On Christmas Day

This year, we did Christmas a little differently.
Since there would be no dinner at Oma’s (because Oma now lives with my mom) we decided to open up our home to the family for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Everyone loved the idea.
I had family at my house from 8:30 in the morning, until 11 pm. One would think having family over for that many hours in a row would be kind of awful.
It wasn’t.
In fact, it turned out to be one of the best Christmas’ in recent memory. Here are a few reasons why.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all served out of the Triple Buffet Slow Cooker (which, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am obsessed with.)
My brothers went through my underwear drawer, stuffed a box full of my giant bras and granny panties, wrapped them up and gave it to my son as a gift.
(Oh, look. My Dad! Looking at my bra and panties! MERRY CHRISTMAS, PASTOR DAD!)
The kids loved their presents.
But, the best thing about Christmas this year?

Besides laughter, love and family?
(Relax, gun hating liberals! They’re bb guns. The real guns are locked in a safe.)

24 thoughts on “On Christmas Day

  1. Carrisa

    I’m dying to know what all you put in your triple cooker. Because I *might* be thinking about getting one. Also? I love those boots that someone is wearing.

  2. Kyla

    Sounds like a merry Christmas, indeed. My husband would be all for shooting things.
    On a side note, we were out the other day and this girl had a shirt on that said, “Annoy a liberal, buy a gun.” This reminded me of that. LOL.

  3. Nancy P

    OMG your brothers are too funny! How did your dad react to that stunt?! Also, as Carrisa said I love those boots. Who is that girl? I thought it was you but since you are taking the pics…
    P.s. Your family is so blessed. πŸ™‚

  4. sheebeedoo

    I am sure your neighbors loved looking out their windows and seeing the fam standing up there with guns in their hands!

  5. Y

    that’s the beauty of our backyard. It’s huge (1/2 acre) and a horse trail separates us from the people behind us.
    Also? our neighbors never come out of the house. I seriously doubt they look out their windows either.
    (says the person whose family was shooting cans on christmas.)

  6. Parker_B

    Great photos! Also, you are awesome for being perhaps the one blogger I know who isn’t afraid to poke fun at the libs- lol!

  7. gleep

    Another gun-loving commie pinko liberal here. Absolutely love the black and white photo, and would not mind knowing more about the boots.

  8. Michelle

    We bought our 14 year old son a 22 rifle for Christmas, so no judgement here. I also love
    those boots! Great photos as always.

  9. Heather, Queen of Shake Shake

    I have one of those triple buffet things too and am obsessed like you. I couldn’t use it at Xmas (not at my house this year) but am specifically planning New Years recipes so I can! Except I can work up the nerve to actually invite people over. I have a huge no-show party fear like you.

  10. Shannon

    We bought my son a bb gun last year and the day after Christmas we all needed one! We sat outside for hours in the cold and we had a blast!

  11. Jen W.

    I feel out of place since I’m not asking about the boots, LOL. But can you tell me the author of the I Love Daddy book Gabby looks so happy about?? πŸ™‚
    (And I wouldn’t mind hearing what all you’ve cooked in the slow cooker buffet, either!)

  12. Heather

    I think you live where I grew up…not too many places is So Cal that has 1/2 acres with horse trails and neighbors who don’t care about some shootin in the back yard!
    I am a little jealous of the triple cooker!
    By the way I would have totally braved the crazy rain of the 12th for your nacho party! πŸ™‚

  13. SarahP

    Around here (eastern MT), a holiday wouldn’t be complete without shooting. Shotguns, rifles, pistols…just a buncha rednecks, we are! Sometimes living in the middle of BFE is a great thing.

  14. lani

    Oh! You had a great Christmas and this makes me happy. Loved the pictures, too. I bought one of those triple buffet slow cookers from my mom-in-law. So I could borrow it, of course. Ha. I am in love with that picture of G and her cousin. So sweet.

  15. Gravura

    Wow – now that’s perspective! I think we often react in agreement or disagreement because of our emotions, but hearing another side, passionately presented, really makes us think!

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