And I Also Hope To Shower Every Day.

I’ve been neglecting this blog.
I have reasons. Long story short?
I’m overwhelmed.
I’ve been struggling to find balance in my life.
How does one juggle it all? The work. The kids. The housework. The bills. The Horny Husband. THE MOFO LAUNDRY.
I started to feel like I was losing control, unable to keep up with the most simple things– like taking a shower every day.
Something had to give.
I gave up the things that didn’t pay the bills.
Writing. Photography. Working out. (But that’s another post for another time.)
Turns out, while those things may not pay the bills, they are vital to my health and happiness.
I miss creating things– words. images. muscle definition.
So I’ve made a promise to myself. I will make time to express myself creatively. I will pick up my camera, dust it off and capture the world around me. I will write every day. I will read everyday.
I will no longer allow the stress of daily life to suck the life out of my creative soul.

17 thoughts on “And I Also Hope To Shower Every Day.

  1. Nancy P

    My kids are grown and I STILL can’t/don’t find time for everything I need or want to do.
    I’m so happy you are still going to write. Also, just the other day I was looking to see if you posted any new pics to Shutterfly. I hope you add to it soon. 🙂 just sayin…

  2. kim

    the world needs you to create words and take pictures. tell that to the MOFO LAUNDRY (and the teachers who wonder why your kids don’t have clean clothes ;)) priorities, beyotches!
    PS: xoxoxo

  3. eli

    AMEN! I so agree -balance is important, but I think somewhat impossible. I have been rearranging my home for four years (though you wouldn’t know it to visit me…) I am doing the same; writing, connecting with my littlest before he is at school, and having people over. In short – living. Hmmm–now, about that exercise thing. ;P (yes, I’ll get on that too!)
    I so look forward to your writing here more often!!!

  4. Maggie

    So what you’re saying is that you can’t possibly live without us and that you miss us and you’re coming back to us so that your life will be complete.
    Glad to see you….I miss you too! 😉

  5. Y

    See how wonderful you all are?
    Maggie- that’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say. I miss you guys. (seriously. I do.)

  6. VDog

    Ahhh so well put.
    You (one) think(s) that you can just let certain things go, because they are not as pressing or as important as some *other* things, but instead, you find out that the not-so-important things often help you deal with getting the important things done.
    But then you forget this and lather, rinse, repeat. Ah, life.

  7. Kyla

    THAT is the key to balance. It might make you even busier, but it will make you HAPPY, which makes the busy not so bad. I have to make time for me, too, even though it is all premed/studying/volunteering at the hospital&kids’ school/taking kids to activities/shadowing doctors…blah blah. I can do it, as long as I make sure to put MYSELF into the equation.

  8. Rachael

    We’ve been having huge struggles in this area at my house. My husband is having a hard time with work and balance and finding some kind of personal creative outlet for himself. I’m glad you’re back.

  9. Jess

    I took a hiatus for two weeks. For this very same reason. It felt good, but it felt all kinds of wrong at the very same time.
    I felt like this thing I do on the internet, with the connecting with my intellectual creativity, the people that “get it”, and web-bauchery in general was what was tearing. me. down.
    In reality, I was letting the yucky, lame, boring, unimportant things determine my level of happy. I’ve since kicked some of those bastards to the curb and am really, truly, reveling in the power of my words and the words of those I’ve grown to love online who have translated into real-life, tangible relationships.

  10. Jessica

    I’m glad you’re not going to break up with us. And balance is such a silly word for the kind of chaos you are travelling. It’s more like stress surfing. Just don’t fall off the board and drown.
    I don’t know how you find time for writing and photography but you make my world a lot richer because of your efforts.

  11. Leigh

    Every weekend I pick something to give up so I have time for everything else. This week I bought new underwear at Target so there’d be one less load of laundry to do.
    I’d say I gave up mopping, but I never do that anyway.

  12. sassy

    Glad you figured it out. And if you don’t spend time on things that nourish you like photography, writing and exercise you won’t be recharged when it comes to taking care of the things that do make money or do need your attention. Those passions feed your soul. And that is good for everyone.

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