On the Down Load.

I think you would laugh if you saw my list of goals for 2010.
It says things like “read more.” “organize my inbox” “start commenting on blogs again.”
(I bet your says things like “finish my book proposal.” “Follow up with Oprah re: the interview.”)
One of the things on that list (and this list is real, you guys) is “update the music on my Generic MP 3 Player.”
This is where I ask for your help.
What is your current favorite workout song? I did this once before and ended up with a great collection of music to kick my own ass to.
(p.s. I am looking for all types of music. Fast, slow, rap, metal. BOY BANDS! All of it, whatever motivates you to move.)

66 thoughts on “On the Down Load.

  1. Alison

    Oh fun!
    My Humps- Black Eyed Peas
    Breath Remix fea-Seal Paul by Blu Cantrell
    Overprotected- Britney Spears (don’t judge me!!)
    I Will Survive- Cake
    Tangerine Speedo- Caviar
    Did You Get My Message- Jason Mraz
    Coma Girl- Joe Strummer
    Little Black Back Pack- Stroke 9
    Teenage Dirtbag
    My Doorbell- White Stripes
    aaaaand my iPhone died that’s all yer gettin :0)

  2. Jamie

    You need Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake always.
    And I’m going to email you the mixes my best friend (who is a dj) made just for me. They are perfect for working out!

  3. Nothing But Bonfires

    Oh man, you just reminded me to follow up with Oprah about my interview. Right after I RSVP to George Clooney’s invitation for drinks tomorrow night.
    I can’t run on the treadmill without “Love Me Like You” by the Magic Numbers. It has the perfect tempo to start you out slow, make you build up to getting faster, then force you to POUND out the last bit like a crazy person. It’s about five minutes long which is pretty much as long as I can run for, I’m not even kidding. I have to walk the rest.

  4. rachel

    the fratellis, p!nk (not only her music, but dayum is she ever hot), black eyed peas (again with the hotness of fergie), green day
    those are on heavy rotation when i am trying to get motivated.
    off to work on some of my list!

  5. Katie

    I feel like I have an awesome workout mix, including but not limited to:
    Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
    SOS – Rhianna
    LoveStoned/I Think She Knows – Justin Timberlake
    Disturbia – Rhianna
    Don’t Rain on My Parade – Funny Girl (or Glee) soundtrack
    Womanizer – Britney Spears
    Overture/All That Jazz – Chicago (I prefer the movie soundtrack)
    Gotta Get Through This – Daniel Bedingfield
    A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley
    Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
    Love You I Do – Dreamgirls (movie)
    4 Minutes – Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
    Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
    Don’t Stop the Music – Rhianna
    It’s Tricky – Run DMC
    Bound for the Floor – Local H
    Shoop – Salt n Pepa
    Murder on the Dance Floor – Sophie Ellis Baxtor
    And the title of my workout mix:
    Bust a Move – Young MC
    Way more than you asked for, but these ones really get me movin’.

  6. Michelle

    You had me at BOY BANDS.
    Masquerade – Backstreet Boys
    Twisted – New Kids on the Block
    Poker Face – Lady Gaga
    When I Grow Up – The Pussycat Dolls
    Temperature – Sean Paul
    Shake It – Metro Station
    Lose My Breath – Destiny’s Child
    Sweetness – Jimmy Eat World
    Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy
    What You Waiting For – Gwen Stefani
    Pon de Replay – Rihanna
    I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
    SexyBack – Justin Timberlake
    Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet
    Keeps Gettin’ Better – Christina Aguilera
    Rhythm is a Dancer and The Power – Snap!
    Jump and 4 Minutes – Madonna
    Gonna Make You Sweat – C+C Music Factory (I know, probably a little stereotypical, but it’s still good.)
    Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

  7. jen

    Britney’s I’m a Slave dance mix. I’m not a Brit fan, but the song is awesome for a workout. Also… Celebration (Kool and the Gang), Manifesto No. 1 (Shooter Jennings… really listen past the build up, it’s awesome), The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Weezer…great speed changes for cardio), look up dance mixes. Have fun! Let us know what you pick.

  8. Rebecca (Bearca)

    Best workout song EVER is Fighter by Christina Aguilera. It is an ASS KICKING workout song that will have you running faster or working out harder.
    I am also fond of doing an ab workout to Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

  9. amy

    Ok lover. I LOVE recently in my ipod for working out:
    The national
    talking heads
    gwen stefani
    cyndi lauper new
    siouxsie and the banshees
    so much
    love! xoxo

  10. Dee

    Well. I was gonna give you lots of suggestions but everybody beat me to it! “LOW” is always a good one. Rhythm is a Dancer and that whole album by Snap rocks. Dance dance, fall out Boy, I don’t feel like dancing by Scissor Sisters. yep. Check, check, it’s all up there.

  11. elz

    I have alot of Britney, Beyonce, and Black Eyed Peas in my work-out mix. But, right now I’m loving Run this Town by Jay-Z, 3, Party in the USA-(Yes, I’m ashamed), and Obsessed (agan, shame).

  12. Katy

    I’m embarassed to even admit this, but “Sexy Bitch” makes me wanna get up and move every single time. Also good: “Bottoms Up” by Keke Palmer and “Tick Tock” by Kesha. These are good workout songs–not fine musical achievements.

  13. Maggie

    I just like to work out to music I love – the tempo doesn’t matter to me at all. I love Dan Wilson, Crowded House, Storyhill and lots of hits from the late 70s, early 80s for nostalgia.

  14. Julie

    Some of my random selections:
    ‘Bling Bling’ – BG (to get ya swagger on)
    ‘Toxic’ – Britney Spears
    ‘Bandages’ – Hot Hot Heat
    ‘And We Danced’ – The Hooters
    ‘All My Life’ – Foo Fighters
    And there’s a mash-up of Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ and Nena’s ’99 Red Balloons’ that is awwwwwesome.

  15. Alison

    It was popular earlier this year, but I love “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings. Great workout song.

    Actually, “Shut Up & Let Me Go” would be a good workout song too:


  16. Charl Pearce

    I love the ideas above. Here are some in my new playlist:
    Just Dance – Lady GaGa
    Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
    Prayer of the Refugee – Rise Against
    Sex on Fire – Kinds of Leon
    Sober – Tool
    Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Boten Anna – Basshunter
    Song 2 – Blur
    Love Song – Foo Fighters
    Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
    I Feel – Mike Doughty (cool down)

  17. Dawn

    I just made a new workout file on my ipod that includes
    Switch – Will Smith
    A number of Beyonce
    But my current favorites are OLDIES, Joy and Pain, and It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, soooo takes me back to Middle school.

  18. Kate

    Pharoah Monch – Simon Says (really explicit)
    Rihanna – Hard
    pretty much any Rage Against the Machine or Tool, and, for good mainstream measure – Lady Gaga!

  19. Amy

    Check out the soundtrack to Fast and Furious. It has a lot of Pitbull on it and it’s really great to run to. Can’t much recommend the quality of the lyrics but the beat can’t be, um, beat.

  20. Erica

    It’s terrible but Shake that Ass by Eminem, I also like Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz, Say Hey by Micheal Franti, Sweet Home Alabama, Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, Wild Thing by Tone Loc and lots of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Madonna, etc. etc….good luck, can’t wait to hear what you pick.

  21. Liz

    I just downloaded a couple of new tunes that I love working out to…
    Timbaland (featuring Nelly) – Morning After Dark
    Rhianna – Hard
    One Republic – All the Right Moves
    Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart
    Jay-Z, Kanye, Rhianna – Run This Town

  22. Naomi

    I love “Chelsea Rogers” by Prince, awesome walking or a workout song. Also, Janet Jackson is great, and I love Missy Elliot’s “Party People” and “Old School Joint”.

  23. Abby

    I see others have already said this..but you absolutely need Lady Gaga’s new album The Fame Monster..especially songs: Bad Romance, Alejandro, Monster, Speechless (LOVES IT), Dance In The Dark, and Teeth (which is totally my husband’s favorite right now. I think he has a boner for her haha).

  24. Amy

    My Chemical Romance- Teenagers
    Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl
    Finger Eleven -Paralyzer
    Fall Out Boy This Aint No Scene It’s an Arms Race
    Seether- Fake It
    Three Days Grace- Break
    Breaking Benjamin – I will Not Bow
    Motley Crue – Wild Side
    Joan Jett – I Love Rock and Roll
    Chevelle – Send the Pain Below
    Chevelle- Jars.

  25. danish

    Here are my favorites from my mp3 player-
    Paul Simon-Late in the Evening
    Donna Summer-Dim All the Lights
    Guns n Roses- Its so Easy
    Random selection but my top 3!

  26. Lindsay

    Right now, obsessively:
    K-OS – Joyful Rebellion (the whole album!)
    Guster – the Captain
    The New Pornographers – Challengers, Go Places
    The Hold Steady – Separation Sunday (the whole album!)
    I am totally updating mine now, too!

  27. statia

    I’m sure Lady Gaga is mentioned here like, eleventy bajillion times. Bad Romance is a fantastic song, though. Love it.
    And yes, anything from Glee, because you’re an asshole if you don’t like Glee.
    One of my favorite new to me finds is The Bird and the Bee. Download My Love, and actually anything from that CD, very fun. I’ll have to think of more. I tend to listen to a lot more indie music, but it’s usually something that I don’t get a chance to pay attention to fully because it’s overshadowed by two screaming kids in the back seat.

  28. Lena

    I’m a total whore when it comes to work out music.
    I’m in L.A. Trick – Lmfao
    TiK ToK – Ke$ha
    Lapdance – N.E.R.D.
    And these are ALWAYS in my rotation:
    The Fear – Lily Allen (fave song right now)
    3 – Britney Spears
    Paralyzer – Linkin Park
    (still wishing you lived next doooor)

  29. burnurcomputer

    Lady Gaga….freakin fun!
    And Rob Zombie. He really rocks it out on Living Dead Girl. Its like a stripper song for the Goth girl that lives in your head that you never ever let out πŸ™‚

  30. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    I can only think of 3 off the top of my head. Which says a lot about how often I exercise…
    Fallout Boy- Thanks for the Memories
    Kanye West- Stronger
    Glee cast- It’s my life/confessions pt. II. (don’t laugh at me, it’s awesome).

  31. Hol

    Here you go Y!
    A-Punk – Vampire Weekend (the other songs are good, but not really fast.)
    Swing, Swing – The All-American Rejects
    I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys
    Cochise – Audioslave
    E-Pro – Beck
    Dirty Laundry – Bitter Sweet
    Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant
    Short Skirt, Long Jacket – Cake
    The Distance – Cake
    Do It Again – The Chemical Brothers
    Viva La Vida – Coldplay
    Name of The Game – The Crystal Method
    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk
    Technologic – Daft Punk
    The Gang’s All Here – Dropkick Murphys
    I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys
    Dance Dance – Fall Out Boy
    Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim
    Push The Tempo – Fatboy Slim (really good for speed)
    Gangster Tripping – Fatboy Slim
    Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters
    I’m In Miami Trick – LMAFO (yeah, sad I know… but the beat is great)
    Electric Feel – MGMT
    Paper Planes – MIA
    Supermassive Black Hole – Muse (great tempo and sound)
    Alive – Pearl Jam
    Even Flow – Pearl Jam
    1901 – Phoenix
    I Want To Break Free – Queen
    Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age
    I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
    Lake Michigan – Rogue Wave
    Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
    Black Betty – Spiderbait
    To Get Down – Timo Maas (this one really gets me going)
    Hash Pipe – Weezer (aside from the lyrics it’s got a good pace)
    I like music too much… obviously. πŸ˜‰
    Hope some of these help!

  32. Lurker

    Ali&Gipp– “Go ‘Head”
    Zion I– “Don’t Lose Your Head”
    Tech N9ne– “Caribou Lou”
    Ciara– “My Goodies”
    Missy Elliot– “Slide”
    Kelis– “Bossy”
    Lil Wayne– “Exquisite”

  33. the new girl

    Punk Rock Girl – Dead Milkmen
    Radio Nowhere – Bruce Springsteen (literally the only BS song that I like.)
    Those are the two off the top of my head. I’m going to go and read through your comments now…

  34. ajnabi

    Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh your ass off, but I’ll list these songs anyway because they distract me from the agony of irritation I experience every time I sweat:
    “Friends” by Band of Skulls
    “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga
    “This is Why I’m Hot” by Mims
    “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey (I like the Glee version but not as much)
    “Pedir A Tu Corazon” by the Gipsy Kings
    “I Want to be Your Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne (shut uuuuuup)
    And because, hell, I write an Indian films blog and I feel like I’d be losing my filmi cred if I didn’t list some of the songs that are on constant repeat during workouts:
    “Lucky Boy”



    (if you can get past the first 30 seconds, you’re golden)
    I knew you’d laugh! But I tell myself it’s for a good cause. πŸ˜‰

  35. angie

    Ok, Kanye is totally an asshat, but I love working out with his “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” song. Or whatever it’s called. Also, have to agree with the Lady Gaga comments. Just returned from the gym and my trainer chose one of her songs to get me started. Awesome.
    Can’t wait to check out some of these other suggestions. Maybe my 16-yr-old son will quit dissin’ me for all the awesome 80s stuff on my MP3 player! πŸ˜‰

  36. Dani

    (These two are hard to find):
    Esser – Headlock
    Tommy Sparks – She’s Got Me Dancing
    (Available on Amazon)
    Far East Movement – I’m A Champ
    Chops – I Like Cereal
    Atmosphere – You
    Matt & Kim – Daylight
    The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Around The Bend
    Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push
    The Stone Roses – Begging You
    Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon
    MGMT – Electric Feel
    Mutemath – Backfire
    Mutemath – Armistice
    Pop Levi – Dita Dimone
    Jim Noir – Don’t You Worry
    If you have a problem finding any of these, lemme know.

  37. HeatherO

    Late to the game here, but I love “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse. Yes, it is on the Twilight soundtrack, but man, it makes me move!

  38. kim

    best workout son ever! timbaland – the way i are. if you can listen to that song and sit still on your a$$ there’s something seriously wrong with you…

  39. elizabeth

    I was just at the Y this morning with my brand new ipod. Here are a couple of my favorites:
    Bad Romance – Lady Gaga (i could listen to this on repeat)
    Joy Ride – The Killers
    Honky’s Ladder – The Afghan Whigs
    Leave the Biker – Fountains of Wayne
    It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork
    Also, there’s nothing quite like laughing while you work out, so I have a couple of Flight of the Conchords episodes. Hilarious, upbeat songs by them would be: Too Many D*ck$ on the Dance Floor, Sugarlumps, She’s So Hot Boom.

  40. Alayne

    Lots of great songs listed here…I may have to go on another downloading spree!
    Here’s a link to a mashup that was done with the top 25 billboard hits of 2009. If you look in the info section there is a link to where you can download it. I have been playing it over and over again on my mp3 player while working out and it totally gets me moving.

  41. Red

    I dont like her. My friends love her songs, but thats probably cause they havent heared her whole album. Apart from poker face and just dance i thought it was pretty crap

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