Last Wednesday I took a 5 hour plane ride to New York City. I had the best time I’ve ever had while in NYC. I have a lot to write about it, mostly because I never want all of the Little Things that made this trip The Most Wonderful. Unfortunately, when one takes time off of work to go play in NYC, one pays for it up the butt when they return home and try to catch up on all of the work they missed. So, until next week (when I hope to be caught up) I leave you with my favorite photos (so far) from this trip.
.Madison Av.
.She pretty much hates everything.

.who loved this walk in the park.

Bonus: Because RICH!
Rich, Me, Isabel and Neil

21 thoughts on “NYSee

  1. marjorie

    Beautiful pictures. I’ve never been to NYC but I’d like to go. By the way, nice cleavage there, Yvonne. Somehow I never got any of that–I’m jealous!

  2. jenna

    great pictures. i went to the same places in central park last time i was in NYC and the pics made me ache for the city. also, rich is so hot.

  3. Emily

    I’ve read you for years and never felt the need to comment until now — girl, you are ROCKIN’ the green sweater.

  4. Liana

    Awww, I love your photos!! Especially the violin player, the dog, the tutu, and the Jim Henson bench. You have such a good eye! 🙂

  5. Lena

    LOVE these, Yvonne. Especially the last one. Rich!!
    Also, don’t wait up, mom!
    I’m so calling you tomorrow. WTH, us?

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