13 thoughts on “What We Made Last Night – Oma’s Snickerdoodles.

  1. TJ

    Wow, when you said on Twitter it was easy, I totally didn’t believe you because people who CAN cook are always claiming that something or other is easy – SURE, for someone who can COOK.
    But that really DOES look easy. And I think I even have all those ingredients.
    Everything is coming up TJ! Thanks!

  2. Snarke

    The yellow cake mix is what cinches it for me too–having made snickerdoodles from scratch, this looks far easier. Yum. I might make some later tonight!

  3. Dawn B

    YUMMY!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Will definitely be making these by week’s end. I don’t know if my stomach can wait though.

  4. statia

    Oh my god! One of my friends in the bay area made me chocolate chip cookies with yellow cake mix that were the bomb! I’ve longed looked for a recipe that would measure up.
    Yellow cake mix FTW! These look awesome.

  5. cagey

    Am not a baker and I don’t really like cookies. But I did pop in to comment because I have those exact SAME recipe cards, so I did a massive double take. I have had the cards for over 20 years now. *shiver up my spine*

  6. Mary Watkins

    I want to thank you. I recently got into contact witha n old high school friend via facebook. I shared your blog with her and she called me about your snickerdoodle post. reminding me of our freshman year when we almost got kicked out of home ec class. We were going to be brilliantr career women after college – we didn’t need to cook, we’d have “people for that” or men in loin clothes or we’d eat out or whatever. we wouldn’t cook and we definetly didn’t need to know how to sew some ugly bowling shirt because EWWW who wants to bowl? (for me this is till true- eww bowling shoes that other people wore – makes me vomit in my mouth a little)
    Your post reminded us of out near “death” expereince with the principals office because we burned our snickerdoodles and Our home ec teacher was “very serious’ about our domestic tasks. she and I were not nearly contrite enough about the over browned but not black cookies and far less than thrilled that my answer to the burned over crisp edges was to nibble them off and call it good.

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