NOT a Piece

The last post that I wrote (Just a Mom) wiped me out emotionally.
It needed to be written. I needed to write it.
I thought I’d never speak of it again. But the comments. The emails. Wow. Each one that I read gave me something to think about. And I’ve been thinking. And thinking. And thinking.
I’ve come to realize that the shame I feel really isn’t about not having gone to college– it’s bigger, deeper than that.
I will write about it again.
And I will call that post My Piece.
But that Piece (ha) will have to wait for another day. Because today? Is National Delurking Day. Do you know what that means? That means today, you have to stop being “Just a Lurker” (see what I did there? That was kind of awesome.) and leave me a comment. Introduce yourself. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Do you watch The Bachelor? Cash Cab? Do you have a raging crush on Ben Bailey like I do? ARE YOU WITH COCO?
I look forward to hearing from you!

197 thoughts on “NOT a Piece

  1. Luann

    Ok I’ll delurk to tell you I dont care one bit if you’re “just a mom”. I also don’t care if you have 2 heads or if you hold a seance in your basement every night. I love you for how you write. I could care less what you look like, what you do for a living, or whether or not you went to college.
    With that said…Hi. I’m Luann. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and 3 kids who are almost 5, 3.75 and 2.5. Boy girl boy. They were born to pay me back for everything I ever did in the past. And they are my world.
    i am addicted to double stuffed vanilla oreos and ruffles potato chips. Oh and root beer. And starburst. I work from home, send the kids to daycare and spend too much time on the internet instead of working.
    I love any tv show with teenage angst, and am still struggling with the cancellation of Felicity, Dawsons Creek, and Gilmore Girls.
    Thats pretty much me in a nutshell!~

  2. Jennifer

    I’m a lurker of about 2 yrs. Jen from VA, now living in TX, mommy to 2 who suffers from “Just a Mom” issues as well. Love you, Love Lena, love Bad Girls Club and many others too mortifying to put in writing. Totally on your side in your battle for good health. More, please!

  3. Lisa

    Just delurking on a break from delivering babies at work.
    For the past five or so years (pre-G-Unit) this has been my favorite blog Yvonne and I can really relate to a lot of your feelings regarding your family, yourself, etc. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your family with us. It helps me feel ‘normal’!

  4. Shylah

    I’m Shylah, and I’ve been stalking–er, reading–since before you got pregnant with Gabby. I live in California, watch 24 and House religiously, and I totally have a blog-crush on you.

  5. Rebecca (Bearca)

    Not a lurker, but hello anyway. 🙂
    YES, I watch the Bachelor. I hate it, and yet I love it and can’t stop watching. It’s a problem. But The Cheese keeps me coming back again and again.

  6. Gwen

    About myself, well, I am a sleep deprived mom of two boys. I am not sure that when my youngest is in school I actually want to go back to work as a teacher. I think I may just want to write.

  7. Rusti

    I’m Rusti. I’m 29 years old, I’m married to a cop, and have a (just turned) 1 year old daughter. I met my husband in kindergarten, and we’ve been together since 10th grade (13 years this April!) living together for 4 years, and married for 3… I work full-time as a secretary at my Alma Mater (Michigan State University) and part-time on the side at home as a graphic designer (only time I use my degree) – I’d love to be able to make enough money doing side jobs so that I could stay home with my baby girl, but we have bills to pay, and so, I’m a secretary. I love to spend time with my family & friends – I’m super close with my family (I have a sister 19 months younger than me with a 6 year old and a 5 month old and an amazing brother in law – I also have THE.BEST. parents in the world) and when I can find the time, I love to read (mostly trashy romance novels, also mystery novels, crime novels, and anything else that interests me) and scrapbook… I love the out-of-doors, going up north, and although I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life, I do NOT love snow or cold weather… and also, I have a huge tendency to ramble 🙂 so I’ll stop now before I bore you to death 🙂 So nice to meet you – or wait, you’re meeting me… oh well. HI!! *waves*

  8. Malibu Niki

    Hello Y! You caught me – I’m a lurker. I’m a 24 year old wife and soldier, transplanted to NJ from MA (still a die hard Red Sox fan in case there was any doubt). Don’t watch The Bachelor, but I’m a sucker for American Idol and Hell’s Kitchen.
    I love reading your blog because you write like you are having a conversation – you’re personable and entertaining. And you post some amazing photos.
    Well anyway, that’s about it. Thanks for pulling me out of the scary alley where I was lurking. 🙂

  9. EmJay

    Been thinking about that post too. We are all “Just” something. I highly recommend “I Thought It Was Just Me..” by Brene’ Brown and her website Me, I’m a mom of two, corporate attorney, bulge battler. I read a lot of blogs but don’t really write one.

  10. Leslie

    Delurking. I may have done this years ago, but I don’t remember. Somehow I stumbled on your blog in, I don’t know, 2005? 2006? I’ve been reading ever since. When I started using Google Reader, yours was one of the first blogs added to my feed. I still read all your posts, but never comment.
    You make me smile, laugh, think, cry sometimes. But I love you and your blog.
    Since you asked so nicely, I will throw you a bone. I am 24 (25 in a couple weeks!), single with no kids (but a super cute dog), and am finishing up grad school in genetics, a subject that I no longer want to do. I have no idea what I am going to do once I finish my damn thesis, but about to finish I am. I recently committed to losing weight using diet/exercise, so you are inspiring to me. I know that you are struggling, and I want you to know that I am and have always supported you, though silently, in the background. I wish you luck. Perhaps I will click over and comment more often.

  11. Val

    Hi. I’m Val. From NYS. In the middle. Not the city. Which is where everyone always assumes I’m from when I say I’m from NY.
    I don’t watch the Bachelor. But I do love Cash Cab. And Ben Bailey is awesome. But I would being a gigantic FAIL on that show. B’c apparently I suck.
    I don’t remember how I got to your blog now. You’ve been in my reader for…a month? Maybe two? Anyway – Hi. 🙂

  12. Cass

    Hey, I’m Cass and I think I’ve only commented once or twice on your blog, but I’ve been reading for quite a while. I’m 28, single (w/a BF of almost 2 years) and no kids. Just finally starting to think I might want them so stories from bloggers like yourself make me happy. I work in the pharma world (not big pharma & we deal w/cancer research) and actually like me job (yet no degree yet on my part).
    I’m so glad you’re feeling better re: your last post.
    Oh, and yes – Team CoCo even if I don’t really get him all that often. What happened to him was horrible & he’s been a class act.

  13. Jenn

    I watch too much TV, and yes that includes the Bachelor. I’m also with COCO!
    Been a lurker for only a short time, maybe a month or so? Enjoying your blog though 🙂

  14. Anna

    Anna from Nova Scotia, Canada. Mom of two kids, 9-to-5 type job. I have a good friend who had a somewhat similar weightloss & health journey. I wish she’s had your blog to read when she was going through it.

  15. Jen @ lifelove'n'wine

    Hi I’m Jen. I comment from time to time, but I read all of your posts. You are fabulous and I get so excited when I see you in bold in my Google Reader!
    I am 25 and moved to RI from Maine a little over a year ago with my boyfriend of 3 years and our dog. I’m more of an Office, Gary Unmarried, and Modern Family fan myself, but sometimes I can’t help myself and watch shows like the Bachelor. I love things that are so bad they’re good! (i.e. chocolate, nachos, and America’s Next Top Model).
    Also, I hate Shark Week.

  16. Mary

    Happy DL Day! I’m from NC and I most likely ran across your blog as a result of other blogs I read. I can’t keep track of which order I found everyone anymore. 🙂 I don’t watch much TV as my two are 2 1/2 and 1 and I’m either running after one of them or staring blankly at Twitter. I love reading your posts on your battle to get your weight where you want it. One day I’ll get up off my *$$ and follow suit. Way to go!

  17. Amy

    I comment so I don’t know if I qualify but I know it never hurts to leave a comment so Hi from South Carolina!
    I used to watch the Bachelor but I’m bowing out of Jake’s seasons. I do love TV though…I love American Idol, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office.

  18. Christina

    Hi Y,
    I’ve been lurking for a few years now. Think I may have commented once or twice in the beginning but not since. You are a fabulous mom, wife and blogger & I love your photographs. You keep doing what you do and we will all be here laughing & crying right along with you.
    Mom to 4 (23, 21, 19 & 4) G’ma to 1 (1) wife to my hot (a bit younger) husband and living in Upstate NY. I run my business from home (wordpress website design) as well as a few other projects (I get bored easy).
    I think I’ll end here before my ADD tendencies start to … ooh something shiny
    oh yeah- Hi There

  19. Jennifer

    I too am Just a Mom. One who didn’t go to college, though for very different reasons. I too have so much insecurity because of it. But unlike you I have nothing else to hold on to. No BlogHer, no being good at something else. I really am just a mom. And I’m not even very good at that, I don’t think.
    But I am delurking as directed! I’ve been lurking since you found out you were pregnant with G. I am from Washington, but live in Oklahoma. I don’t watch any of those shows, or know who either of those people are. Hmmm, I really suck, don’t I?

  20. Kathleen

    Hi. I’m Kathleen from SC. I am ‘just a mom’ and glad to be one! I am a college grad, used my degree for work for 6 years and then began the “job” I was meant to do. I have a 20 yo in college and a 15yo in high school – both boys. I have been “just a mom” since my oldest was born.
    Love Cash Cab, The Office, & Big Bang Theory, to name a few.
    I love to read your blog. It is so real! I struggle with my weight too, so it’s nice to feel I’m not the only one.

  21. Jen

    I’m Jen. I live in the great frozen state of Minnesota. I don’t watch the Batchelor or Cash Cab. I’m too busy watching Dirty Jobs and Celebrity Rehab. I don’t know who Ben Bailey is. I’m totally with COCO. If there’s anything at all interesting about me it’s that I’m a two time surrogate mother and right now I’m pregnant with twins, one of whom is jabbing my ribs so hard that it’s making my boobs jump around.
    I don’t comment as much as I should because often my comments devolve into poop jokes or me talking about my boobs and I don’t like to show off that level of dork very often.

  22. Jessica

    I’ve left a few comments on here in the past.
    I am Jessica, S/WAHM of 3 boys…got super depressed when I found out #3 was a boy (so you can see, we’ve all got issues 🙂 But of course now is all fine, though I do go a bit overboard on the presents for girls, since that is the only time I get to buy for girls (I am not a huge fan of my nieces…they are way too spoiled).
    We moved to NE from LA and really miss our family in LA.

  23. James E.

    Am I one of the few dads that reads your blog? Or one of the few (or only?) who comments.
    James from the great and sunny (at least today, 42 degrees in the middle of January is a rare thing) state of Idaho. I read your blog, follow you on Twitter (and you follow me, thanks!) and dig on your photog skills. I have a two year old daughter and with much of your stuff about your (beautiful) girl I think that’s why I relate.
    More of a Mythbusters & Dirty Jobs guy than Cash Cab, and no crushes on male hosts, sorry.

  24. Procrastamom

    My name is Vicky and I’ve been reading here since the beginning of time, which in dog years is 2005. I live in “America’s Hat” (near Vancouver, BC, Canada) on the same coast as you do, so in my mind that makes us, like, twins or something. I don’t watch the Bachelor or Cash Cab, but I watch The Office and consider it a religion.

  25. JustLinda

    I hardly consider myself a lurker. hahah
    I did comment on the Just a Mom.
    Since you’re asking, I will introduce myself. I started blogging a few years ago. I probably found you then, and I probably commented sometimes. If I’m going to visit, I generally comment. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. LOL
    I dropped out of blogging (writing and reading) for awhile because life got so busy and I was dealing with some stuff.
    But it’s a new year and I decided I wanted to come back. To reading AND writing. So I refreshed my list in my Reader and I have been blogging on my own site daily. Brilliantly funny stuff. Or whatever. haha And I’ve been enjoying it.
    It’s nice to be back. This wasn’t a delurk, it was a re-delurk, I guess. 😉

  26. Oh

    Hey Y, long time reader, sometime commenter. My name is Onna, from the mitten. I have a household full of boys, I’m a wife, mom of one and step-mom of one and have a male cat. I don’t watch the Bachelor anymore, but I do watch Cash Cab. LOVE IT!

  27. JustLinda

    One more thing… (see? told you, I can hardly manage to not comment hahah)
    I have noticed something on my own blog, and it seems to be consistent with what I sometimes see on others. Write something heavy, serious, something personal that is not all HAHAHA and people come out and comment.
    Write something that is brilliantly funny – which is often the reason that people say they visit your blog – and they all clam up.
    I blogged about childhood obesity recently, as it touches my life in a personal way. Lots of commenters on that one, tons of referrals on it. But I need some laughs on the other posts, people! Where’s the love? Come laugh with me. Or at me. Whichever.

  28. ClassyFabSarah

    Delurking to say that hi! I’m Sarah from Indiana. I watch the Bachelor because everyone else on Twitter does and I don’t want to feel left out.
    I love Cash Cab but I would suck at it… unless I had a friend with me. My people make me smarter.
    And regarding your “Just a Mom” post… well, it made me cry. Beautiful.
    And I’m just a college graduate, but I’d give both of my arms and my college degree to be a mom.
    Happy De-Lurking Day!

  29. ~ifer

    I am delurking to make this commitment to myself. I am going to be a better commenter. I am tired of reading everyone’s blogs and not leaving comments. How does that support the blogger at all, right?
    I want you to know, even though you don’t know me, that you are on my Google reader, and I read every post 🙂

  30. Lucy

    Hi Yvonne,
    I am a semi-lurker (ie, I read your blog all the time and occasionally comment). I love your blog because of the humor and sincerity you have about your life and situations that occur. I also love to see a stable, happy marriage and the clear adoration you have of your kids.
    Me: I’m 35, married and live in Virginia, although I’m actually British (moved to the US almost 13 years ago.) No kids but four crazy cats. I do love Cash Cab, also Jeopardy and Millionaire. I’ve never watched the Bachelor or any of the spinoffs but I’m an avid reader of the gossip mags. Also, anything Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) does. Yum!!

  31. Lynn

    I’m Lynn. I started blogging in August and found you about 2 months ago. I have 4 kids (3 girls, 1 boy) who are 12, 10, 4, and 2. A thousand years ago I got my BS in Journalism…I married my senior year and all my NY Times-bound friends thought I was NUTS! I chose love. I did. And now as I try to write this my two youngest are wrapping yarn around the dining room table. And now the 2yo is crying. And still I love it. When I’m not hating it.
    I love your writing and your straightforward style and your willingness to put yourself OUT THERE so much, which is something I am still struggling with in my blogging. Thanks.

  32. Ines

    Ok, so I sort of delurked on the piece you mentioned. But I am a 32 year old SAHM to a 4 year old boy. We moved to Florida from New York about 3 years ago and I still miss NY like crazy. I actually saw Ben Bailey do a live stand-up set back in NYC and he was absolutely hilarious. I am a “Bachelor” addict.. for that matter I am addicted to most reality TV. More recently I find myself loving Jersey Shore…!

  33. Mktg_Mama

    Y, your writing is beautiful, inspiring and so much more. I am headed to Mom 2.0 in a few weeks and I hope we get to meet…and at the very least, that I get to hear you speak.
    I am a fellow Starbucks addict (must to my husband’s dismay) and can’t quite figure out the Bachelor but won’t turn it off it it’s on 🙂

  34. Marnie :)

    Hi Y,
    I found your blog about 5 months ago (I don’t remember how), and have only commented a couple times. I enjoy reading it and you take such great pictures. I understood your “just a mom” post all too well. I have felt that way myself, but I realized my “job” is harder than a lot of “real” jobs out there. You are an amazing mom, just remember that.
    I am a wife and mom to three girls 12, 5, & 2. I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years. I love to watch Lost, Flash Forward, Grey’s, Desperate Housewives and many more (which just proves I watch too much tv). I was born & raised in So. Calif. Actually, I don’t think we live that far from each other. Contact me, maybe we can take all the girls to the park and be “just moms” together. Take Care.
    P.S. I would kick butt on Cash Cab, my mind is full of useless information (unless you’re on a game show) 🙂

  35. Patti

    De-Lurking….although I have occasionally commented it’s not even comparable for how long I’ve been reading. I love reading all about you. The Ups the Downs, the weight loss, the frustration,the photos, the pain, the love, joy and laughter….I love coming here and seeing a new post up. It brightens my day.

  36. Meg from Ga

    I’m a lurker…kind of! I have posted here a time or two!
    I do watch the Bachelor and LOVE LOVE LOVE Cash cab! My husband’s cousin was actually on that show a couple of yrs ago (and lost!) I am an RN working is a small south Ga town (Americus,Ga). Our hospital was wiped out by a tornado in March of 2007 and we are slowly getting back to a new normal. I worked in Labor and Delivery/women’s health for 12 yrs and now am working in Outpatient Surgery. I’m married to my best friend and soul mate and we have a 9 yr old son.
    This was a good idea…I bet it is kind of weird having all these people knowing all about you and you know nothing about us!

  37. E!

    Damn…caught lurking again on Delurking day. 23 year old just graduated and have been reading your blog since the beginning of college.
    I will try to be better about this. 🙂

  38. Jessica

    I’m not a real real lurker, since I comment occasionally but not enough to make it count. I don’t watch the Bachelor, Biggest Loser is about all I can take of “reality TV” and even that gets on my nerves.

  39. Marie Green

    I read your blog a couple of years ago, before I had the Almighty Google Reader. Somehow, when I added all my favorites, you were lost in the jumble. I only recently re-found you, and instantly remember why I love your blog and your writing so, so much.
    I am back now, to stay! And just in time for the wonderful, awesome, incredible, brave, inspiring, Just a Mom post.

  40. SarahP

    I am a lurker…but not in a creepy, sunglasses-at-night-at-your-bedroom-window, driving-a-van-with-tinted-windows sort of way. I am 30 with a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 4 month old son. I am married and we live on a ranch in eastern Montana with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 13 bulls and 250 cows. We both work ‘town’ jobs too. I don’t Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, but I do Flickr (sarahinmontana) and I am most definitely with Coco, but only if he promises to keep doing that hips on a string dance move.
    Don’t watch the Douchelor and only sometimes watch Cash Cab, religiously watch The Office and now Cougar Town, but I would run naked through Times Square for some grown up time with Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs (not that you asked).
    I think you are awesome and I love your wedding headdress. 🙂

  41. AmazingGreis

    I’m a lurker here most days, though I think I have commented before. I’m Greis, from Houston and had a great time at the CheezeburgHER party in Chicago! 🙂

  42. Becca

    Hi! I met you in Chicago also, but I’ve been reading for a couple of years! Enjoy your blog so much.
    I’m Becca from Academomia and I think I got here on a link from one of Amalah’s blogs? Maybe? It’s been a while, but I’m glad I found you.

  43. katie b.

    🙂 Okay, totally a lurker! I think I’ve MAYBE commented once. I found you a LONG time ago…year and a half maybe…
    Anyway-I’m pregnant with my first baby (a girl)…i’m 24 weeks…have a precious husband and annoying dog. I like the bachelor and I’ll admit it. We watch cash cab when we’re eating dinner in the living room. I also love the office, parks and rec, fringe, so you think you can dance and american idol.
    Oh, and my name is Katie and I’m an avid blogger too. hi!!

  44. Lori

    I’m not a real lurker, (is that even a word?). I’m Lori from Nebraska and I love reading your blog. I’m sure if I saw you on the streets somewhere I would run up to you and hug you because we are old friends! That’s how much I know you!

  45. Heather

    I have commented here and there but am mostly a lurker. I am 29, stay at home with my eight month old daughter and (sometimes) work from home to try and help make ends meet. I am married to an awesome man, have a slightly annoying but very adorable Yorkie, and live in Maryland. I love vampire stuff, crappy tv, and blogs!

  46. Ashley

    Y – I’m not a lurker per se. I work for Edelman with Foodmomiac and we met in person at Cheeseburger last year. We worked on a few things together but enough about work. I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re honest and I appreciate that.
    I’m on Team COCO and just heard the news that he’s pulling the plug next Friday. I’m deeply saddened because I remember my Grandmother talking about Johnny Carson and how she use to watch him every night and I thought that Conan would be my generations Johnny. I even said the night of his first show, I hope I’m watching him for a long time and he “puts me to bed” every night. Oh well, such is life I guess.
    We’re freezing in Chicago right now but hope you are well!

  47. Issa

    Am not technically a lurker, since I’ve been reading here for years. Right? Ah, yeah never mind. I try to comment sometimes.
    Okay…let me embarrass myself…I met you at BlogHer. In the lobby. And I was proud of myself, because you were on my list of people I wanted to say hi too. I couldn’t make myself do it with a few others on my list, but I did when I saw you. So, thank you, for being nice that day.
    *slinks away*

  48. Jewls

    Hey Y!
    First things first: you are awesome!
    I think i’ve de-lurked before – maybe last year (does that still make me a lurker?!). Been lurking from Germany, China and now Prague. Want to be able to take pictures the way you do. You inspire me.
    Oh, and i’m Team Edward, secretly. 😉

  49. Audrey

    hi! Delurking tho I nothing much to say…. which is why I am a lurker. I read all the time, and think you’re doing awesome on your weight loss. Your goal to get below 200 is healthy and seems totally sane.
    Also – I love the glimpses into your family’s life and how eloquently you wrote when your grandfather passed away. My grandmother passed 4 years ago this Feb, and I still miss her with my heart.

  50. Karly

    I’ve commented here a few times before, but I mostly lurk. So, uh, hi there. Like Issa above me, I also met you at BlogHer and I was so completely proud of myself for OHMIGOD talking to Y!!! And, just so you know how exciting that I really thought was, I just used THREE exclamation points. I think that was the first time since I was a teenager that I used more than one. You, Y, totally deserve three exclamation points. Maybe even four.

  51. mandy

    I used to blog all the time, but stopped for reasons I can’t (or rather don’t) blog about. I also used to read and follow 100s of blogs. And then I thought about how much time I was wasting on the computer and doing nothing else.
    So I paired down to about 40 that I follow.

  52. Jennifer B

    I have been lurking for a while. I am with Coco. I have a thyroid problem I have been trying to get under control. Am trying a more holistic approach to figure it out. Went and saw a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine today. We will see how it goes.
    I enjoy your site!

  53. Wendy

    Hiya Yvonne!
    Your blog was the first blog I ever discovered back in 2005. (you have my Blog-Cherry woman!!) I was captivated by your humour and your honesty and the fluid way you write. I have been reading you every day since then. I am a divorced 40 year old woman with a 13 yr old son, a 10 yr old daughter and a somewhat irreverant view of the world. I am different than you in so many ways but I see so many similarities in us as well. I live in Richmond British Columbia Canada but I was born in Columbus Ohio. Anyway..I love the way you love your family and I wish you could love yourself as uncondionally as you love them 😛 (this would be the pot calling the kettle back btw). Your joys and hardships and ups and downs speak to so many of us and we appreciate the insights and triumphs of you and yours!!! anyway..thank you for sharing your world with all of us and hopefully you’ll keep on doing so!!

  54. LauraC

    I VERY recently found you through twitter. Find your commitment to exercise inspiring. LOVE your photography. Love your honesty about life as a mom. Keep on rocking woman!

  55. Faythe

    I’ve been reading your blog for nearly a year now, and this is the first time I’ve delurked. I like to read your blog because your life is so much different than mine (not the least bit interested in having kids) and I like what and how you write. I also love your pictures.
    About me–I live in Spokane, WA with my boyfriend (we’ve been together almost 10 years) and our 3 cats. I do admin work at our local animal shelter, and I love knitting and complaining.
    I look forward to reading your blog for years to come!

  56. Jessalee

    Is it technically delurking if you comment every so often? I’ll comment anyway!
    I’m Jessalee. I’m in Oregon. I’m 32. A mother of two, full-time work-at-home transcriptionist. Busy! Part-time blogger who can’t get her schedule on straight. Been reading for a LONG time. Don’t know how long now, but I have recently just started commenting.
    I’m with Coco. Fo’ sho. I watch The Bachelor. And The Real World. And The Biggest Loser. But not Survivor or Big Brother or those others. Though if they had Celebrity Mole back I’d be all over it. Really, that’s just way too much TV though.
    I struggle with my weight, though I have more to lose than you do. Except I know the feelings associated with it are very similar. I totally can empathize with the emotions and issues that are involved. I’m appreciative of your bravery when it comes to your weight struggles.
    And I guess that’s it? Happy delurking!

  57. Pauline

    Sometime commenter. Mom of 3 in MA. I have a 6 year old girl, and two boys, 4 and 1. Getting excited for Lost starting back up…..

  58. Overflowing Brain (Katie)

    I’m not technically delurking since I comment occasionally and saw you less than a week ago and stuff, but I’m commenting anyway. Because that’s sort of what delurking is all about.
    Also, because you taught me that pickles come from cucumbers, which I probably should’ve known before December of 2009, but there it is.

  59. Catharina

    I have been reading your blog since the day you announced your daughter’s birth (someone had linked to your blog) and I enjoy it very much. Sorry for (almost) never commenting! You are very brave and strong and I admire you for your honesty. And you are so, so funny.

  60. Alicia

    Delurking… I love your blog, it’s one of the first I read on my Google Reader.
    I went to college and all that and think that you freakin’ rock. It’s about the woman, not the resume. Any asshole can go to college.
    You don’t know this, but you’re one of my secret online friends that doesn’t know me. Metalia is another one. If we lived in the same town, I’d totally try to be your friend (but intimidated cuz you are one of the “cool” online kids). 🙂
    Oh and I’ve wanted to make a comment (since it IS delurking day, I feel it’s my duty) about your photography. I heart it. Especially the pictures of your kids. You can just see the love you have for them in the pictures. But one thing… I’ve noticed your focus on the foreground more than the background and I think some images would be stronger, if the background were in focus. For example, I noticed it with the picture of your son giving the peace sign. He’s blurry and the fingers are in focus. I think the other way around might work nicely too. Just an observation from someone that stalks a lot of photography blogs too. Not just cool mom blogs.
    Okay, that’s it. You rock. Love reading your writings and love looking at your pictures.
    The end.

  61. Jeannette

    I’m a 43 yr-old (non-degreed) mom of 2 (6 & 3) in Central NJ. I’ve been reading for awhile and rarely comment. Ben is a hottie!

  62. Susan

    Hi, I’m Susan. I live in Northern Illinois and have been following your blog for at least a year. I dream of blogging myself but never seem to get up the energy to get started. I’m divorced, have two kids and a full time job. I watch Lost. Can’t wait for the season premiere!

  63. Ali

    Can’t remember if I’ve ever de-lurked here before. But Hi! I’m Ali, 24 year old wife and mom to a toddler (and a fetus), college dropou, former runner. Now I’m too fat.

  64. Chel

    I’ve been a long time reader delurking to tell you that I was 40 when I went back and finished college. I got my teaching certificate at the same time and I am now a high school math and computer science teacher. I love my job and I love the kids. I don’t always like them but I’m very glad that I went back and stuck with it.
    Chel in AZ

  65. Brianna

    Hi Y!
    I’m Brianna. I’m 18 and live in Indiana. I go to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I want to be a Wedding and Event Planner.
    I’ve “lurked” you for some time now. I love reading your blog. I never leave comments because, well, a lot of people do and you usually in some way know them, but you don’t really know me, and I don’t really blog.
    I love the stories that you put up here about you and your family and your personal struggles. (I don’t like that you are struggling!! But, you are very inspirational to me.)
    I do love Ben Bailey by the way! =) Not to much a fan of The Bachelor. I’m a So You Thing You Can Dance and Idol girl myself.
    Keep writing your amazing blog!!!!

  66. Hel

    I may have commented once or twice before. I love reading everything you post. It’s a good mix of writing and I appreciate it.
    I am from Tasmania, Australia. Your photos inspire me to pick up my camera. I usually don’t comment because I am quite possibly brain dead every time I get a chance to be on the computer.

  67. Kellie

    Another non-degreed mom here! I’m 32, happily married, and mom to two girls, ages 5 and 7. I like to cook, grow my own vegetables, and I hate cold weather. I’ve been lurking on your fabulous blog for a couple of years now. I love your writing, your awesome photography, your adorable family, and your honesty. Thank you for putting yourself out there time and time again. I could have written that last post myself. I’m working on my degree part time, but still feel like an outsider and “unworthy” of those other mom’s friendships. Keep on truckin’ girl, because you inspire us and make us laugh like nobody’s business!

  68. Alison

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before..
    My name is Alison and I am a graphic design student in my last semester at college. I’m obsessed with tv and food, basically, and I love reading your blog because your life is so different from mine that it’s great to get a glimpse into someone else’s world.
    I am with COCO one hundred percent. I even wrote a post once about how I had a goal to one day be a guest on his amazing show, doesn’t nbc understand they are CRUSHING MY DREAMS?

  69. MichelleRenee

    Longtime Lurker from NH.
    I loved the Just Mom post.
    I work less than 10 hours a week at an insurance agency. I work 1000 hours a week as a mom.
    If someone asks what I do? I struggle to NOT say
    “I’m in the insurance industry”..
    I know. I want to punch myself in the face.
    🙂 Michelle

  70. Jessica

    WOW! Delurk day has been good on this blog – Y, if you ever wondered about your audience you should no longer. What a wonderful mix of folks – you even have a man reading (and commenting on) your blog.
    I’m Jessica and I’m probably your demographic – 2 little kids, work full-time, love to read and write. Suffer from Just a Mom sensations too. I’ve read your blog for almost 4 years. Rockstar Mommy (RIP) was my first. And I still check her url every once in awhile just to see if she’s changed her mind. Thank god I still have you.

  71. Nanette

    I thought I was the only one with a giant crush on Ben Bailey! We’re at a red light which triggers a Red Light Challenge!
    Long time lurker/reader…I love your candor and beautiful photography!

  72. Lee Laughlin

    Howdy, I lurk more than I thought. I’m from NH, 2 kids, Fish, 9 and her brother Mim 5. I love reading your honestly and hope you continue. I too have PCOS, and am on Metf*rmin. I’ve been lucky to dodge most of the major side effects, but the weight, it ain’t a droppin as fast as I’d like.
    Peace to you.

  73. Mary Jo

    I’m Mary Jo, I do only comment sometimes, but I check back daily.
    I am married to Matt, we’ve been together close to 9 years, married 4 years. We are parents to two adorable Beagles (Snoopy 14, and Rascal 2) and we’re not sure about kids. I have a heart condition, so my dream of kids might not ever happen.
    I’m originally from Cleveland, OH and I lived there 20 years in the house I was born in. I moved to Kendallville, IN in 2001 to be with my husband, whom I met online. We lived in Cleveland for a while, and last year moved back to Indiana.
    We live in a small town of about 10,000 people… it’s crazy different from how I grew up. We have been living with family for the past year here, and we are finally getting a new apartment. I’m SOOO excited. No more IN-LAWS!!
    I do not watch The Bachelor, I just never got into it. I sometimes watch Cash Cab, but it makes me all nervous and itchy.
    I am totally team COCO!!

  74. Amy

    I have lurked for a long long long time. I maybe posted once or twice? It’s been a long time though if I did.
    I live in Northern Cali…
    I don’t remember how I found your blog but I love your writing so I keep visiting.
    I also totally love your photography!
    Happy delurking day.

  75. Liz

    I think I may have commented once? Although I am still a lurker because I read you consistently and never comment. Love your writing and I admire your devotion to your family.
    I live in Sucktown (my name for the rotten place we liive) and will be celebrating my 5 year wedding anniv to my husband in April. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a 19 month old daughter and a baby on the way. I’m a SAHM and I love it. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not going to work and interacting with people.
    I love Simpsons reruns, Family Guy and HGTV.

  76. Kristen

    Delurking. I moved to OC a year ago from Texas, and am still getting adjusted. If you ever want to have an ugly Xmas sweater blogging party, and invite some internet folk you don’t even know, I’m your girl. My sweater has reindeer, and part of a feather boa, and it’s quite scary.
    Love your blog!

  77. Desiree

    I’m loving your blog. I also love being crafty, photography, my 4 fur babies, and the hubs. It looks like you have lots of amazing women who love supporting you. Congrats!

  78. msfajita

    I have been reading for you for years and have never commented. Your pictures are beautiful and your writing always bring a smile to my face!

  79. stephanie

    I’m not really a lurker but I’ll share my stats with you anyway. 🙂
    I’m from NY (state, not city), but now live in DC.
    I do not watch the Bachelor, but I do love Cash Cab and Ben Bailey (so glad I’m not alone on that one).
    Oh, and I’m not on Facebook.

  80. Julia

    Delurking here, too. Love your blog. I’m a 20 (21 in 2.5 weeks!) year old college student in Charleston, SC, but I’m originally from the Boston area. I’m studying psychology but going into photography (go figure!) and hoping to start my own photo business after I graduate 🙂

  81. Ciara

    Y – I have been reading your blog since before you had your beautiful daughter. So long, I can’t remember how I found it (and so glad I followed you when you created the gorgeous space that is joy unexpected).
    I guess we don’t have much in common (me being not married; no kids; living in Australia etc), but I just love checking in and seeing how you’re doing! I have had a rough 2009 with my fiance out of work for 14 months and counting – and popping in to read your updates, seeing your gorgeous photos, silently wishing you strength with your struggles – well let’s just say that your good humour has helped me enormously.
    2 more things – your son kicks ass on that drum kit, and congrats to you for celebrating the win on the scales.

  82. karen

    Wow. Never doubt that you have a lot of followers again! I’m just de-lurking to say hello, and i’ve been following your blog for a few years now. Thanks!

  83. Christy

    Hi! I’m Christy. I’m 32. I live in Mississippi. I’m married and I have a 9 month old girl names Caroline Love. I work in a museum as an archivist.
    Hmm. I think I started reading you about two years ago? But I think this is the first time I’ve commented!

  84. Randy

    Long time lurker. I have commented a couple of times. I’m a man of few words, online and off. I struggle with commenting, because I have trouble finding the words to express myself.
    So, a little about me. I have a great wife of 18 years and 17 year old daughter, who is one of the best daughters a father can hope to ever have. I love both of them with all my heart and soul.
    I love your blog. Over the years you have made me laugh and cry. I thank you and I hope you continue for many years to come.
    All the best to you and your family.

  85. Jessi

    Just stopping by to say that I read, too! I’m not sure I’ve ever commented here before, so just in case I haven’t, surprise! Consider me de-lurked. 😉

  86. Michelle

    I’ve commented once or twice but mostly I’m a lurker. Your Just a Mom Piece resonated with me on so many levels and I’m looking forward to see what you have to say next. Thanks for putting yourself out there, you are amazing!!

  87. burnurcomputer

    My name is Jamie. i am 31 years old, as of the 10th 🙂 I am expecting my 4th child, and it is again, a boy. I suck at spelling and coventions and I could care less. My 5th grader is probably smarter then me when it comes to those things, but thats okay….I can drive and I have a debit card 🙂 I can smell the scent of clearence in any store and find ahhhhhhmazing deals. My house is always a mess. Not the “ohh, my house is such amess”, like “thank god you are my friend or you’d call CPS on my ass for how messy this house is”. Okay, its not really THAT bad…or is it???? Its 9:22 pm here in my state. Its in the Northeast. i’d be more specific but my mother also reads your blog (adn my sister) and she”d ream me a new one for disclosing my state. Anyway, I’m not quite a lurker, but I have stopped blogging in general because my blog really, really sucked ass hard core…anyway… Can you tell that i have ADHD????

  88. Jenn

    Hi, I’m Jenn from Vancouver, British Columbia. I have commented a few times in the past so I guess I am not a total lurker!
    I wish I was Jessie’s girl too, and Doug Heffernan rocks. I love coffee, dancing, my 2 boys, red wine, my husband, teaching, and karaoke: the order changes of what I love most depending on the day. I have laughed harder at your posts than any others. The stories of you falling off the stage at church while singing or losing your pad while walking down the aisle still make me giggle…not at you but because very similar things have happened to me too!
    I think you are awesome-keep bringing the funny and keep being the real you. It has inspired me to do the same.

  89. Melanie

    Hi! I’m Melanie, I think I may have commented, but I get in a bad habit of typing out comments and then never hitting post, so maybe not. I have 2 little ones, 3 & 1 and my brain still hasn’t fully recovered! I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have been reading it for a long time. Good luck on your weight loss journey! I am also having weight loss struggles, but mine are not hampered by health issues, mine is all mental and you inspire me to keep at it. THANKS!

  90. Jennifer

    Hi! I’m from Tucson, AZ. I don’t watch the Bachelor because I think it is boring and predictable. But I don’t fault anyone who does watch it! My favorite show right now is Chuck because it’s a nice escape from reality, and I am ALWAYS wanting more by the time it’s over. I’m 27, single, and hoping to get married in the next few years. I struggle with my weight too. I hope that was a good de-lurking!

  91. Lynn

    Tried to comment before but I don’t think it went through, so I’ll try this again sorry if it’s a repeat…yes, I’m a lurker, a few months now. Mom of 4. New blogger. What I love about you is that you really put yourself OUT THERE. I’m aspiring to that in my posts. Thank you. I’ll try to comment more often…

  92. books

    I’ve been reading for years, but only the recent McRib post moved me to comment. I live in the midwest, write what most people would find incredibly dull press releases for a living, have been married for 7 years and have a little wee peanut who is 16 months old. I totally didn’t mean to watch the bachelor this season. I didn’t! But he totally boots someone mid-date next week! That’s like the most! dramatic! date! ever!
    When my son was a newborn, I did his evening feeding every night to Cash Cab. Ben Bailey practically has the power to make me spontaneously lactate.

  93. Belinda

    If you’ve commented once or twice are you still a lurker? I’ve read your blog for a couple of years now and I’ve always enjoyed it. As my kids are older I’m not really into the typical Mom blog but I don’t think of yours that way. You’re very honest and open and sweet and as a person who has had and continues to have a battled of d’bulge I hear ya on all the fun and games it is to lose it. I can’t blame my weight on the baby anymore considering he’s 17 hahem.

  94. NM Liz

    Delurking — I love your writing and your photography. I wanted to comment on the Just a Mom post, but couldn’t figure out how to put my thoughts into words. I guess that’s why I’m usually a lurker on blogs.
    I’m a 39 year old mom of 1 and possibly 2 (lost the previous 2 pregnancies — have 2 more weeks until I’m comfortable saying I’m really pregnant).I have way too many years of college and degrees that I don’t use at all now. I grew up in the south but now live in the mountains of New Mexico where I’m still surprised that they expect you to drive when it snows. I don’t watch much tv but am for some reason addicted to American Idol.

  95. Lauren

    My name is Lauren, I have been following your blog since around September 09. I love your writing, I tried to come out of lurking once before and left and comment but it didn’t show up.
    I am a 24 year old stay and home mom of 2 boys under age 6. I am pregnant with my 3rd and will know the sex next wednesday! (girl vibes please) I have a blog too, come check it out sometime if you want.

  96. Narami

    I think this is my second year of semi-lurking here. I’ve popped out before to say how awesome your kids are because… they are awesome.
    I’m 29, I read you from Puerto Rico my homeland, I’m a lab technician, I like to take pictures (specially with film, :oO!) and I love the ocean.
    I read you because your blog is honest and well written and it makes me smile often. Thank you.

  97. Cheryl

    I’m delurking, too.
    I’ve read your blog for a while now and I love your honesty.
    I’m freezing in Minnesota, I’m also into photography and I have never watched The Bachelor. Or Survivor! Nor am I with Coco. I do watch American Idol, Top Chef and Project Runway, however.

  98. NTE

    I just mostly lurk. I’m an avid auntie; I watch too much TV (thank god for DVRs); I’m trying to talk myself into taking a class or two about things I really want to be able to do better; and I watch The Daily Show & Colbert Report instead of other late night TV stuff.

  99. Erin (Snarke)

    Delurking to say hi and that I am abs-frickin-luctely on team CoCo!
    About me? Since you asked so nicely? I’m 31, live in Portland, Oregon and work as a freelance writer/blogger. I live with my husband and our cat and hopefully someday a few offspring (but not the band, even though at one point I did find Dexter incredibly hot).

  100. Patty

    Hey Y,
    I have been a lurker for a long time. I live in Kansas City, Missouri. We have been raising our daughters together and you never even knew it. I love everything you post here plus you have introduced me to other blogs I love almost as much as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Jessica Inman

    Y – my RSS wouldn’t be the same without ya. It’s douchy of me that it takes a ‘delurking’ day to do it. But whatever. Rock on. You’re awesome – your kids rock – your husband dances really well – and you can write sista. Don’t doubt that shit.
    xx’s and oo’s

  102. Bailey

    I missed it yesterday, but I still stop by from time to time to check in. You’ve made me laugh many a time, when I didn’t think I could.

  103. lemon

    Hey there! I’m lemon from India..I’ve been a loong time reader, so if you check your stats and find someone from Chennai, India..its probably me!

  104. Kelley @ Magnetoboldtoo

    Dammit. I always miss delurker day.
    And I am still waiting for the recipe/instructions/whatevz for those damn nachos in the slowcooker banquet cooker of awesome…
    (and I am in Australia so we have NO IDEA what you are talking about when you speak of these shows.)

  105. Recovering Procrastinator

    Wish I had found out about delurking day before it was almost over! Anyway, I’ve commented here a couple of times but here’s who I am:
    A 30yo SAHM to three kids (5, 3, infant) since losing my job in July. Married for 7 years. I love scrapbooking and reading. I am a twitter addict and a night owl. I like Supernatural, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Brothers and Sisters and am SO on Team Coco.

  106. Rachael

    I’m an on-again, off-again lurker. I comment occasionally, but only when I feel like I have something to say. I live in Washington state with my 3.5 year old and my husband, who is awesome because he just cooked me a bunch of bacon.

  107. Shelley

    Hi, I’m Shelley, from Missouri. I have been following you for about 4 or 5 years. I think maybe i have commented once or twice, on delurking day. but i read you EVERY day. (or every day you post, that is). And you are my facebook friend too.
    I relate a lot with the posts you do about growing up in the ultra religious home… I was raised Assemblies of God, and it was bad but not as bad as you have talked about. And not so much in my home, just the people in the church, and all the indoctrination that goes on.. yikes. I always knew I wouldn’t raise my kids like that, and I haven’t. We go to church, but it’s totally different.
    Anyway… you and Pioneer Woman are my favorite blogs… keep doing what you are doing! 🙂 yanno… i know this will sound stupid and all, but I went to school and have 2 bachelor’s degrees, and have a decent job and all that crap… single mom 2 kids, yadda yadda.. but you could throw me in a crowd of people and NO ONE would know who i was. You have such a low self esteem or self value of yourself on this whole “no college/no job” thing… but Y, you are like such an internet celebrity. If I met you in real life, I would act like a flipping IDIOT and probably bawl and act stupid and omg omg omg omg-ish. To people like me, from Missouri, and everyone else that only knows you through a computer screen.. you are the same to me as someone like brittney spears or angelina jolie or… just anyone off the top of my head from hollywood. I would react the same way and feel just as “OMG” by getting to meet you as I would my favorite singer or actress (not that those 2 up there were, i just threw them out there) or famous athlete, etc. And i know i’m not the only one that feels that way. I would totally WIG OUT if I met you or one of your kids…
    but yeah… i feel stalkery now, but I just meant to say that you are so much more than what you think you are. the things you have accomplished are SO MUCH bigger, but in a different way… than those of us that DID go to college and have a job and… yeah big deal? what of it? I struggle paying my bills and I’m certainly not any better than you, and dang it you are an internet celebrity and you got that way because of your humor, your wit, your freaking AMAZING photography skills, your openness to share stuff about your innermost stuggles and weaknesses… Yvonne, i could NEVER do that. I could never put myself out there like that. Do you know how many freaking CRAPPY blogs are out there that NEVER go anywhere? But yours DID go somewhere. and it was because of YOUR gifts.

  108. Jess

    Waaaaiiiiiit a minute. I thought YESTERDAY was delurking day. And I told my readers is was the day before THAT! Is this, like, delurking week or are we all just making it up? Anyway, Hi Y! 🙂

  109. Nicki

    I’m less of a lurker and more of a periodic commenter. I started my blog in the middle of the divorce, just keeping track of my life and hoping to gain a following so that it helps my agent get me published. I want to be a writer when I grow up. (I’m 37 so I better hurry…)
    So, single mother of two AMAZING kids. (I know, everyone thinks that, but I’m right.) 😉
    Love reading you! You really do inspire me.

  110. KarateMom

    I guess that I count as a lurker because I read a lot more than I comment!
    Lisa, mom of a girl (Reilly, 9) and a boy (Declan, 6). Married to my husband, Troy, for 13 years. Ummmm…I homeschool, but we’re not weird or anything. (OK, well, maybe we are weird, but not in a denim-jumpsuit-wearing-never-cut-my-hair-or-wear-make-up stereotypical homeschooler kind of way!) I was trying to remember how long I’ve been reading, and I just can’t remember. I know yours was one of the first that I started reading on a regular basis!

  111. Sam K

    Hi Y. My name’s Sam and I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now. I’m glad to delurk and tell you i think you’re an amazing writer. I love your honesty and compassion and how you can put your experiences into words. Keep writing 🙂

  112. Marcie

    hi there, I live in nova scotia, Canada. I enjoy your blog, usually check every day to see if you have posted. I find your posts are so funny and sometimes so real that it hits me in the gut.
    I so identified with your “just a Mom” post. Great job.

  113. Tammy

    Hi Y – Day late…. Tammy from Wisconsin. I just created my own blog, been lurking forever!! I love reading you, always checking to see if you have posted something. Divorced mom, work full time (plus 3 days/week, on a side job) 2 girls 1 in college, 1 in high school. Have an amazing BF (significant other?? man of my dreams, not sure I like the label BF) he has a 5 year old son, that we have every other weekend.. Busy life, lots of drama. This is what I hope to incorporate in my blog. It will take me forever to get to your level of writing… I have high hopes!!

  114. wifey615

    Not technically a “lurker” as I comment sporadically.
    Introduce yourself. I’m wifey615 on the internets.
    Tell me a little bit about yourself. Mother of 3, wife of 1 🙂
    Where are you from? I’m from NC by way of ATL by way of PA.
    Do you watch The Bachelor? No, kinda creeps me out
    Cash Cab? No, never heard of it
    Do you have a raging crush on Ben Bailey like I do? I don’t even know who he is.
    ARE YOU WITH COCO? not really, but I think NBC is wrong!
    Love your blog and most topics you post about. Found you about 3 years ago, and I read when you write.

  115. Adele Barrett

    Hi ,
    I’m a lurker, just wanted to come out and say HI and I love your blog. I live in Co. Clare in Ireland and love reading your blog 🙂

  116. Vicky

    I delurked myself on your “just a Mom” :0) But I’ll do it again…
    Im in AZ, pregnant with #2, have a 3 1/2 year old boy is the love of my life (his dad to obviously). I originally found you through the Young Bostons, but she no longer blogs there.
    I love your blog and your writing. And I’ve occasionally commented.

  117. Becky

    Hi Y!
    I am a new lurker. I found you through Kristen over at Better Now (or is it TallnLucky now?) I am only a lurker because I usually read on blackberry at work and it is hard to comment from there!
    I am 25.
    I live in Huntington Beach.
    I am engaged.
    No kids, just a cat!
    I have never watched The Bachelor, I don’t even know what Cash Cab is, I don’t know who Ben Bailey is and I may have just realized that I may be a tad out of touch! LOL
    Your honesty is inspiring and you are an amazing writer.

  118. angie

    I have commented a few times since I stumbled across your wonderful blog years ago, but I mainly lurk. I lurk because the people that have already commented by the time I get here have such brilliant things to say and I would look like a dork next to them. You have some brilliantly awesome readers (and some asshats, I know, but what can you do?).
    I’m Angie, almost 40, from Illinois. I’m also a hypothyroid girl that is trying desperately to lose weight. I love reading what you have to say, love seeing your pictures, and wish we could be friends in real life (in a totally non-stalkerish way, I promise!). You seem like a person that would be awesomely fun to hang out with, and as a mother of two boys (three counting hubby) myself, I can totally relate to some of your tales involving bodily functions, male behaviors, and the like.
    You’re just totally awesome, Y. I always look forward to reading what you have to write, regardless of the subject matter.
    Thank you.

  119. Jessie

    I usually lurk although I have commented a few times in the past. I’m Jessie, 30 years old and live in Washington State. I have a 7 year old Gabby of my own, but she is blond haired, blue eyed.
    I love your blog and check it almost every day (except weekends) and am always disappointed when you haven’t posted (no pressure).

  120. Karen

    As usual, (as my mother would say) I am a day late and a dollar short, but I will delurk anyway.
    I have read you for years; I just never commented. You get so many comments . . .
    Thank you for your postings. Keep it up.

  121. Julie

    Hi, I’m Julie in KS. I am a teacher, don’t watch much tv and just got engaged to a wonderful man! I love your blog. Keep writing, keep being honest. Oh, and I love G’s singing!

  122. Charon

    I’ve commented a few times on your posts here and there.
    I’m Charon from The Road. No really. I live full time in my 22′ 1966 Airstream Safari trailer with my Best Beloved and we are currently wintering in the southwest. I’m about to head out for a hike in the desert this morning (a new morning ritual a few times per week) to continue growing healthier and stronger.
    Your posts on your struggles with weight resonate with me and keep me inspired to move and enjoy the working body that I have. I love your honesty and willingness to look objectively at your self and the world around you.
    My blog is above if you wish to pop on by sometime.

  123. Cindy

    Y, Hmmm — do I hafta delurk?
    I’ve been reading you for years. I think you are courageous, kind and wise, so I suppose it’s only fair to just this once do as you ask.
    I’m just a mom too. My peeps are all moms with professional titles, so believe me — I’m aware of how lucky I am. I’m 49, been married 25 years, 3 children, 2 living (my middle child passed away when she was an infant.) I have a daughter in college and a daughter in high school. I’ve been a long time school volunteer (PTA, classroom, levy and bond campaigns) which all led up to my current gig as school board president.
    I am a very happy and blessed woman. My family is my life and we are all chugging away at doing what we are supposed to be doing and trying to contribute to the greater good a little as we go along.

  124. Stephanie B

    I’m Steph, from Escondido, CA. I’m a stay at home Mom. I love doing anything that’s creative and messy. I hate cleaning… see the problem there?

  125. Suzanne

    I have read your blog for years now when time allows – I think i found it through a friend who blogged that had a family member that blogged that you commented or something on – but regardless call me a stalker but I have read about all your tears fears and laughes – and I feel you are a wonderful mother and wife – You hit every womans issues right on the head with a little humor along the way – I applaud you for your opening up on weight issues cause hell we all struggle with that-
    I am a 30 year old wife and mother – I have a 10 month old and one on the way (CRAZY huh) but I love everyday with my daughter – my husband and I have a good life which is hard in this wonderful economy – and I count my blessings everyday –
    So as the days get shorter and the time less spent how I wish your blog is a nice laugh tear and piece of reality !!

  126. donna

    Well, lets see , Im 44 been married 27 yrs, I live in UpState Ny. And have been reading your blog for a long while now.More power to you!

  127. Dalia

    I am a ‘new lurker’ and just LOVE your post! I think a lot of people can relate, including myself. I just recently found blogging and am loving it. So many people out there, it’s like another world to explore!

  128. Gretchen

    Ugh. I wish I had read this yesterday! I have commented before, and yours is the ONLY blog I think I have ever commented on…no wait. Once when finslippy wrote about too much scent in the workplace!
    I’ll tell you what you have to offer! This! What you write makes me laugh and cry and think. I really should go back to school. But, you know what? It is fun and fulfilling to be a mom. That’s ok (and I’m all about women being empowered). Sometimes, I think I’m too old to go back to school, but your post about being “just” a mom made me think long and hard about things in my life. Thank you.
    I don’t know how long I have been reading your blog–a couple years?
    I am 39. I am a pharmacy technician (and I should be going to school to be a pharmacist), and I am a mom of an 8 year old and a wife.
    I spend too much time on the computer, too. Hahahahahahaha!

  129. Nell

    I don’t know for sure how long I’ve been lurking here but I love your writing and sense of humour. I live in the sometimes lovely corner of Northeastern Iowa-right now we are not so lovely but such is the way with winter.
    I work in radio – on air and traffic director (which has nothing at all to do with vehicles or populations of vehicles on the road) for three radio stations.
    I am married with one child – love football, racing.
    enough yet?? 🙂
    Love you blog – your post about Justa Mom struck a cord with me and I DO hope you will continue exploring this!!

  130. Summer

    Hi Y!
    I check your website every week, because I love it that much. I’m from Oregon. I’m team CoCo. My favorite post was when you met Rich from fourfour.
    /delurk 😀

  131. Diantha

    Yeah… I have been lurking silently on your blog. I love your frankness in your blog and wish I had enough guts to be incredible honest as you are for all to see on my blog.
    I watch Cash Cab…in fact I spent 2 hours on my butt this morning watching it over and over. They played it back to back to back!
    I admit I am a mother of 3 and still watch Real World…I get a kick out of it!

  132. Suzie

    I’ve been lurking for years now. I was once ‘just a mom’ too-then life pulled the rug out from under me. I had gone to college once upon a time, but then I had one baby-and then 3 more, and college fell by the way side. 18 years home with them, but I never regreted the time I spent being ‘just a mommy’. But then the rug was pulled and I took myself back to college and finished up my degree. I found a whole new universe-a new career, new friends, new me in some ways. As I watch my friends dreaming of retirement, I am excited about all I want to accomplish at my job. Funny how life works out sometimes.
    I have no TV-and have not had one for over 30 years-and yes, I did raise my children without a TV…oh, poor them! Best decision ever!
    I live in the Inland Empire. I like siamese cats-and I have one. I have raised 4 wonderful daughters. I have been married to my sweetheart for almost 35 years. I refinish furniture as a hobby.

  133. Rae

    Cash Cab?! You have Cash Cab in the States?! Our Cash Cab is in Toronto…where’s yours?
    Hi, I’m Rae, we’re Twitter buddies, and I live near Ottawa Ontario. I watch Dexter and Fringe and Castle and LOST and I’m a movie junkie 🙂 *HUGS* to you, the G-grrl and the boys and to PigHunter as well!

  134. Kristen

    Hello! I’m a day late, but I thought I would delurk still although I think I have commented before. I don’t know. I watch the bachelor. I kind of wish the girl hooking up with a worker would have happened later because I think it would have been more interesting. If he continued kicking off other girls because he really liked one and then sometime near the end he found out she had been with this other guy like the whole time. That would have been really interesting to watch.

  135. LeeAnne

    I’m a mom to 2 great kids…a boy age 23 and a girl age 26. My nest is empty and I’m lovin it! (Dont take that the wrong way!) I’m addicted to ‘The Biggest Loser’ and have been lurking and reading your blog for over a year. I enjoy your writing and photography. Thanks for sharing!

  136. Katie

    Sorry I’m horrible at commenting, but I am a faithful reader. I love your blog. I love reading about your husband and children. Your daughter is beautiful! I think you’re awesome!

  137. Melissa R

    OK, So I’m a day late but hello! I’ve been reading for a few years now and love your blog and your honesty.
    I watch Cash Cab while on the elliptical and adore Ben Bailey!!
    I’m in VA, have 3 daughter and 2 stepsons and am training for a marathon in May.

  138. heidi

    I think I may have delurked for you last year! Regardless, I am Heidi, an avid reader – maybe I check too many times a day to see if you have blogged or added a photo. your words show that you “get it” – being just a Mom is the only way to go. Never watched Bachelor, but shoot Real Housewives directly into the vein – seriously addicted and would watch any location they came up with.

  139. susan

    Hi, I’m Susan. I think I commented once on something you had up briefly and took down, so I consider myself a full-time lurker! I’ve been reading you a couple of years (and even went back through the archives to read all about G — I had the same crib bedding as you, BTW!) I’m 49 years old and have a 4-year-old daughter, plus two teenage stepkids, one of whom (16-y-o girl) lives with us fulltime. And I work full time. So, yeah, things are a little nutty at our house. I struggle with my weight; I try to keep everybody happy and don’t know how to make time for myself. I enjoy reading your blog very much. I think you’re funny and sweet and outrageous and loving and determined and smart — so there!

  140. sandra

    I am a longtime lurker and at one time I also felt your same joy unexpected…I am the mother of 4 boys…we lost our baby girl at 21 weeks 10 months ago and the circumstance of her birth left us unable to have more children. Not a fun time for me to delurk, I know. Anyway, I think you are awesome and funny and I love to read what you have written. I hope you don’t mind.

  141. Shay Kay

    Totally caught me!! Like reading an email you get from an old friend and then realize half way through that its a chain letter and there is WORK involved I TOTALLY skipped out mid sentence of your post and bailed… Only to come back today and post this. You are great. I enjoy your blog so much it is on my favorites page. You speak to us out here in mommyland, college or not WE follow YOU. Keep up the great work!

  142. Melissa

    Wow! You ask for the lurkers to come out and speak up and look at us all! I’m Melissa, 28, married almost 8 months now. I was a teacher, but then I up and got a husband who lived 300 miles away, so I had to leave my job. State budget what it is, I could find another teaching job where we now live. I spend my day working/playing with 1-2 year olds in their home. The kids are at risk for an autism spectrum disorder, but mostly they’re just awesome! I love my job, but it has made me realize that teaching is one of the things I was put on this Earth for, and I hope to get back into it soon.
    I love your blog because it’s honest, or at least it feels that way. I love the way you love your children, and I love your daughter’s adorable singing.

  143. Sara Maria

    Hi! I am delurking to say I like the way you write. I do not know how I stumbled upon your blog but I have been here for a while now and you are in my regular reads. I like your honesty. Ill keep reading. Bye!
    From Sara

  144. sonya

    Hi Y!
    I’m Sonya. I’m 27, married with a beautiful little girl and I am a lurker.
    Must admit I’ve been “lurking” for a few years now…linked over from amalah. You have made me laugh, cry and I’ve had to tell my sister, “You need to read this post, it’ll make you wet yourself!!!”. I enjoy your writing and pictures so much.
    I come from a somewhat similar religious background – I was raised pentecostal apostolic…actually I still go to church (which is my brother’s) since he never beats anyone over the head about going to hell and he actually teaches that God love us – imagine that! (My 2yr old loves Sunday school, my Mom is her teacher ;p) I remember being so stinkin’ scared as kid that the rapture took place and that I was left behind!!! I am so glad my child doesn’t have to go through that.
    Thanks for what you do – letting us into you and your families lives…you have inspired me in so many ways. Please keep on writing – we’re all here reading…

  145. mom, again

    I post occaisionally, so I guess I’m not quite a lurker, but…
    I’m the mom to a 2 and a half year old, and started reading sometime since he was born. My screen name is from the fact that I’m also mom to a 25 year old and 23 year old. Nobody thinks twice about a man having kids when he’s in his early 20’s with wife #1 and a kid when he’s in his 40’s (or beyond) with wife#2 (etc). But people’s eyes pop when a woman has done the same.
    I particularly like your posts about your girl. though the age difference is not so much, I get what you feel with a late arriving child giving you a chance to mother the other gender. When I had my girls, I was thrilled! Never having had a sister, I thought they’d be best friends built in! No. Not at all. Two more different people you cannot imagine. But all those years later, I was equally thrilled to have a boy!
    Besides my mom credentials, I’m a chef, I have two fluffy cats, and wish I had the discipline to blog. I’ve found a way to work that last into about 4 blog comments this week. It may be a sign that I’m gonna try harder to reinstate my twice started. Or begin again. One of these days, I’ll put an URL in that line up there and SURPRISE YOU ALL!

  146. Windsor Grace

    Hey there. So, I went to college and it doesn’t matter. And graduate school. And I worked really hard. And I don’t use it at all. You seem much more fulfilled.

  147. Jennifer

    Delurking to say hi! I am a mom to 3..a banker (not be choice but someones gotta pay the bills) and a wedding photographer! I love your writing and photography are amazing!

  148. Di

    Hi! I’m Di, and I live in Israel. Mom to two little girls.
    About the “just a mom” thing–I went to school. I don’t do a thing with it at the moment. It’s simply an ego boost at the park bench, and a cheap one at that–“yeah, I could have totally had this awesome career, but I left it all to be with my kids.”
    I have been lurking on your site for a couple of years now. I think that you are all kinds of awesome. I actually feel less creepy now that I am stating my name and intentions.

  149. Lisa

    Hi Sweetie! I have been reading you for years – thanks for the push to introduce myself:). I am a stay at home mom to an almost 2 year old. We live in North Hollywood. In my previous life I was a hypnotherapist and Reiki master. Now, my big agenda item is to take a shower or keep my sanity, don’t usually have the ability to do both in one day. I also love to make jewelry, knit and cuddle with four cats (you read that correctly). I guess that means I am also an 86 year old grandma. I LOVE YOU and read you faithfully and think you are fabulous. My wish for you is that one day you will just KNOW how valuable you are, not just to your family but to all of us here in innernet land and to everyone that has the honor of meeting you.
    Big hugs!!!

  150. marjorie

    I’m sort of a lurker but I do put in my two cents’ worth here sometimes, and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. My daughter got me reading your blog when Gabby was born. I live in Canada, I have three adult children, ages 22, 25, and 26. I teach music in a private school. I also knit, play a lot of musical instruments and sit in front of my computer reading blogs. Yours is the funniest and most touching I’ve ever read. I am also Lutheran (Lutheran Church Canada) and my husband is a pastor. You are a wonderful person and a great mother, and I’m sure everyone would agree with me that none of us gives a rat’s pitooti that you didn’t go to college. And God doesn’t care either. So there. Going to college can give you part of your education, but it doesn’t make you smarter, or a better person, but it sure can put you in debt. I look forward to continuing to read your blog this year. Love you, Yvonne!

  151. paige

    Not delurk day anymore, but…
    Have you read Elizabeth Esther’s blog? She writes about growing up in a very small, abusive, fundamentalist church. Her grandfather was the pastor.
    I did NOT grow up in a similar situation, but I find her to be fearless and graceful writer on the subject of compassion and grace.

  152. oshee

    I love reading you and I almost posted a comment on that last just a mom post of yours, because I understand. I figure, however, people have sent you all sorts of insights and advice. Funny, how with time away from blogging, I find I have stopped believing people would value my thoughts on things, especially someone as amazing popular as you.

  153. Anonymous G

    I found you several years ago when I was home, doing time, doing chemo…..
    Here I am now. BC survivor. Mom. Wife. Working woman to pay the bills.
    You are a great mom, writer, woman. I truly enjoy your blog.
    Carry on!!

  154. Heather Cook

    Hey, I’m Heather. I’m a mom in Calgary, Alberta. I have two kids from two marriages. I’m still married to #2 🙂 I work full time, write the rest of the time and try to be the best mom I can, best boss I can, best writer I can. But it’s hard I have long since hung up my supermom cape and now believe in better parenting through pharmacology. 🙂

  155. Sarah Joy

    So I’m a few days late on “de-lurker day” – story of my life … day late and a dollar short! But anyways, I may have commented a time or two – or maybe I just thought of a comment and didn’t actually do it.
    I’m Sarah, from Wisconsin. But currently I’m in San Diego for a few days, enjoying this lovely weather!
    Not sure how long I’ve been reading your blog – maybe 2 years?! I enjoy your blog because you talk about normal stuff. You’re real. You don’t hide the bad, and gush over the good creating a picture of living a perfect life – like a lot of blogs do. I’m in the medical profession, so I’ve found your story about your health problems intriguing. I also LOVE your photography – and only dream of being able to have an eye for pics like that – and be able to take them!
    Let’s see, I don’t watch the Bachelor – but I do watch Cash Cab when I catch it flipping through the channels! I love my TiVo, and have probably a full week’s worth of watching to catch up on … and I mean like watching at least 8 hours a day for that week. Ha!
    I do have my own blog – my third that I’ve attempted to start – but I haven’t updated it in awhile. My life is just that boring. I’m single, no kids, I go to work, I spend time with my family, and I take an awesome vacation here and there. I wish I could write about my patients – then I’d have a pretty comical, interesting blog! Unfortunately, the law prevents me from doing so. So a successful blog is another thing I envy of yours – along with you great photography. And your being “just a mom.”
    Well, this is tooooo long already … but hey, you asked, and I’m one who always rambles! 🙂

  156. Rachel

    Hi, I am an official lurker. I rarely post anything, but I love to read what you write. I found you through Amy, POW, ages ago. I think you are an amazing photographer. I am 41 with 2 kids, 6 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy. I wish I was a stay at home mom, but I have to work full time. Some days I like it but most days I just wish I could be one of those moms who gets to drop off and pick up at school and help with homework right after school and plan and host play dates. I lived in Italy for 7 years and both my kids were born there. There it is, all delurked.

  157. BMom

    Hi ~ I’m delurking, though I think I’ve left a comment before….but for the most part, I read and lurk around. I’m 39 for just a little while longer, live in in the midwest, have a wonderful husband and 3 kids, work from home part of the time and out of the home the other time and I’m in the middle a huge process of figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life (work-wise that is). So that post you wrote on “Just a Mom”? Really hit home. I come here often because you are a fabulous writer. Funny how we see ourselves and the labels we then assign to ourselves. Being “just a mom” is a fabulous thing, but for the record, I think you’re an awesome writer too.

  158. Christina

    Hello! I’ve commented a few times in the past but I am mostly a lurker. I’m Christina, proudly just a Mom of five amazing kids from Virginia. I love you Y and your blog! I work part-time and do roller derby!

  159. Leah

    I’ve commented before and I have been reading you for a couple years now. I live in California just north of San Francisco. I am a proud mom. I love your blog and I think you’re funny and real and I appreciate that.

  160. Kristin

    I’m Kristin from Montreal Quebec and I’m a 31 year old mother of Sam, age 6. I work in an office doing office-y stuff and have a very nice life. I love your blog and think you’re a great writter and your pictures are awesome.
    Happy De-Lurking day!

  161. Vanessa

    Hey Y –
    I met you at BlogHer 08. I love your blog. I don’t really watch the Bachelor. I do watch too much MTV. My favorite is the RW/RR Challenges and Made. You’re not just a “mom” you’re the founder of the CheeseburgHer party. I went to college – but I still feel stupid. *sigh*

  162. JesseeezMom

    Delurking! Christi from Carlsbad, CA 42 happily married to JesseezDad, mom to Jessi 24. Love your blog!

  163. Wendy

    I rarely comment, but read daily. I’m Wendy from Michigan and I am “just a mom” of two beautiful kids. I am 42 years old and have been happily retired for the last 14 years. There is a lot of guilt on a lot of days that I am “just a mom” and days when I feel terrible for not bringing a paycheck into our home. But deep down I know I am doing the right thing. When my kids go off to college in a few years I will have to rethink this whole retirement thing but it works for now. I love photography so I love all of the pictures on your site…you are amazing!! I am a reality tv junkie…bring on The Bachelor, American Idol and those crazy Housewives of OC, NYC, Atlanta and New Jersey :).
    Thanks for sharing your life with us, Y!!

  164. Lisa

    I guess since I don’t comment much I qualify as a lurker. I know I’m beyond late to the party. I usually don’t talk because I have a way of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I admire you for your honesty, for your strength in the face of adversity, and for your ability to overcome seriously difficult obstacles. I rejoiced when Aged and Confused became Joy Unexpected and I root for you through all the ups and downs you face.

  165. elizabeth

    Hi, delurking for the second time in a couple of years. 32, unmarried, working, enjoying your blog. Enjoying the Good Wife, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Law and Order (CI and SVU).

  166. Jessica

    Hi Y,
    I am 34, a wife, a mother of 3, I work full time, have suffered PCOS and multiple sclerosis. I love your blog, it makes me laugh and cry. Be happy with who you are, and if something bothers you, change it. Take one night class a semester and start moving towards your degree if that will make you happy.

  167. Jen from KY

    Okay – I’ll delurk (again – I say hey to you once a year!). Even though I am currently finishing my dissertation (hopefully) I too am more importantly a mom, and a wife, and a woman in this crazy world – and I LOVE to read your blog and your love for your children (yet you know they’re not perfect), your love for your husband (yet you acknowledge that it’s not a fairy tale all the time) and your honesty about who you are physically (I struggle too!) and emotionally (thanks for laying so many things out that I can relate to but would NEVER have the courage to say!). You bring a nice balance to my life – especially when I have to hang around academics all day. Hope to meet you one day! Thanks Y! Looking forward to another year 🙂

  168. mommaStace

    hello y! long time reader kind of first time commenter =]
    well i am 22 years old and i am a single mom. I go to school full time and i work full time. I am trying my A off to get my AA from community college and move forward to university little did i know that that will take time. I have a boyfriend but it’s just me and my daughter. She is 3 years old and i always feel like “just a mom” or i am always judged for being young and having a child. I love writing about things with a cause but also funny stories. Humor is good for the soul and it lets out a little piece of you that everyone will end up loving. When i do get to university, i want to be an english teacher and also an advocate to young parents. People judge so much thinking young women under 20 can’t really take care of a child. I had my daughter when I was 18 and when she hit 1, I was taking care of her by myself while going to school full time. Everyone judged me though thinking i couldn’t do it and I proved them wrong. I want to give young girls hope that when they do have a child young, they don’t have to sit around but to get up and try! I watch teen mom (i know. lame. hehe) and always have hope that they can take care of their child with or without the dad. But I just wanted to tell you i love your blog and it has inspired me to write. Although i have kind of abandoned my blog, I will still put up posts. Love your blogs Y have a great day!

  169. anne

    Belated de-lurking… I’ve been a reader of yours for several years, but I dropped out of the blog-reading (and writing) pretty much a year and a half ago or so. Yours was one of the very first I picked back up when I decided I missed the blogging world enough to come back to it. I missed your honesty, your humor, and your kindness. If I could know you in real life, such as it is! – I would want to.
    Also – you take simply amazing photographs. In the photos of your children, the love you have for them just bursts out of the screen. You have a gift.
    I am happy to be reading again. I hope you learn to know with your whole heart what an amazing woman you are.

  170. Cyndi

    Ok, a bit late, but since it’s a HOLIDAY that you HAVE to de-lurk you can have it. 😉 So if you are worse for NOT going to college what about me who did it twice and still am not doing what I want and would consider going back again and still not sure that would be what I want to do “when I am all growed up”!?! LMAO. I have PCOS (and insulin resistance). I have two boys and work full time, and I am totally getting consumed with photography and I used to scrap and will totally find the time for that again someday..
    Don’t be hard on you.. just BE you! 😉

  171. Shelly

    Hi—I’m Shelly
    I am from Missouri, and read your blog periodically.
    The ‘Just A Mom’ not piece (haha) was sweet. I didn’t finish college…..I too wanted to get married… I did. I work in a clerical type positon for the State I live in, and it’s a secure job that doesn’t pay well.
    I am married (22 years) and have 2 teen boys—my 19 yr old breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE DAY…he’s rough, tough, possibly experimenting with substances, and very angry. My 16 yr old is the polar opposite of his brother.
    I blog….I too blog about things like what I cooked for dinner. Or what funny thing my dog did. I only have like 5 regular readers…..but I’ve been at it for over 2 years, and it’s TOTALLY fun. The few people I’ve met ‘online’ thru my blog are fantastic…..they make me feel less like a frump and more like a PERSON.
    I’m fat (no…not just saying that…..reallly)….I love reality TV…..I probably drink too much wine, and I would die for my kids. My husband is handsome and loyal and wonderful, and I have alot of really nice things in my life (not material, but family)
    I just wish my eldest would ‘get it’.
    Nice to meet you! Nothing like TMI for the first comment, huh?
    Actually, I think I’ve commented before, so maybe it’s not a true FIRST….but it’s a recent first.

  172. Nancy

    Hi I am Nancy. I have been reading your blog for years and think you are a very talented and honest writer. I am just a mom to 2 boys. I have a college degree and haven’t had a job for 9 years. We live in Pittsburgh. When friends talk of working all the time and their crazy schedules I feel a little guilty for the luxery of leisure time I have now that both kids are in school. But then I have to remember that we all make our own choices and this is what works for my family.

  173. Val

    Hey Y.
    My name is Valerie and I’m from Los Angeles.
    I enjoy your blog…..I just came across it one morning, by accident. I told my boyfriend (now my ex-bf) all about it and he thought your posts were neat. I would keep him up to date now and then…and it was cool.
    I hope you’re feeling better about everything…
    I don’t really want to write too much cause I doubt it’ll get read…
    I am totally with Coco, btw! 😀

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