That’s as romantic as it’s going to get UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 am to the sound of my husband shaving in sink in the bedroom.
“Could you BE any louder?” I said in that grumpy way that I talk at 4:30 in the morning.
He apologized and turned the water on and off in a much gentler way. Within a minute of being woke up, I realized what day it was.
I knew he had no clue.
I waited as he walked around the room picking up various things that he needed for work. Keys. Cell phone. Time card. Gum.
He said nothing.
The 19 year old me would have been mad and not said a thing. I would have let him leave without bringing it to his attention so that I could use it as a weapon later that evening.
But present day me is too old and tired and, perhaps, mature for all of that drama so I got out of bed, hugged him and said “What’s today?”
“It’s Monday.”
“I know it’s Monday, but what IS today?”
“It’s the 17th…”
Still. Nothing.
And then I saw the look on his face change. He finally realized that today was our wedding anniversary. Our 18th wedding anniversary.
He felt bad and promised to take me out this weekend. And instead of getting all dramatic about how dare he forget our anniversary! I accepted his offer because after this many years together, drama is pointless. At this point, if he brought me home a can of bean dip for the bag of fritos that has been torturing me for the past 3 weeks, I’d be like “Thanks for the best anniversary present EVER!!
Seriously…all that matter is that He Love Me Long Time.
So, yeah, Happy 18th year of marriage to us.
Happy 18th Anniversary to us.
(A friend just sent an “Happy Anniversary email (Yes, we have friends in real life. I KNOW.) and included this never before seen picture. It’s no wonder we’ve lasted so long. We’re awesome.)

100 thoughts on “That’s as romantic as it’s going to get UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE.

  1. Denise

    Happy Anniversary, Y & Pighunter!
    Sounds exactly like my husband’s and my anniversary celebrations. We’ve been married 16 years.

  2. Susan

    Happy Anniversary, Y! Hey, the best celebrations are the ones where you truly enjoy yourselves; so rock on with the fritos and bean dip!!! This from one who’s been married 23 years and just discovered he’s been sleeping with someone else for four of them. Care to share the fritos and bean dip? I shouldn’t have shit on your day like that. You and pighunter have been through the ringer together these last few years and I’m so happy for the both of you. LOVE you and your blog!!

  3. Scout's Honor

    I think waking up at 4:30 AM to take care of his family working that early is such a testament to his being a great husband as it is.
    That said, my friend, you are a bigger woman than I. I would have milked that for some serious schwag or manual labor around the house.
    Yep, I’m a bitch after 12 yeras of marriage. Still haven’t attained that higher level. Heh!
    ~Scout’s Honor

  4. Scout's Honor

    Oh, and Susan, I’d stab him in the ‘nads if I were you. I tell my husband that as precautionary advice all the time. He thinks I’m planning his death is he so much as gets a twitter from a woman I don’t know.
    ~Scout’s Honor

  5. Amaelija

    Oh gawd, I sooo would have waited to see if he remembered on his own. Because I? Am an immature bitch.
    Happy 18th Anniversary! (In 12 days, I’ll celebrate my 6th!)

  6. Paula

    Y- I love it! We share 11/17. Today is my birthday – 53rd!
    And as far as the anniversary – I’m happy to wake up and see he is still around on our anniversary!!! Forget the roses and bean dip!
    Happy Day! You have many riches to celebrate.

  7. DiaryofWhy

    Happy anniversary!
    So the early morning wakeup call explains the Blogher e-mail you were so kind enough to send me in the wee hours of the morning. 🙂
    Congrats, and I hope you get that bean dip!

  8. Beth Nixon

    There is something very romantic about being comfortable enough to let these sort of things slide. Or to pick your battles.
    Maybe not the zing of romance but the everyday choice to be there with each other is true. Doesn’t matter the day it may be.
    And I’m right there with ya but I’d like some pretzels and dip. If I got that??? Oh, the romance! Here’s wishing your fritos and bean dip!

  9. Chris

    Science has proven that we are missing a chromatological hypocondroid ganglia gland that hampers our ability to remember key dates. It’s not his fault!
    Oh, I almost forgot. See?!….Happy Anniversary!

  10. Michelle

    18 years and you still have a sex maniac for a husband…..kudos to the both of you! I wish you two all the very best…so much more to look forward to!!
    Michelle xoxo

  11. ambrosia

    Happy Anniversary to you two!
    Sometimes I think I might be the only woman who forgets stuff like this – I forgot my husband’s birthday last month – only for like a few hours, but still. I should be better than a man with remembering the special days.

  12. jesseeezmom

    Happy Anniversary Y & PigHunter!!
    Good for both of You! Life is best spent with ones who know how to make us laugh the hardest!! Seriously, I Love everything about my man of 23 years, but what I love most is when I am laughing so hard that I have to try and get him to stop and make sure the eyeliner is ok, because I am laughing/crying. It makes me laugh even harder when he trys to stretch his face to mock me and my overstretched eyes “is my eyeliner okay?” I KNOW I am not the only one to ask this question of her man!

  13. Jen

    Happy Anniversary! I love the pic! My husband and I just had our 12th anniversary…he’s deployed, again. He’s actually been HOME for maybe 2 of them! He owes me BIG TIME when he retires from the Army!

  14. Mom on the Run

    Love the photo. I am so with you on not holding grudges with husbands. In our family the roles are reversed and my husband is much better at remembering dates and buying gifts. I always think let’s not spend any money on each other. We have been married 18 years, so this works for us.

  15. cindy

    Good for you for not getting dramatic. Especially at 4:30 in the morining! I might have been all grouchy. 🙂
    Happy anniversary!

  16. Tammy

    Happy Anniversary Y and Pighunter! I love the picture by the way, ya’ll are awesome! Hugs from Fort Worth!

  17. apathy lounge

    In this day and age, 18 years is nothing short of miraculous. Congratulations! The hubs and me celebrated 22 years this past June, so I know the feeling about not getting overly dramatic. In other anniversary news? Today is my 3 Year Blogiversary. Just saying.

  18. christina

    “drama is pointless”
    THAT is the kinda marriage advice the world can use! Happy anniversary! 18 years is a huge deal and you guys are fantastic!

  19. girlplease

    Funny how marriage can be all drama. You should see some of the emails me and the man have since that’s how we argue while we’re at work.
    6+ hours of electronic and in-person fighting is way too much time in a person’s life.
    He should just submit and realize I’m always right and my way IS the best.
    Big dummy.

  20. Christine

    The reason you two are still together is because you are too fat and he is too ugly to find someone else….eat the dip and have a nice day!

  21. Shelli

    And the reason Christine feels comfortabe posting that comment is because she’s a jealous bitch who feels better about herself when she’s mean to others.

  22. Jen

    Is that the best you can come up with Christine? What an amateur. When my husband was in Iraq when the war started, people left comments on my blog like “your husband is a baby killer” and “I hope you get raped” and so on.
    Maybe these parents should watch what their children do on the internet more (she has to be a child, isn’t it elementary school children that yell out “you’re ugly” and other overused insults?)

  23. jessica

    i hope that i find that kind of relationship someday… hell i’d just be happy to find someone who was happy with ONE woman.
    christine’s post didnt take any guts… she didnt even use her email so you could respond to her personally… i dont even know why she bothers reading you blog. and i wouldn’t even give her the benefit of thinking she is a child. i don’t know any children who would even say things like that. loser.
    contrats Y and Pighunter! you two are so lucky to have found someone so perfect for you!!

  24. Jen

    You okay woman?? Hope all is well, and can’t wait for a new post. You are missed here on the blogosphere.

  25. Timmy

    Well I know it’s a bit late but congratulations!!! Things like that make me so happy! And I also like how you decided not to get dramatic (not that I really know what I’m talking about, I’m 19 lol), but I am sure that I will be in your husband’s situation at some point in my life. And I will apologize and promise her something and hopefully she just happily accepts. :] After all, you only realized it a few moments before he did lol. Plus, I think those things are good! What a boring place the world would be if it were perfect, and the same goes for marriage, right?
    Saturday the 6th is 2 years together for my girlfriend and I. We’re not doing formal gifts. :]
    Love your blog!

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