At this rate, I’ll be at my goal weight by the time my first grandchild is born!

Exercise is NOT an option for me anymore. That’s my new reality. When you have thyroid disease, it’s just NOT an option. And that sucks because there are days where I am so tired that it actually hurts, but I have to force myself to get up and move. And even though I’ve not seen any movement on the scale in recent months, I keep working out. Because I HAVE HAVE HAVE TO.
These past couple of weeks, I’ve kicked it up a notch in the gym. Even on the days where I’ve LITERALLY CRIED while on the way to the gym because OH MY GOD, AM SO FATIGUED.
Last week, I worked out every single day. 30 minutes on the elliptical. 30-45 of weight training, alternating legs one day, arms the next. 15 minutes on the stationery bike. 15 minutes of ab work.
And then? When I’m done at the gym? I go to the park to Walk it Out.
Every single day.
And because experience has taught me that all of that work probably wouldn’t be enough (flips my thyroid THE FINGAH) I made some pretty drastic changes in my diet based on research I did on “What foods people with hypothyroidism should avoid.”
On Monday, I stepped on the scale like I do every morning. I expected to be disappointed yet again, prepared to give myself the “but you’re making your heart SO STRONG! That’s all that matters! Fuck the pounds!”
But that didn’t happen.
I was 6 pounds light.
225 pounds, down from 231.
I needed to see that loss on the scale. Months of working out with zero results can take a toll on ones mental health, you know?
It was just the inspiration I needed to take it up a few more notches at the gym.
I’ve increased my elliptical time to 40 minutes, added 3 pounds to my hand weights, 5 pounds to leg weights. And I’ve began to mix a little bit of running with my walking.
Oh yes, I ran yesterday. All 225 pounds of me MOTHER FUCKING RAN.
IN YOUR FACE, Hashimotos.
In YOUR face.

68 thoughts on “At this rate, I’ll be at my goal weight by the time my first grandchild is born!

  1. holly

    good for you! keep up the good work.
    Gotta ask….did you get my email? I am the one with the disabled baby. you never replied, so I was checking.

  2. Maggie

    Awesome! Wow, how amazing that must feel! Keep it up, sounds like you’re well on your way πŸ™‚
    …wishing I could have a little more gym motivation these days!

  3. Phoenix

    Yay!!!!! Congratulations!!! I know how much this must mean to you. Well done for sticking with it – you so deserve this result πŸ™‚

  4. Lauri

    Go on with your bad self…. show that Thyroid who is boss of the applesauce
    I can really relate to your fatigue issues, i too deal with hypothyroidism and often feel like I am slugging through and as if I am drained of everything, running on empty.
    It sucks & it’s not fair… you can overcome this Y.

  5. Diz

    Way to go! I have to say, after two months of Wii Fit and no weight loss results, I’m a little frustrated. I know they say fat is turning into muscle, but it’s still annoying. Hashimoto’s be damned! You can do it!

  6. marjorie

    That is so great! You are inspiring me to get back to my treadmill. Keep going, we are all cheering for you!

  7. steen

    woot woot! That’s GREAT news!
    I’ve been gym-crazy myself and I can feel the slight changes, even if I don’t exactly see them. I’m making an effort, I’m motivated, and seeing something like this really helps me stay motivated! Yay!

  8. Jean

    I cannot be more proud of you!!! You are so awesome! and an inspiration to me πŸ™‚

  9. Kyla

    Good job, Y! I mean, the fact that you kept it up even though you weren’t seeing results is kick ass enough, but I know it must have felt GREAT to finally see a change.

  10. ella

    That’s amazing! Congratulations.
    Have you thought about adding yoga to your exercise plan? It’s good for the body and mind. It’s easy on the joints but does help build muscle and strength while improving flexibility. If your gym offers classes you should go.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Pam

    Y, I rarely comment, have been reading for years, and I am so proud of you I just teared up. I am so so so #@$#$%%ing happy that you got some results and payoff finally for kicking so much @ss. Because you do.
    Keep it up! You’re AWESOME!

  12. Amy M.

    Impressive!!! Even if you hadn’t lost a pound, I’m finding your dedication impressive!!! I’m currently in the…i’ll go back to the gym on Monday cycle. I’ve only been there for a year, so yea…any day now!

  13. DiaryofWhy

    Your motivation and drive are inspiring. So proud of you! (in an I-don’t-really-know-you-I-just-stalk-you-on-the-web kind of way) πŸ™‚

  14. Cheryl

    Oh, Y, that’s wonderful! I’ve got to say the advantages of all that exercising to your overall health has got to make you feel good about yourself. But the weight loss…..congratulations!

  15. Dawn

    that’s awwweeeeesome.
    my ass is the same way – nonstop good behavior for a month and nothing to show for it till all the sudden the scale number drops!

  16. Ree

    Honey, I’m SO freakin’ proud of you! Now, if exercise would grow my hair back…I’d join you. πŸ˜‰
    Stupid immune systems.

  17. Missy

    You fucking GO, girl. You rock so fucking hard. Just because you refuse to give up, refuse to stop, you fucking rock.

  18. christina

    Yay! Good for you! Yep, it’s all about the exercise when you have Hashimoto (I’ve had it for almost 40 years), as hard as it can be sometimes. Dieting alone has never, ever worked for me.
    For anyone who’s wondering what to eat and what not – look up “goitrogenic foods” and stay FAR FAR AWAY from soy and iodine supplements.

  19. stephanie

    Losing that 6 pounds is awesome, but I have to say I am most proud of you for sticking with it! Especially when fatigue is such a fact of life for you, and not just the lame excuse the rest of us use when we’re feeling lazy. Keep it up!

  20. Luann

    “I mother fucking ran”
    I love you. I cannot imagine all 180 lbs of my ass running for any reason whatsoever.

  21. paige

    I am new to your blog–but I so could have written this–five months ago. My thyroid quit on me years ago and I so get the frustration of getting fat no matter what you do.
    I am 44 pounds down. 60 to go or so.
    How nice (although sad) to find someone who knows it is not just an excuse–it is real
    So YAY for you and your 6 pounds!

  22. lylah ledner

    Wow….not only am I so very impressed and clapping wildly for you – BUT you’ve encouraged me to kick my bahooney in gear….I’ll come back to see your progress!

  23. the new girl

    Oh, how awesome to see RESULTS.
    I am amazed that you have the dedication to continue working out despite the lack of results for so long. That takes a strong person, yo. That shit is HARD. Not to mention the awful fatigue.
    I am curious about the foods that Hashimotians (so wrong, I KNOW) should avoid…

  24. Karen

    Woot! πŸ™‚ I’ve been following your struggles with hypothyroidism on your blog. Great news!

  25. e

    That’s amazing. You’re amazing. You keep talking about how what you write about is all personal and not relevant to anyone else, and you couldn’t be more wrong. My health problems have almost nothing in common with yours and yet you continually inspire me to keep going.
    You’re amazing. I wish I knew you.

  26. Rachael

    Congratulations! That is wonderful. I have thyroid problems too, although I don’t think that it’s as bad as what you have. I am finally on medication for it and have started losing weight for the first time in my life. I hope things continue to go well for you, you are doing great things for your body!

  27. jaz

    I often visit this forum it has helped me a lot, I’m a diabetic. I have learn that eating too many carbs is my enemy, I started eating low carb in january, so far I have lost 25 lbs, and that’s whitout exercising also my diabetes medication has been cut in half. My doctor is very happy, and approves of me eating this way.
    You could go that long on the elliptical, I have one is has been sitting in my spare room for 2 years I get on it and feel like I’m going to pass out.
    Good luck in your Journey, the road is narrow and hard but the rewards are great.

  28. Jessica - This is Worthwhile

    Ugh. I can SO relate! I have to basically train for the freaking Navy Seals in order to see a dent in my – well – dents. I’ve been doing Turbo Jam (mostly all cardio) and didn’t lose a pound. I GAINED, of course. And despite my mother telling me I looked more toned, I realized I’m just going to have to get back into weight training.
    You’re like me, it sounds like: built for survival. We belong on a tundra somewhere with twigs and berries for every meal. We’d be sleek and shiny while all the other women became bags of bones. We’d hike down the mountain to get water 10x a day and only have a better tan to show for it.
    So, here’s to you. I’m in awe of your dedication. I’m on day 3 of my new weight training program (embarrassingly called ChaLEAN Extreme), but I’m hopeful it’ll help me lose some poundage.

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