Portraits of a (Moody) Princess (Who Wears Too Much Lipstick)

Portrait of a (Moody) Princess
Portrait of a (Moody) Princess
Portrait of a (Moody) Princess
This year I plan on spending more time with a camera in my hand. And I plan to post more of the photos that I do take here on this blog.
Ideally, the photos will be accompanied with words, but not always.
I also plan on posting menus of what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It’s going to be EXCITING HERE in 2010, is what I’m trying to tell you.
(I was kidding about posting menus. But not kidding about photography.)

12 thoughts on “Portraits of a (Moody) Princess (Who Wears Too Much Lipstick)

  1. jennifer (prayedforone)

    Actually, Y, I wouldn’t mind finding out what you are eating. I was diagnosed with PCOS and soon followed by being diagnosed with diabetes. I have tried and tried (okay maybe not tried hard enough) to lose weight and I’m struggling. What do you eat in a typical day? By the way, you take fantastic photos!

  2. Lise

    Your photos are beautiful. But I’m a little disapointed that you were joking about posting menus. I’m trying to improve my diet and need all the ideas I can find!

  3. Heather

    OK, so I don’t think I’ve ever commented before.
    I quite thoroughly enjoy your writing and I follow you on twitter. Don’t ever question it…I’ve been reading you for a long time, and have been too intimidated to write (that’s good for you—I mean that because you are amazing).
    Just thought you needed to hear from someone who lurks too much and comments too little. I’ll do better.

  4. Christine

    You need to go into the photog business already. For real. You would do very well. Maybe as a family portrait photographer or something. I think weddings would be stressful, but you definitely have an eye for capturing people. And I’m not just saying this as someone who doesn’t know anything. You got it, girl. 😉

  5. bikerchick

    Heeeeey, I would also love to read your menus! You are an inspiration and a beacon of tenacity, IMHO. I would love to know what foods you eat that keep up your great spirit, sense of humor and that fuel your mighty camera lens! (Long time reader; infrequent commenter here.) Pretty please with pink lipstick on top?

  6. kris

    Not gonna lie, the menus would be pretty cool too.
    Lovely pics. Am getting the shutterbug bug myself. If I could just figure out how to post them correctly . . .

  7. Amanda

    Looks to me like portrait of a girl with a mom that lets her try.
    So lush these memories will be. Beautiful, mama. And, also, beautiful mama 🙂

  8. alyssa

    All of a sudden there are so many changes in our children and if we do not take pictures every second of every day we miss something…i swear! lOVE your blog by the way!!! just in case you care

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