These are My God Songs

My daughter is always singing. Sometimes she sings Weezer, or Hannah Montana. Sometime she sings Raffi or Yo Gabba Gabba. A lot of times she sings songs that she makes up, usually about her friends and how she “doesn’t even care what you think, cause we’re just gonna play all day.”
For the past few days, she’s been singing songs about God. And it’s breaking my heart a little that she doesn’t know “real” songs about God and Jesus because we don’t go to church. But that’s a post for another day. Yesterday she sang a song that went a little something like this,”I love God and I love Jesus. I love Heaven and Jesus and God and God and Jesus and Heaven.”
All. Day. Long.
Last night, she asked if I thought God would like that song.
“Of course he does.”
“Will you record me singing it?”
“Sure I will!”
“And can you upload it and send it to God?”
Ha Ha. Children of “Digital Moms!”
As I was dressing her this morning, she continued with her God songfest. And this is the song she just sang. And I am still laughing.
“I love God with my heart.
I love him with my art.
I love him with my dart.
I love him with my POP tart.
And I love him with my fart.
I can’t lie. I was totally proud of her rhyming skills, but I also felt like I needed to explain to her that she should never include the word “fart” in a song about The Almighty. Because, although I’m sure God has a sense of humor, Pastor Grandpa? Not so much about those kind of things.

16 thoughts on “These are My God Songs

  1. Jennifer

    “And can you upload it and send it to God?”
    Oh, that is just PRICELESS!!

  2. Helen

    Too funny. I think my husband tries to love me with his farts sometimes in bed. I’m sure he would get what your daughter is singing about.

  3. jessica

    That’s so great! And there’s no doubt that God has a sense of humor! How else do you explain why flamingos’ knees are backwards??

  4. lynne

    I think God has a good sense of humour too and lots of people get wayyyy too uptight about how people worship him.
    God made the world, which grows the food which makes the farts (in our bodies made in the image of God)… so farts are kinda holy if you think about it.
    Here’s one more for your sweet kid “Be it church or chapel let it rattle”.

  5. Sarah @

    I’m sure G-d has a sense of humor =) Maybe she just shouldn’t rhyme with fart around Pastor Grandpa. She can save those sorts of things for the people who come door to door asking if you’re acquainted with their savior.

  6. Mamacita

    Out of the mouths of babes, Y. Who was it who created us so we could fart? And with everything we do, we can do it, or not, for Him.
    I love her songs! Talk about “from the heart!”

  7. mandy

    HI! I LOVE it! I KNOW God loves it too! He’s proud of her rhyming too, I just KNOW it!

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