Remind Me to Tell You About the Greatest “Hmmmm…” Comment in the History of This Blog.

My test results have been showing up online for a couple of days now. I’ve stopped googling the results, but I have been checking them out to see if any are flagged “abnormal.” It’s frustrating knowing the results, but not being able to talk to my doctor about them until THE END OF JULY. The ones that I’ve been the most worried about (pap smear/uterine biopsy) are not tests that post online. I was given a phone number to call to check on those. They told me that they’d be ready in 2-3 weeks.
Because I have ZERO patience, I decided to call this afternoon because, you never know! Maybe the results were in early!
I put in all of the information that they asked for and waited.
“You have 6 new test results.” The automated voice said.
“Your total cholesterol was 170.”
I completely forgot she ordered cholesterol tests. I was too focused on the whole “checking for cancer!”
With the exception of HDL being a tad bit high (normal range for women is under 50. Mine was 54) all of my cholesterol was good.
Then, the automated voice said “the pap smear/cervical screening taken on June 24th were….”
My heart dropped into my stomach.
I took a deep breath and waited.
One down, one to go. But honestly? I’m not worried about cancer anymore because from what I’ve read, uterine cancer involves a lot of bleeding. My problem is the exact opposite. Today is three months exactly since my last period.
I still have questions that need to be answered (do I have PCOS? A pituitary disorder?)– but it’s looking more and more like the answer to those questions will NOT be “cancer.” And because I’m sick of negativity, I’m going to rejoice in this one piece of wonderfully, glorious good news. I’d love it if you’d join me because so many of you have given me the support and encouragement that I’ve needed throughout this ordeal. I can’t even begin to thank you enough.

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  1. AlwaysCurious

    oh congrats congrats!!!! what a happy sigh of relief for you! go hug those kids of yours and have a good laugh. πŸ™‚

  2. Krystle

    Hi Y! So glad your results came back normal! Also, I have PCOS and sorry if I get TMI, but I only get my period maybe 2 to 3 times per year. Birth control pills usually keep me regular, but now I can’t use BCPs because I am a carrier for Factor V Leiden and BCPs clot your blood as does Factor V, so I had to get an IUD and that has kept me regular so far. Dr also put me on Metformin which has helped tremendously with the weightloss because PCOS makes you gain weight like no other.
    Anyways if you want to chat more, email me.

  3. Andrea

    That is supreme awesomeness!! I am hoping that you are seeing a different doctor to discuss the results…hmmm?? You deserve SO much better than the medical “treatment” and (lack of) attention that you have been given. You GO GIRL! πŸ™‚

  4. Angel

    I’ve been watching for news but haven’t commented yet.
    I had an abnormal pap when I was 19. Had to have a colposcopy and then a cold-knife cone biopsy. I’ve had normal paps ever since, over ten years now, but I can still remember the sheer terror I felt when I got that call. I was still a teenager; my son was not quite three. I felt so betrayed by my body.
    My periods have always been erratic, but usually I just wouldn’t get one. Maybe once or twice a year I’d get a week long period or so. I never minded. Then in 2004 my marriage really began to deteriorate. At the same time, my periods went from not happening much at all to heavy bleeding for three months straight. I kicked my husband out and by the next weekend I had stopped bleeding. in the time since, I will go for months of no bleeding, then weeks or months or ridiculously heavy bleeding. I have no access to affordable health insurance, so I’ve racked up thousands of dollars of debt going to the ER only to be told that the blood tests show nothing, the ultrasounds show nothing, and they can feel no abnormalities. The last time I went they tried to say it might be my weight. I find when I am stressed out, I bleed like I am dying. When I am not, I don’t bleed at all. I have no idea why, and they don’t either. And until I get insurance or hit the lotto, I guess I will go on not knowing.
    So, I’m really glad that you are not having to do so as well.
    Also, my mom had uterine cancer. It is said to not have a genetic component, but I’m inclined to believe imbalanced hormone levels, which can contribute to uterine cancer (too much estrogen builds up the lining and all), probably is. In any case, she bled for six months or more before she went to the gyn and was diagnosed. She had a hysterectomy and has been fine ever since, about 20 years now. I live in fear that I am next. But I can’t do anything about it, so I try to just put it out of my mind and stay stress-free. Which is a joke-I work and go to school, both full time, I have three kids and a difficult step-child, I live with my mom, and I’m rebuilding my marriage. You can’t get a whole lot more stressful than that, ha!
    Jesus I wrote a novel. See why I didn’t comment earlier? lol

  5. Ginny

    I’m very happy for you! Don’t you hate how doctors make you wait so long to talk to them? They don’t realize the stress we go through I think. That is kind of cool you can get results online like that though, I wish I had that.
    Anyways, great news, yeah!

  6. Oncologist

    Hey, a high HDL is good too – that’s the so called “good cholesterol”. The more HDL the better. So, another yay there! πŸ˜‰

  7. Beth

    PCOS could be a real possibility. I have it and a lot of your symptoms mimic mine when I first found out. The only way I could have a period was to be put on Premarin. Now, years later, I get a period every 23 days like clockwork with no drugs. Go figure.

  8. Patricia

    I’ll step up and tell you that I too have PCOS. I’ve watched your blog for a long time wondering, but didn’t want to play a doctor in comments just to try to make you like me.
    Anyway, PCOS makes losing weight HARD and it seems that it requires a weight lower than I am to have a period. I stopped getting periods in my early 20’s and was told that I probably would have problems having kids. In fact, at 23 I didn’t care about kids, so I put it out of my mind entirely. Then I married, I wanted kids, I worked really hard to loose 20 pounds after a year of being off the pill. I ovulated ONCE (once in nearly two years) and got pregnant. Probably won’t have more kids, but wow…what a miracle.
    Anyway, I feel your pain about no periods, and if you are at all like me the constant PMS. However, are you ready for this one, you can have PCOS without the blood tests to show the hormone imbalance. Come to find out, if you have enough of the symptoms then you have PCOS even without the blood test to confirm it. That ought to make your doctor REALLY happy.
    Crossing my fingers about the rest of the results.

  9. margalit

    PCOS ate my life. But I am a Survivor. πŸ™‚ If it is PCOS, man, did you luck out on the infertility part of the problem. Or maybe it doesn’t feel that way for you. heh. I dunno. I’m just glad it isn’t the C word. If you do have PCOS, you can talk that idiot doctor of yours into giving you Metformin, which helps the insulin resistance and the best part? Helps you lose weight. It really really does!
    Hugs. I’m hoping everything is fine.

  10. that girl

    OK, ultimate blogging dork here — I completely shed a little tear for you just then! So glad to hear you’re closing in on what’s been going on and that it’s NOT the C-word.

  11. Rachael

    I’m so glad the results have been good so far, and I am happy to join you in the No C-word Allowed camp. Hopefully it won’t be anything to worry about too much.

  12. Y

    Mothergoosemouse– I was impressed as well, especially considering I’m obese. (that hurts, to say that and yet, I’m finally understanding that it’s really not all my doing. Fucking thyroid. Fucking hormones. Fucking everything that is wrong with me.)
    But yah! No cervical cancer. I really love you guys.

  13. Sarcastic Mom

    So glad to read this post.
    I can remember having my cervix biopsied, and what it was like waiting and worrying about the results. That was after I had an abnormal pap, btw. I’ll spare you the details of getting to see the ugly growth they cut off my cervix – yum! But it was all good in the hood, and momma’s never had another abnormal pap since then. Knock on wood! (I’m rapping my knuckles against my forehead.)
    I’m TOTALLY jealous of your cholesterol count, though, woman. πŸ˜‰

  14. justme

    Wooooooooooo Hooooooooooooo! And when all of this is done for you I will tell you a funny story. Yup I can laugh about it, now lol. I am so glad that your tests are coming back normal! Woo hoo! Waiting for all these test is trying on a person!

  15. Dorothy Stahlnecker

    I understand your state of mind. I’ll be having my body scan to see if Cancer is anywhere else in my body four weeks from Monday when I receive my last chemo treatment. (I hope)..
    When I went for my blood test this past Thursday there was a young girl 23 years old..receiving Chemo she’d had 10 operations since 06…I was sick to my stomach that so much was happening to her and she still had a great smile and outlook on life.
    Cancer is devastating to your mind..and body all you can do is take it one day at a time. I have Ovarian Cancer stage 3-b..its now easy to face at 61 however, you do it.
    My prayers and best wishes to a brave woman…you’ll face whatever life gives I am..
    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to hug your gram

  16. christina

    great news, im nineteen and i can count how many times Ive had my period on one hand. I have always been overwieght and so my period doesnt show up. Ive went a whole year without one and when I finally get it the pain is unreal. I just hope kids can be in my future

  17. Suzy Q

    Yay for good test result news! Am envious of your cholesterol score, too.
    Also, I forgot to say on your last post: Great rack, cute top, and gorgeous color on you.
    Are you done peeing yet?

  18. talda

    yay for being normal! i mean, how often can we actually and genuinely celebrate in being declared normal? lol. i’ll take a couple extra dips into my chocolate fondue today in your honor. =)

  19. Chasity

    PCOS can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Really. It can make it super hard to lose weight. Like starve yourself and pray. PCOS usually leads to high levels of insulin and high levels of testosterone.
    Either way, no cancer is good!!!

  20. Michelle

    W00t! Congrats. My sister’s waiting on some serious test results herself (could be a thyroid problem, could be hepatitis..), so I know how excruciating it can be.

  21. izzy

    Phew! Normal never sounded so good. (which reminds me…I’m a year late for my PAP!!!!!) I was wondering when I saw the tests they ran if maybe they were considering PCOS. It would explain a lot. Just keep after them for those results and of course, keep us posted.

  22. Y

    That’s actually what I’m being tested for. That and a couple of other things. But, the more I read about PCOS, am totally convinced that’s what the problem is.

  23. CATE

    Praise be! That’s good news thus far. I just got a bunch of favorable results back as well…along with news that my thyroid is out of whack once again. But hey, I’m not diabetic and my cholesterol was fine, too.
    Hope you get an answer soon. Sounds like you will!

  24. Mom101

    Wow, that’s some damn good cholesterol, woman!
    I feel what you really need right now is a good joke. I’m not a good joke teller at all. If I were though, I’d tell you a good one and oh how you’d laugh, and then all the ills of the world would just fade away.

  25. cricket

    breaking out of my lurking stupor to first say yay that the c word has been ruled out…and wow, so many of us with PCOS! yup, me too, lol…and the really lovely thing about PCOS is that chinese menu of fab symptoms that keep you guessing constantly…sending happy soothing thoughts your way!!

  26. Christy

    Congrats on the normal! When I went from Feb to May with no period, I was excited that I might be pregnant. Now I’m being tested for PCOS too. My insulin levels are ok – which is great but I was hoping that getting on Metformin would help me lose weight. I never used to have a weight problem but for the past year or so its been creaping on & nothing I do helps. Thanks for sharing your struggle – it helps to hear from you. And end of July can suck it – I just switched to a new great dr when my old one told me thats how long I’d have to wait to get tested.

  27. JenniferB

    Oh yea! I am so happy for you that some things are going right — I hope the happy continues and you continue to get good news, and more than that, that you are able to receive medical care from someone who will actually help you figure out what is going on and help you take care of it!

  28. Ryley

    Does nobody actually read your titles?? Guess that makes you feel good!! :o) j/k..
    I read the post.. was excited for you.. blah blah blah.. (totally kidding!! Congrats.. thats awesome..)
    But the title.. you got another “great” comment??????
    I couldn’t wait for you to update so i had to go read through all freakin’ 147 comments on the last post to find it.. about half way through I got smart and stopped looking at the comments that have email addresses.. obviously someone is going to try to be sneaky..
    So anyway.. is this is?
    “It amazes me how you write a very serious blog, get everyone concerned, and then don’t respond for days.
    Posted by: carlyarly at June 26, 2008 8:45 PM”
    This carl yarly guys.. or carly arly chick.. thinks you’re doing it for ratings!!! Because I’m sure you totalllllly knew exactly what was wrong the second you got home from the doctor… carl or carly has obviously never had to wait for test results!!
    p.s. I’m pretty sure I just wrote your next post.. Sorry!! I’m kinda bad at over taking the comment section.. my bad!
    Congrats again.. and that is a great comment…
    Geez.. I can’t beleive you’d do that to us.. :o)

  29. Ryley

    p.s. again..
    You totally owe my boss like $30 bucks.. I just spent a whole lotta time reseaching..and reading and commenting!!! and technically.. i should be working!! But you’re worth it! :o)

  30. Preita

    I have PCOS. You have 3 children that did not involve invitro so I doubt that you have it. It is a metobolic disorder and though there is no test for it, PCOS doesn’t cause anything else other than infertility (which can and does seem like a death sentence some days). It’s scary not knowing. When you know you can plan and solve and “get the job done” (as my family says). Best wishes to you. I hope that everything comes out fine.

  31. The Over-Thinker

    Okay, so can I just tell you that my doctor just mentioned that I may have a “thyroid issue” and it was all I could do to not say “Oh God, not the Hash”….I swear.

  32. vickie

    My comment from yesterday was similar to Preita’s,,,but didn’t appear?
    Why do you hate me?
    hahaaaahaha just kidding but wondering why I got comment-censored πŸ™

  33. Y

    vickie– I never got a comment from you! I don’t approve comments or delete them, so maybe the internet ate it?
    No comment censoring going on here. Promise.
    So nice to hear from you! It’s been a while!

  34. Stacie from MN

    That is awesome! That C word is very scarry!
    I’m sure your Dr already checked this, but when I stopped having my period for months at a time, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (sp?) Just a thought. They simply put me on some meds to keep my blood sugar in line & I’ve been fine ever since. (Not a clue what blood sugar has to due with ovaries & periods, but it worked.)

  35. VHMPrincess

    I have pcos. I am on metformin to give me cycles. I’ve been FEELING like I’ve been having cycles and ovulating. but no periods for 14 months now.
    I have Ashermans Syndrome – I had a D&C after each of the last 2 children were born and that can cause it – sort of a webbing in your uterus, which prevents and endometrial lining from building up/shedding.
    He ordered an HSG which they couldn’t do which led him to the Asherman’s diagnosis – the webbing blocked entry into the uterus. Then he followed up with a camera check when I had to have a LEEP For a pap that showed a high level of dysplasia (and a colposcopy that showed the same).
    Is it possible that is what might be wrong, in addition to PCOS?

  36. Vickie

    Y – no problem — just letting you know that the internet is not playing nicey-nice..hahaha —
    Anyway – continued good thoughts your way – im off for the summer so I have more time to read my favorites AND comment πŸ™‚

  37. b

    You know that a high HDL is a good thing, right? A LOW HDL level is a risk factor for heart disease. Congratulations!

  38. melissa

    Happy for you…..Im doing research on Cushings …Im pretty sure I have it…No medical insurance sucks!

  39. Lindsey

    Here’s to that wonderful bit of news and for more of the same to come!! yay!! Love the new hairdo, and Happy Fourth a day late!!

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