dawn

    Props to Andrew for his playing skills. Good Lord woman, you better lock that boy away…NOW. …..cause if I was
    Oh 15 or so…..I would be in LOVE with him.
    Y’all are so cute!! Give Andrew my props and tell him I think he rocks!

  70. Christina

    Y, you and your family rock! You kids are fabulous! I love it, I love it, and I love it!

  71. Emily

    Aw, man. Can I join your family? Your family is AWESOME.
    Doctor not so much. Can you fire him and get another? He’s a dud. You deserve better.

  72. holly

    Wow – your son ROCKS. (And you can totally sing.)
    Your doctor, on the other hand, does not rock. He sucks. The rocks in his brain may rattle noisily when he shakes his head, but that’s not rocking, that’s sucking. Clearly he’s confused.

  73. AA

    Will you sing at my wedding? After dating the same guy for almost 6 years I have decided to try again. We’re aiming for November in case you’re free.
    Love the guitar and singing- thanks for posting that. I sat there smiling and happy for 4 minutes. I needed that. One of my students was killed on Sat. night and it has been a sad time since then.

  74. ela

    Made me smile – really do think you’ve a lovely voice, so lilting and mellow (I shriek!) and your laugh is awesome. Earthy mama!

  75. Erin

    thanks for the smiles. Where have you gone? I miss ya. Hope all is well. Sincerely, your stalker, erm, uh, your avid reader that is, Erin

  76. CeCe

    Wow, I can’t get over how CHUBBY all your kids are getting! Are you sure they don’t have something wrong with their thyroids too?

  77. Stephanie

    You guys are so unbelievably fun and awesome! I wish I could come join the Y family singalongs… well, only as a spectator. Trust me, you wouldn’t want me to be a participant.

  78. Bitsy

    long time reader, first time commenting. dont have a clue how amazing you are and how many people you touch. Your family is incredible and wonderful and talented and funny and free and that is a pure reflection of you and your husband. I cried watching this video. Your children are clearly loved and cherished and know you and value you. The love and warmth and fun pouring out of the video invoked tears and giggles from me. I wish you and your lovely family health and success and good fortune. Thank you each for sharing your family time..for bringing smiles to me and so many others

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