Happy You’re Not Going Out on New Years Eve AGAIN!

Two week ago, I was standing inside of Sephora with Lena, discussing plans for New Years Eve. The plans included dinner, dancing and wine! Or maybe a comedy show! THE POSSIBILITIES!
New Years Eve was going to be exciting and fun! A special occasion, no doubt.
So special, we were going to wear false eyelashes. (Did you know they sell false eyelashes KITS? Like, with all of the “tools” you need to put them on? I had no idea! But man, was excited to try it out for all of the New Years Eve celebratin’)
We spent the afternoon discussing important details– like, what would we wear? Whose husband would be the better dancer? (mine) Who would be the designated driver? (me) Jeans or dresses? (jeans)
Man, we were as excited as two women in their 30’s could possibly be about going out on New Years Eve.
We decided we’d go home, google things like “New Years Eve Hotel Parties!” until we found The Perfect Place.
We finally found a place. A place with an amazing view. A place that was offering appetizers, main course that included steak AND lobster, desert, a bottle of wine, dancing and party favors. All for only $150 a couple. (Bonus: For the 30 and over crowd. BOOM!) I guess what I’m trying to say is that we found THE PERFECT PLACE.
I was thrilled that for the first time in, maybe, ever? We had made adult plans for NYE. This was going to be so very great!
Monday morning, I got an email from Lena. Basically, it said “I’m sick.” My heart sank. But! It was only Monday! There was time for her to get well!
But yesterday came and went and she was still sick.
Then, PigHunter started having chest pains.
Lena’s husband injured his knee.
I got my period.
Plans? Canceled.
There will be no Hoe Down Arms from PigHunter. There will be no lobster dipped in butter. There will be no applying of fake eyelashes. There will be no laughing until I pee a little.
Instead, I’ll be cuddled closely next to my family on the couch while we (most likely) watch reruns of King of Queens, while eating sugar cookies and sipping on sparkling cider in our pajamas.
As it should be, I suppose.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

8 thoughts on “Happy You’re Not Going Out on New Years Eve AGAIN!

  1. Cristin

    Oh, no! But remember, you will be hangover free tomorrow! So you can..you know..not be barfing?
    Anyway, Happy 2010 to you and the fam. If I was on the west coast I would totally bring over a bottle of rum with my 29 year old self.

  2. kris

    I understand your disappointment, even if you have a lovely alternative plan to ring in the new year! I encourage you to wear those false eyelashes all day today. I wore mine through the first day of Snowmageddon ’09 — not a soul saw them but the cats, but boy did I feel like a fox. For the two hours I managed to keep them on.
    Happy new year, lady.

  3. MBB

    So how is Pighunter? Did you update on his test results? I know you said you were calling him, but then nothing else…
    and in case you’re wondering why I’m speaking so familiarly, you probably knew me under a different logon name, but then my ‘puter crashed yada yada and special needs child had major issues and yada yada the list goes on and on so I’ve been gone a LONG time….

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