Warning: This Post is Full of SO MUCH CHEESE

.I love us.
I took this photo in the presidential suite of a hotel in Chicago. I’ve always been incredibly proud of this photo. Mostly because it has 3 of my favorite people in the world in it.
Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing that photo hanging in the Fotofest “Defining a Movement” gallery in Houston.
(Can you tell how proud I was feeling? Because I was feeling proud.)
The experience was overwhelming. To see something that I created in such a beautiful space, among so many incredible photographs, moved me to tears.
Having friends there to share the experience with me made the experience richer, sweeter. (If only Lena could have been there. Sigh.)
As I walked around the gallery, admiring the other photos hanging on the wall, I thought to myself “THIS is why I love blogging. The women. The creativity. The friendship.”
I’ve written before about how little I feel in this world. But that night, I felt like I belonged. That night I was embraced by women I admire. Intelligent, creative, loving, wonderful, honest, real women. They wrapped their arms around me tightly and they told me how proud they were of me. They cried with me, they shared in my joy, in my moment. I felt so loved, so understood.

“What you do matters.”

After this weekend, I am choosing to believe that.

19 thoughts on “Warning: This Post is Full of SO MUCH CHEESE

  1. Kerri Anne

    I love that original photo. And the one of you standing next to it. You look so! happy.
    What you do always! matters, and I’m glad you had such an amazing experience at Mom 2.0. I’ve heard only great things from the conference and the gallery idea? Pretty brilliant.

  2. Y

    You’re not chopped liver. I’m just speaking to this specific experience. It was powerful. But that doesn’t take away at all from what others online have meant to me.

  3. chasa

    Not sure whether or not I’ve commented before, but just wanted to say: that photo is FABULOUS. I’ve thought so since the first time I saw it. Congrats on being recognized — you absolutely deserve it.

  4. LauraC

    I am relatively new to your blog, but love hearing your voice. This is such a positive beautiful space you have built filled with wonderful things. Keep on going!

  5. kris

    Am grinning like a little monkey over here.
    I don’t think I could ever get too much of that photo — or you feeling so good. Perfection!

  6. Laurie

    I was so impressed with how that whole display highlighted so many of you so beautifully. I have always loved that picture too.
    For different reasons I wondered how I would feel in Houston and as usual the community you describe made it one of the best times I’ve ever had. We are lucky, I think, to be finding out what we’re made of in the company of people who are proving to be true friends.
    I am always happy to see you, no matter what. And I’m happy that this was such a good experience for you.

  7. Cristie

    I miss you! For some reason my feed is wacky and I haven’t “seen” you in a while. I went stalking, er, I mean searching for you today and this is what I found. This picture is one of the first things I saw of yours and why I became a follower. I love this post even more than just the picture-which I love bunches both for it’s photographic beauty and the beauty of what it represents.
    MMM… I’m so glad I came back to your world again!

  8. LEYLA

    Great photo, but that was the cheesiest video. so superficially sentimental and cliche. “what you do matters.” well no shit.
    that script is so gilmore girly, so waspy, so something. privileged is the word that come to mind.
    that video epitomizes why the mommy blogging thing is so annoying at times.
    i do appreciate that you warning of upcoming cheesiness. 🙂

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