Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I’ve had more than one doctor tell me that it would be difficult to lose weight They made it sound like it would be impossible. I was even told to measure my success by “not gaining weight.” instead of “by losing weight.”
Because that’s not depressing enough, I was told by an emergency room doctor that I would need to use extreme caution when exercising because hypothyroidism had caused irregularities in my heart beat. I was told it was okay to walk and lift light weights, but not much more than that.
I remember walking out of the emergency room feeling hopeless. How could I ever lose the 70 pounds I had put on since this whole thyroid mess began by WALKING? Especially when doctors had already made it clear that weight loss would be such a challenge.
I also felt fear. Fear that I could possibly kill myself by working out just a little too hard.
I was deeply depressed for weeks. I tried to pretend like everything was fine, like I knew I was going to be okay eventually. But that wasn’t the truth. I felt hopeless, scared and very sad at what had become of this body of mine.
Recently, something kind of amazing happened. After a year of being on thyroid medication (for a condition that went undiagnosed for almost TWO YEARS.) I began to feel a bit more like myself. I had more energy. I wasn’t mentally exhausted every minute of every day. I no longer felt depressed and the mental fog I had been living in was lifting. So, I decided it was time to do something about my weight. Because I finally felt strong enough to do it. I joined Weight Watchers and began working out in the gym again.
It wasn’t easy at first. But I had the stamina to stick with it.
And every time I worked out, I felt just a little bit better. I was careful with my heart rate, but I didn’t let fear stop me from pushing myself just a little bit harder. I went from being able to only do 20 minutes at a level 5 to doing 45 minutes at a level 8-9. And I FINALLY STARTED TO SWEAT. I felt so damn good that one time? I started to cry happy tears. WHILE WORKING OUT. It was cheesy, but wonderful at the same time.
The first month, I lost 10 pounds. Which was a MIRACLE for my body. At least it felt like one.
But now, here we are, months later and guess what? I’ve not lost a single pound. In fact? I’ve gained a pound.
I know I said I wasn’t going to pay attention to the numbers on the scale. Because this is about getting healthy! This is about strengthening my heart! And adding years to my life! And I AM stronger! I HAVE built up endurance! GO MY BODY!!
But, I am 80 pounds over weight. At some point, I need to see the numbers drop on the scale. Or at LEAST the dress sizes drop. But… NOTHING. It’s not happening and seriously? WHAT THE HELL?
I’ve been going to the gym faithfully at least 5 nights a week. And I’ll spend at least 1-2 hours there working my ass off every time I go. When I don’t go, I work out here with weights and squats and walks around the block. I’m staying within my points on weight watchers (except for the night I had a chocolate chip calzone and 2 martinis on date night. Oh! And a cadbury egg last night. But even still… WORKING!OUT!EVERY!NIGHT!)
The point is this. After weeks of walking around going “I may not be losing weight, but I’m gaining strength! And I feel better!” the lack of any significant change to my weight has finally knocked me on my ass.
I feel defeated.
Last night my husband tried to make me feel better about it. “Honey, you’re working so hard. You’re trying to do the right thing and that’s all that matters.”
“I know.” I said. “I’m proud of myself for that. But.. imagine if you were working hard to pay down your debt. And every week when you got paid, you took any extra money and applied it towards that debt. You sacrificed doing things you loved so you could pay that debt off. And imagine if every week when you checked the balance, it stayed the same. Even though you had put every extra penny you had towards the balance. It hadn’t budged a single penny. WOULD YOU NOT BE UPSET?”
He got it.
I hate to be all Soap Opera Serious, but– that’s how I feel today. Maybe I’ll feel better once I’m at the gym tonight, but right now, in this moment, I feel hopeless. This isn’t about vanity. This is about feeling scared for what all of this extra weight is doing to me internally and feeling hopeless to change it. I’ve been doing all of the “right things” and it’s not working.
What else can I do?

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  1. Dawn

    Oh, girl. It just sucks. All you can do is have a good cry about it. A gallon of tears weighs like 4 pounds, right? So maybe it would be good for you *and* move the f-ing scale. There’s nothing to say that you don’t know. But it’s not fair and I’m mad for you.

  2. Shelley

    Hey Y…
    I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling. And, I can totally relate. It’s like a mean kick in the teeth to be doing all the right things and not getting the results. It just seems like a cruel joke by the dieting gods.
    I would say “hide the scale” and while it is good advice, I rarely ever follow it. It’s so tough to not judge the success of the hard work by the number on the scale each week. I’ve been working on getting some pounds off in the past few months…and I’d be as frustrated and defeated as you X100 if the scale wasn’t moving.
    Lots o’ hugs! I am so proud of you for making healthy choices and exercise a priority in your life. You aren’t letting the fear put you under…and that takes guts. Plus, I’ve always been awed by your ability to let people into your life…the sunshine and the grey clouds. I am not sure I could do it…I sure know I haven’t to date.
    Wow…it sounds like I have a major girl crush on Y. Oh well…still adore ya, but promise not to stalk ya!
    You rock!!!

  3. Karen Sugarpants

    Your thyroid is a real sonofabeyotch huh? Can you get another drug or have the doctor adjust the dose?
    For the first 6 months of working out, I lost nothing. I gained muscle and lost fat and inches, but the scale can be deceiving. Course, you do say there’s no change in dress size?
    How do you feel when you work out? Less stressed at least? That’s one good thing.
    Dude. If I had the answers I’d give them to you – other than seeing your doctor, I highly recommend seeing a professional holistic person – maybe there’s a natural way of helping your body function? Like my migraines are practically gone if I have feverfew in my system. You gotta be careful with that stuff though and if you go to someone like that, they need to know what meds you’re on os there are no conflicts that would cause bigger issues.
    In the meantime, my heart truly goes out to you, friend. Don’t give up. xoxoxo

  4. crockpot lady

    I don’t know what else you can do, but I am so proud of you for doing what you are doing. It’ll come together, it really will. It’s just got to.
    xoxo steph

  5. Laura

    I’m not even trying and I’m frustratied, can’t imagine if I was putting all of that work into it. >

  6. Krystle | SnarkyKisses

    It makes me sad to read this… I took struggle up and down up and down with weight loss… it comes off, goes back on, rinse and repeat. I am determined to make this happen, and although I do not have Hashimoto’s I know what kind of a devistating thing it is – especially when you’re trying so very hard to change.
    Maybe analyze the things you are eating every day. Try to keep your fat grams between 20-30 grams per day, eat a vegetable with every meal – unlimited veggies, they are free!! Eat 93% lean meat if you feel inclined, otherwise eat ground turkey or a turkey burger. Make sure you are getting your protein – eat 6 meals per day. Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack (if you’re hungry in the PM), drink half your body weight in water – that is a bitch, and I’m still not there yet.
    I’m just trying to think of things I’m doing with my plan right now that I’m working on. I’ve just recently joined a gym myself – I finally for once am building up some confidence – but I know I’m going to have bad days, it’s a given… but that’s when we just have to work through them, and keep pushing forward.
    You will see the scale budge – and remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Did you measure yourself when you started dieting? If not, do it – and then measure yourself in a month. My dad has been exercising vigourously the past 6 weeks and he did not lose a SINGLE pound, however he lose 7.5 inches. Also, maybe you’re not eating enough per day? Maybe your metabolism is dying out and you need to pep it up with some energizing foods?
    Just brainstorming here… email me if you ever have any questions. I’m in this for the long haul – finally. I have a diet blog too –
    Hang in there Y, you will be just fine!

  7. cindy w

    Oh, Y, I’m so sorry. I know you’re working so hard, and not seeing results would make anyone feel defeated. Big hugs for you.
    To second what Karen said above: eastern medicine isn’t a bad idea. I’m sure there are a bajillion naturopathists in L.A., just like there were in Seattle. Heck, try whatever alternative methods you can get your hands on: hypnosis, acupuncture, yoga, etc. Even if it seems weird and flaky, it might be worth a shot?

  8. Emily

    Uggggh – I have been there and I totally feel for you. The plateaus suck. I once lost 15lbs one month and nothing for 6 weeks. And then I finally sucked up the courage to ask someone at my gym and this is what they told me:
    – Check your water consumption – this can change the way your body works.
    – Change up your routines regularly. Our muscles get used to certain movements and then they essentially stop working so hard. So if you’re doing bicep curls do hammer curls and change it up.
    – Work smarter rather than harder. This one shocked me. They took 2 of my cardio sessions and dropped them to 20 minutes of HIIT training (google it!). That 20 mins was a bitch but it made a difference. They also had me change up my cardio for the 40 – 60 minute sessions.
    There is nothing more upsetting than busting your ass only to get nowhere. hang in there and remember your health is so not just about those numbers! Think about the example you’re setting too! Good luck!

  9. mo

    There is a lot of good advice here. If I were you I’d see another doctor. A second opinion is never a bad idea. Medications really mess your system up. Also, water, water, water. It’s so important. Carry around one of those big-ass water bottles with you everywhere and suck it down all day. Work up to a couple of those. I swear to god it’ll change everything. Lots of protein and lots of veggies. Some fruit like apples and oranges but a lot of other have too much sugar. And weights are key. Cardio is good, but combined with light weights it’s even better.
    I know this is so frustrating, but keep at it. Good luck!

  10. Hope

    I have no advice to offer, just sympathy.
    Even if the scale isn’t moving, you’re still strengthening your heart and your muscles and that is NEVER a bad thing. You’re also giving yourself a steady supply of endorphins. So, uhhhh, in the style of every cheesy sports movie ever… do it for the endorphins!!!

  11. Allyson

    I don’t have any good advice like the other posters, but I want you to know that everytime you post to Twitter, I feel your pain. I know that you are frustrated and defeated, but know that you are loved by friends, family and new fans! I agree with the checking of medication as medication is a bitch.
    Weight loss is not easy, but (I don’t want to get all religious on you) maybe you are going through all of this to help all of us. – A reason bigger than yourself. (Sorry for the poor choice of words.) God doesn’t make mistakes, so there is either something to be learned or something to be taught. Keep working hard, it will pay off. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope the best for you in the future.

  12. blairzoo

    I’m so sorry all your efforts aren’t paying off for you. I am SO totally and completely impressed at your actions and dedication to being healthier. It just stinks that that isn’t matched by fabulous results. You are doing the ironman triathlon , woman, every time you get up and try again. You are amazing.

  13. Mama DB

    you stopped the scale from climbing. It stopped. That. is. work. with your condition. Good for you, Y! It may be a while before you see more weight coming off, but girl! It isn’t coming on any more.

  14. Marin

    Dude. That SUCKS. I am sorry it’s been so hard, because that just starts a vicious cycle.
    I’m just mentioning this because it’s been on my mind lately, but could a lap-band procedure or even gastric bypass help, or with your Hashimoto’s would it just do nothing but make you more miserable? (I’m trying to come up with options, since you’re doing everything else right.)

  15. Preita

    You are seriously my hero. The fact that you have seen no results but still continue to forge ahead shows bottomless strength of spirit and heart. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 3 years ago and I understand how it feels not to be able to loose weight but also how damanged your spirt becomes when you can not control it. Some days I’m almost alright for a fraction of a second with the notion that I will probably never have children.

  16. Annette

    Don’t give up! Remember that all of that work is strengthening your bones and muscles and that strong muscles/bones weigh a bit more, so you are replacing fat with something better.
    Ask your doctor to evaluate your exercise – there may be some changes you can make (intensity etc) now that you’re stronger that will make a difference.

  17. san

    I know that might sound harsh, but you might have to completely change your diet.
    Have you thought about talking to a nutritionist/dietitian?

  18. Y

    Not harsh– it may be what I need to do. Maybe simply counting points isn’t going to do it. I think it’s a great idea to talk to a nutritionist.
    Thanks for the encouragement and advice, all. 🙂

  19. marjorie

    I agree with the other posters, there’s lots of good advice here. I wish you success, I know it’s not easy. I actually thought of gastric bypass for you, and I see someone else has mentioned it too. It’s pretty drastic, but maybe something to consider.

  20. El

    I’ll stop lurking since my gymrat ways may actually be of use for once…
    You may want to see a trainer at your gym to help you mix up the cardio and strength training (building muscle increases the metabolism and helps the cardio work better!), since if you are doing the same routine over and over your body can get used to it and plateau. Instead try rotating in a different machine to get different muscles working…

  21. Arina

    Also a lurker… My mom has Hashimoto’s, and she’s been able to lose weight, after a long series of medication adjustments. It’s frustrating, because it takes about 3 months after a medication dosage change to see a difference even in the bloodwork, so the medication adjustments are a time-consuming finicky business, but stick with it… Good luck!

  22. Michele

    Oh lovie, so sorry to hear you so sad. Don’t beat yourself up, though. You are doing great things here. Here’s my 2 cents:
    cent 1 : drink lots of water. If you think you drank enough, drink more.
    cent 2 : Your fat is turning into muscle and muscle weighs more then fat. This could be a reason the scale has remained the same.
    How do you clothes fit? Are they tighter and/or looser in areas they weren’t before? Sometimes I will weigh the same but the weight has shifted and thus making my clothes fit better or worse, depending on the day =)
    Smile =) You are a champion!

  23. Lauri

    oh Y… I get it… my thyroid sucks too and not only have been unable to drop lbs but my hair was falling out too….. things have been rather shitty
    I am so proud of you.. It is so hard to keep at it, when you are not getting the results you hope for.
    keep your chin up

  24. jules

    Yes-it totally SUCKS! I agree.
    So what now/ Maybe you need a different result to measure. Maybe see your doctor and have him take readings of your cholesterol, BP, resting HR, measurements, fat caliper (I know!!!!sorry) or one of those % body fat thingymajigs that uses electric current . . .
    Then go back and look at them every 6 mos.
    Stop looking at the scale. It’s just depressing you.
    You ARE doing the right thing. Just keep telling yourself that. You doing it for you and for Gabby-so she can grow up with a positive body image and a good role model for exercise and eating right. (I’m telling myself this too-you’re doing what I’m not being successful at and need to do.)

  25. Lyndsey

    I don’t have any good advice. But I guess if I were you and needed something to hold on to… I would consider the fact that because you lost the thyroid lottery if you WEREN’T doing all of those things you would almost certainly be gaining weight. You gained 70 pounds in three years, imagine how much more you would gain in another 3, 5, etc. It has to be soul crushing to work so hard and see no tangible results, but maybe the best that will happen *right now* is that things won’t get worse. You’ll stay the size you are and not get bigger… when things would be even harder to lose.

  26. kimblahg

    I’m sorry Y. I know you are frustrated by the lack of progress but congrats on sticking to it. Feeling stronger is very important and you are doing your body good even if the scale isn’t moving. XOXO

  27. tracy

    Consider upping your weights, even if by a few pounds. Muscle work ups your metabolism more.
    I like the idea of making sure your calorie intake is set right also. There’s a grip of tools out there, and if you’re not feeding the body it will stop burning – no joke! The most basic calculation is about 12 X body weight; BUT, there are many more detailed calculations to do. Bottom line, burn more than you eat.
    If you’re not tracking your calorie intake, start. It’s a pain in the arse, but it makes a difference.
    Do you have a Heart Rate monitor that calculates calorie burn (such as BodyBugg)? If not, perhaps have an RMR (resting metabolic rate) screen done to find out where your metabolism is so you know what you’re burning at rest, then go from there with food intake.
    And best of all, continue to reach out like you did and get insight!

  28. Laura in Michigan

    You should try the Live Strong daily plate website. It is terrific for logging your food choices each day and it pretty inspirational. Try Googling it. I Love it.

  29. Michelle

    I know how it feels, except my weight loss stagnation is usually due to me losing my grip on will power and eating too much. 🙁

  30. Katie

    Measure yourself not with a scale but with INCHES. Your body changes so much when working out, often times it doesn’t change the numbers. Eventually, the numbers will come down too. But, at Curves, they don’t even let you WEIGH yourself for the first few months, because they say you’ll only notice a change in ‘inches’.
    it makes you feel better too.

  31. Andrea

    I LOVE what you said here:
    “Because this is about getting healthy! This is about strengthening my heart! And adding years to my life! And I AM stronger! I HAVE built up endurance! GO MY BODY!!”
    I recently started regular exercise (and eating not huge portions) and my hubby asked me the other day what I’m weighing these days. I said that I didn’t know and that I’m trying to be healthier. That is my goal at the moment. He. Really. Doesn’t. Get. It. (Don’t get me wrong–he is more than supportive, but it’s just like when I try to talk to him about female body images–he doesn’t get it.)
    I’m so proud of you, Y. You are being proactive in your efforts of working out. I’ll bet that a nutritionist could really help you turn a corner. Best wishes!

  32. Christina

    I’ve been working out 3 times a week and counting calories for over a month, and I just hit a weight loss plateau. I ran a google search on how to get over the slump and came across ‘calorie shifting’ and the ‘zig zag diet’ (if you’re already counting calories then it’s not a diet, it’s just shifting calories). I just started so I can’t give you my results, but I figured at this point you would be up for any suggestions.
    (enter your info and then click on ‘7 day calorie cycle/zig zag)
    Good luck!

  33. Bronwen

    I so hear you about not being able to make the scale budge. The debt analogy is a fantastic one, by the way. You’ve gotten a lot of good advice here. More water, less worry about the numbers – we all hit plateaus, shake up your routines, visit a nutritionist, log your intake (I go to when I log mine).
    The one about gastric bypass, though… If you are ever considering a weight loss surgery, please email me. I had one. It was the best thing I ever did for myself, but it’s not for everyone. I wish you good luck with this. It’s so hard.

  34. paige

    It sucks to work so hard and not have a tangible thing to show for it.
    You really might be gaining muscle, though. Muscle is heavier and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn from just being alive.
    My mom has an inactive thyroid, hers quit 30 years ago. She struggles with exercise and weight, too. Her drs just tell her to keep going…that what she’s doing is making a difference even if she doesn’t feel like it is.
    No matter what, if your stamina is going up, you ARE changing things in your body and your metabolism. Don’t give up! My mom is still overweight, but she’s so much healthier and the exercise really helps with the depressive effects of having a thyroid that doesn’t work.
    No matter what, though, its NOT easy. Not. At. All.

  35. beachmom

    it just sux, sux, sux,sux … and one more for good measure … IT SUX!!! Anyone who is working as hard as you are deserves to watch that scale move and move and move – so, my suggestion for the time being – mess with that little balancing wheel on the scale and make it say what you want it to!

  36. Michelle

    I haven’t read what the others have said so I’m probably a broken record but here goes….
    Have you shared any of this with your doctor? Could he direct you towards a plan that would work or give you some suggestions?
    I know how frustrating this is. Been there with my weight. It honestly took a personal trainer working with me to finally get somewhere. If you work the right angle, you can get your doctor to prescribe personal training.

  37. Kerri

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggle. I know it’s hard and your feeling discouraged, but you have done great. You are building endurance and getting healthier! And that’s so important. I go to Curves and find that there workout has helped me with inches and weight…might be worth looking into. And talk to your doctor…a good doctor can give you help and advice. Good luck!

  38. Paula

    You go girl, for working out to be a healthier you!! The only thing that has worked in terms of dropping pounds is the divorce diet, and I don’t reccoment it!! God bless you, and just work on being healthy!

  39. Paula

    You go girl, for working out to be a healthier you!! The only thing that has worked in terms of dropping pounds is the divorce diet, and I don’t reccoment it!! God bless you, and just work on being healthy!

  40. Adie

    I’m so sorry to see that you’re feeling down about this. I wish I had some wise words for you that would help in some way, but I’m afraid I don’t. The weight may not be coming off, but honest to goodness, you are healthier than you were when you started. The increase in your endurance is evidence of that. Your lungs and heart are stronger, healthier, and better off than they were, and by extension so are you. It’s tough not to see some kind of change on the scale, and I’m sure there isn’t a single reader of your blog who hasn’t struggled with a plateau at least once. I know you can do it. I know it.

  41. Alice

    So sorry that you’re dealing with all of this, Y!
    As others have said, you *are* getting healthier, and I give you major props for working out that hard, that often. Hashimotos and the cornucopia of medications that you’re dealing with may make the scale un-budgeable, but as far as health goes, almost ALL of the problems that are associated with higher weights decrease (and often disappear) when your heart and muscles are in good condition.
    I like metaphors, so to me it’s like being in debt, paying it down each month, and not seeing your credit scores change one whit. Totally out of your control, and they can make it feel like you aren’t making any progress, but you’re still getting out of debt (getting healthier).
    I hope that whatever your next steps are, you feel better around them all. Many, many good thoughts out your way, girl.

  42. Linda

    You and I are in the same friggin boat! Except my thyroid is “normal”. I’ve been working out and eating right for 3 months. Faithfully! And lost 4lbs. When I saw my doctor(he’s awesome) he said he sees a lot of people in a day, and a lot of them lose weight which makes him happy… but when he saw me it made him the happiest! I was shocked! He said I’m making healthy choices and doing the right thing and we’ll get it figured out. He is helping me make small changes in the way I eat. If I eat cheese, I eat it with veggies and no carbs. He also gave me some carb pills(my weakness). I take one when I know I’m gonna eat carbs and it absorbs some of the sugar so my body doesn’t absorb all of it. Diet coke is also an addiction for me and he suggested adding a little water to it. I cringed when he said it, but it’s not that bad. I hope to be off of the diet coke sometime soon. I hear that will do the trick.
    Anyway, I admire you soooo MUCH for your efforts!!! Hearing that someone else is going through almost the same thing and not giving up helps me! I’m encouraged to keep it up.
    So, for as sorry I am that you’re not losing, I’m encouraged that you haven’t given up, and I won’t either! ;o)

  43. Emily

    I know the extra weight is unhealthy and I know how hard it must be to see it not going away, but trust that you are doing something about its effects on your body every time you go to the gym. Doctors are discovering more and more that health isn’t just about the number of pounds you weigh. Health is way more about your overall lifestyle (which you’re doing GREAT on) than it is just a number on a scale.
    One thing you should keep in mind: your workouts are making your muscles suck glucose out of your bloodstream every single day you go to the gym. Even if your thyroid is trying to screw your body over, your muscles are working actively to reverse that damage and keep you healthy overall. Every time you strengthen your heart and blood vessels, you’re decreasing all the risks of heart attacks, etc. from the excess weight.
    You are making a huge difference to your body every day, even though your body’s not showing you externally. Don’t give up. You’re doing so well, and you’re making a difference.
    If you still feel disheartened, just think of how helpful this post has been to other people going through tough times. Either way you look at it, you’re making a positive difference in the world.
    Now your body needs to damn well start showing it so you don’t feel so discouraged.

  44. Brandy Jones

    Thank you for this post. God knows I know how you feel. I was diagnosed last year with Hypothyroidism and I eat well, exercise regularly and can’t lose weight. I recently consulted with a Trainer and she gave me some new exercises that seem to be working, I’ve lost an inch in my waist. But, no weight. I have a Doc that won’t run the correct tests and doesn’t believe me when I tell her I’m still tired and AM working out because my “numbers are in the normal range”. Please know that you are not alone. And that when you post, you help others. You’ve gotten some wonderful advice. I hope something works for you!

  45. liz

    This may be out of the realm of possibility, but what about hiring a personal trainer? I work out regularly and FEEL like I push myself but the numbers on the scale just wouldn’t move (at least not down…it’s easy for me to get it to go up. I’m really good at that.) It wasn’t until I signed on for a (virtual) personal trainer that I was REALLY pushing myself and started to see changes. Apparently I work harder for others than I do for myself.

  46. JesseezMom

    Y! Thank you for being you. So many of us go through what exactly you are. It really stinks as women how hard with all of our hormonal business to lose weight. Thank you for sharing that we are not alone in losing the pounds struggle. I have been like many others TOO TIRED to do what I need to do to exercise and get healthy.
    xoxo You are on the right track! and You are an Inspiration to me!
    re: we are working off the interest-it takes awhile before we see the principal being worked down

  47. Lotus

    Y, thanks for sharing your struggle. I hope it helps you to write about it, I hope you get comments that give you peace, or insight. But know that you definitely help others when you talk about this walk you’re walking with The Hash and your experiences and honestly are inspiring and uplifting to others.
    Keep pushing – when I stopped pushing and let the depression and defeat suck me down I always feel worse for it. Push through it. I know you will make The Hash your bitch.

  48. Amy

    I don’t have Hashimoto’s but have been hypothyroid for 20 years and just recently switched from synthetic thyroid meds to natural replacement (Armour or Naturethroid). While on synthetics, I still had many hypo symptoms and had plateaued at the heaviest I’d ever been besides during pg.
    After getting off synthetics, I lost 15 lbs within 3 mos without changing my diet or exercise habits, which indicated to me that the synthetics hadn’t been working well for me. I’m still trying to adjust my dose as I still have some symptoms, so it does take patience and perseverence, which you seem to have lots of! 🙂
    If you haven’t tried some of the natural thyroid replacement yet, that might be a good place to start. You’ll probably need to hunt around to find a doc or naturopath who will prescribe natural replacement, but it’s definitely been worth it for me.

  49. Gry

    Here is an idea – how about you stop working out every night and start loving your body. Not the body you might have, but the body you have right now. What if you only worked out 2-3 times a week, just to stay feeling healthy and spend the other 2-5 days of the week with people you love and who love you, instead of trying to make your body fit some beauty standard you set for yourself, which you know is possibly impossible with your condition. How about you stop taking for granted the body you have, like you used to with the body you once had?
    Just start loving yourself, woman! If you love yourself and stay the weight you are now, you have won – if you love yourself and you manage to lose weight, you have won double.
    Or, you know, if this wasn’t helpful just ignore it 🙂 Even body acceptance isn’t for everyone.

  50. mothergoosemouse

    That’s a compelling analogy. Never thought of it that way.
    But really, you are doing good things for your body. So many changes are happening internally, and even more importantly, you are changing your habits. That in itself is huge.
    Proud of you, my friend.

  51. Renee

    I have the exact same conditions as you. Add to that PCOS and Insulin Resistance and you have EXTREME resistance to weight loss. After struggling with doing everything I could do (including lower calorie consuption to 1000/day per trainer’s advice) I still only lost minimal weight. At most a pound every 2 weeks or so.
    I visited my endocrinologist again, and he put me on meds for insulin resistance and told me that I would have to severely cut my carbs because my body just wasn’t processing them like everyone elses. I went BACK on stupid daggum Atkins diet and you know what – I lost weight. HATED every minute of it, but even after being off of it for 4 months, I didn’t gain any. I recently started watching carb intake again and only consuming whole wheats for my carb type foods and have lost another 8 pounds in about 20 days.
    I now know for me what works with this stupid disease we have! In fact…without doing that STUPID cutting of carbs I could do 1 hour of strength training AND busting butt cardio and only loose the 1-2 pounds every little bit.
    Perhaps trying cutting carbs down? I don’t eat ANY processed sugars, no white breads/pastas, limit starchy veggies, and keep my other fruit/veggie intake high for fiber content. Protein choices are also VERY lean and in very small portions. Water intake is a must. Just a thought…?

  52. Angie

    My heart goes out to you. I know how frustrated you feel. I’ve been there. The only thing I can offer to you is for you to check out Coach David Greenwalt and his internet site literally changed the course of my life. And along the way, I lost more than 40 pounds. He helped me eat smarter, look at myself in a more positive way, and come to the realization that I should take care of myself.
    I know you don’t know me, and you are certainly welcome to ignore this comment. But I wanted to share this with you because it did make a difference in my life.

  53. e

    So, I have no knowledge of Weight Watchers whatsoever, and therefore this comment might be useless. But one thing that could be happening is you’re not eating enough. A friend of mine and I see the same nutritionist, and my friend is in a similar situation to you. Our nutritionist looked at her calorie totals and went, duh! You’re in starvation mode, OF COURSE you’re not losing weight! And then a week later she said the same thing to me (although I’m trying to gain, not lose).
    Anyway, I would see a nutritionist if I were you. Mine literally saved my life.

  54. Rachael

    You just described every time I have ever tried to lose weight. Except the losing 10 lbs part, because I’ve never even been able to. Months of working out and counting calories, and NOTHING. Now I am on thyroid medication, and we are still figuring out the dosage, and my doctor just upped it, so obviously it’s not high enough yet. I’ve been on weight watchers for 11 weeks. Last week, I knew I was going to get past 10 lbs. I worked out FIVE TIMES and didn’t go over my points. I figured I’d lost at least a couple of pounds. But guess what? 0.8. I was so disappointed. I know I should be happy I’ve lost 10 lbs at all, but instead I just feel angry that my body is so messed up when all I want is to be healthy. I’m sorry. I know it’s frustrating. Keep trying & looking for answers.

  55. christina

    bio identical hormones
    here is the man who saved me from my hormonal nightmare when doctors didn’t (stage 3 adrenal fatigue)

  56. paige

    The personal trainer is what did it for me—keeps me motivated to impress him and he pushes me.
    He also taught me that 5 hours of cardio a week was HURTING my weight loss and made me cut it in half. And damned if he was not right

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