Deflate That Bat!

It’s no secret that I love Conan O’Brien.
I once stood out in the pouring rain to express my love for that sexy beast of an ass-less man. (THAAAAT’S RIGHT. I SAID S-E-X-Y.)
On Sunday night, I had a chance to express my love for Conan yet again, by shelling out $70 to see him perform live at the Gibson Ampitheatre in Los Angeles.
I had no idea what to expect. A live Conan show? WHAT?
Let me just say. The show? It was incredible–worth every penny I spent on the ticket. I was going to do a recap of the night, but then things got all complicated in my marriage and I’m feeling kind of weird about life and so instead, I give you The Highlights.
Conan talking about the 8 Stages of Grief After Losing a Talk Show.
Chuck Norris Rural Policeman Handle with celebrity guests, Sarah Silverman, Seth Green, Aziz Ansari, Jack MacBrayer and Jonah Hill.
Conan’s duet with Jim Carrey.
Dancing with Heather.
Hanging out with Mr. Drummond.
Conan wearing pink, leather, paisley pants.
There was more. So much more. But really all you need to know is Conan was SO good, that I only got up to go pee ONE TIME. And I had a bladder infection. I held it for Conan, you guys. And it was more than worth the pain.
Hanging with Mr.Drummond
You thought I was lying about Mr.Drummond.
Our version of "CoCo"
Team COCO! (With orange gum, even!)
We love Conan long time. Or something?
Aaaand, we’re done.

14 thoughts on “Deflate That Bat!

  1. Angela

    Saw Conan in Seattle last week – soooo good! Not as many celebrity guests, but we did have Eddie Vedder show up and do a few songs. A great night!

  2. DiaryofWhy

    Sorry to hear things are complicated right now. But seriously, your hair is looking SO HOT in all those pics. Love it love it love it. 🙂

  3. maya

    True fact: I named my daughter Neve because years ago Conan announced that he named his daughter Neve on his show, I made a mental note that I liked that name.
    I have an opportunity to meet him in a few weeks, but my co workers say that they will not let me meet him because if I tell him that he will think I am a stalker. TEAM COCO!

  4. danish

    Your hair DOES look so shiny and pretty!
    But your BOOBS look awesome! That is a great bra there.
    (gah, I know you don’t know me, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, but yay you!!)

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