Their Biggest Fan

When I was a little girl, I was passionate about singing. It was something that I loved to do. And I was good at it.
My parents supported my love of music in the only way they knew how– by encouraging me to sing at church. But that was the only capacity in which I was allowed to explore my love of singing. I was only allowed to sing To and For The Lord. Any other type of musical expression was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. I quit music after my freshman year– it wasn’t any fun because of the restrictions my parents placed on me. I wasn’t allowed to participate in field trips in which we would sing at other schools. (they didn’t want me to end up alone, with boys, doing The Jesus-Illegal Sex.) I wasn’t allowed to audition for musicals (“they’re not glorifying to The Lord!”) What the hell was the use?
(I also quit guitar lessons at an early age, but that had nothing to do with my parents and everything to do with the disgusting pig of a man who I refer to as “Hairy Larry”)
I see that same passion for singing in my daughter. She is always twirling around the house in dramatic fashion, while singing a song. She reminds me so much of my Young Self.
I never want my children to say “I could have been *insert childhood dream here* if only my parents had allowed me to and supported my dream.” This is why I drive my boys to guitar/drum lessons every week. This is why I go to all of their band performances, their talent shows.
And this is why I drop whatever I’m doing to sit on the floor and watch my daughter’s Never Ending “Singing Shows.”

33 thoughts on “Their Biggest Fan

  1. Mrs. Flinger

    She’s good!! I do love how some of the words are all sorta wrong but she still keeps going. I love her. “Ask a question to see if I’m dancing..”
    🙂 Adorable.

  2. DogsDontPurr

    I’ve heard you sing, Y. You are VERY good. And you’re still young….it’s not too late, and you’re never too old to pursue singing again. I’ve even heard of some very successful cabaret singers who took it up very late in life.
    Anyway, just sayin’. If it’s something you love, go for it!

  3. Lyndsey

    holy cow! i’m like… not even a person who is all “omg kids” and that was not only super cute but also? she is so good!! she’s going to be amazing when she gets a little older!

  4. Dale

    You’re a fantastic mom. It will take a while for her Grandpa to adjust to her wanting to kiss a girl. (Just kidding! Don’t write letters.)

  5. Jessi

    Holy cow. Okay, so I read a lot of mommy blogs and every mother thinks their kids are the greatest thing that ever graced the earth, ya know? So I saw this in my feed reader, hit play on the second video (because the title of the song was listed) and was fully expecting to think “aww, she’s such a cutie.” And well, she is, of course, but I wasn’t expecting her to have quite that voice! Like others said, she really does have an amazing voice and you can tell that she’s only going to get better as she gets older. Kudos to you for supporting her fully in this.

  6. Dani

    Y, it’s never, ever too late to follow your dreams. Just remember that. My mom finally graduated from college at 40. My dad? He was 62 when he got his undergraduate. I’m not saying you should go back to school, just remember you have a whole lot of time to follow any dreams you have. You are wickedly talented in so many areas.

  7. Nicki

    First, know that you are so much more than ‘just a mom.’ Second, in the mom department, you rock! Way to be loving and supportive. It’s so easy to get caught up in life. You not only stop to smell the flowers, you also listen to them sing and post it on You Tube for the world to enjoy. Love it!

  8. Marcy

    This footage will come in handy in the flash back section….. when she is on American Idol !
    Really really good.. and Bravo to YOU for encouraging her !!!

  9. mouthy_broad

    oh my goodness! she kills me. i died.
    you have perspective. and even if past things hurt you, your children get to benefit from your history and how lucky they are!
    a house full of musical children is a wonderful thing.

  10. Lizarita

    So…As I am watching your sweet girl sing, MY sweet girl comes in the room and watches over my shoulder.
    We have now watched the videos no less than 500 times and Gabby is now my daughter’s BFF.

  11. Amy

    I can’t tell you how much I loved that. LOVE HER! Man… she is adorable AND talented! I loved her facial expressions and the little dances she did. Her vibrato was good, too!
    I agree with whomever said above about this being perfect footage for her later in life when she’s famous. 🙂

  12. Lar

    My husband has similar regrets. We, too, grew up in very conservative homes, and he never learned to play an instrument because his church believed they were sinful, and now he would love to help lead worship at our (loving, grace-filled) congregation but can’t, because he can’t play guitar or keyboard or anything else.

  13. Windsor Grace

    I also loved singing when I was younger. But, I was plagued by…an attitude problem. And it never went anywhere. Because, in my head, I was awesome and things would just happen to me without having to work for them. Because, that’s how life happens, right?
    Anyways, your daughter is adorable and she looks just like you!

  14. jennster

    omg, she fucking kills me. she cracks me up and her facial expressions and everything she does with her voice.. holy crap. sorry y, you’ve got a future disney star on your hands.

  15. Elaine Brosnan

    she is AMAZING! in every way! her singing, her dancing, too cute! you both have awsome pipes. i have a mini-me also- we both love to sing- and i can’t wait to show her! your daughter will be an inpiration and role model to our daughter. THANK YOU! good luck, she is going places, big places!

  16. Krystle {snarkykisses}

    Hi Y! Just wanted you to know… or to show G, I saw this video from G last year when you originally posted it, and then I seen this video from Heather Traska who is a 17 year old freaking amazingly talented young lady; watch this video of her cover for The Little Mermaid; especially at 1:27 through 1:37… just reminded me of G and her adorable video and I had to share!! 🙂

    Watch her Disney Medley too when you have a chance, amazing.

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