Real Things That We Fight About

This is “The Place Where We Hang Our Towels.” I have made this clear over and over again. “We hang towels here, we do NOT hang hats here.” My husband, however, refuses to acknowledge that this is For Towels Only and is constantly hanging up his dirty work hats. I have asked him time and time again to PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. And every time, he’s all “I can hang my hats there if I want to!” Which, fine, hang your hats there. WhatEVER.
But this morning, when I went to grab my sweatshirt in the morning, this is what I saw:
Empty hooks all over the place and he put his sweaty, greasy dirty hat on *top* of the towel I am going to use to dry my delicate, tender, pure, almost holy like body parts.
This is CLEARLY an act of Marital War.
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20 thoughts on “Real Things That We Fight About

  1. Laura

    I so feel your pain. My entire family thinks that dining room chairs are the equivalent of a coat rack. They walk PAST the coat rack to get to the chairs. Sigh.

  2. eko

    It is NOT intentional — men just are truly lacking memory or sense when it comes to such things. also – it’s likely a bit of a control thing. 😉 Made me laugh out loud — too funny!

  3. ambrosia

    Mine likes to put his dirty ass work hats on the kitchen counters or dining room table. No matter how much I bitch about it, it doesn’t seem to do any good.

  4. Missy K

    See the way I work it is…since it ISN’T where it belongs, it OBVIOUSLY is trash and where does trash belong? In the TRASH CAN of course. So where does it go? Into the TRASH CAN…no matter what the item happens to be. Yep…taught some very hard lessons but they eventually figure it out.

  5. Sonja

    My husband immediately takes off socks and work boots as soon as he gets home. The socks get left wherever he is – outside on the patio table, on the kitchen counter (GROSS!)…if I’m really lucky they end up on the floor somewhere.

  6. Erin

    That is TOTALLY something my husband would do too. I have discovered it’s his version of “I’ll show YOU to try to tell me what to do with my [whatever]!” Soooo irritating!

  7. mom, again

    He’s such a nice husband, it’s a shame you are going to have to get rid of him. IN variably, if I’m in the shower, my husband appears from whereever he was, needing to wash his hands in that bathroom sink, not some sink closer to whereever he was, and dry his hands on my towel.
    He also does the toast crumbs, and since he is a spoiled european I buy (sometimes make) loaf bread as he doesn’t like american sliced bread. So there’s the cutting board, knife and crumbs from slicing, then the crumbs from the buttering and marmalading. Every morning.
    But no hats.

  8. DogsDontPurr

    I KNOW!!! WTF is up with men…and their….oof…everything.
    We have two towel bars…one or each of us. Simple, no? In the morning I find his toothpaste smoosh on MY towel. Don’t even get me started. I TOTALLY fell your pain!!

  9. Megan

    of course my husband would be saying “hair in the drain EVERY DAMN MORNING and empty glasses everywhere”

  10. Paula/adhocmom

    Oddly, I wrote about something similar today. A woman who seemed to really know what she was talking about told me that you could NEVER expect a kid to hang a towel on a bar. . . therefore you should give them a HOOK. I was like, yeah, OKAY! She didn’t say anything about people going rouge and hanging their hats on them. Outrageous.

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