Facebook Killed the Blog

I have a friend named Lindsay.
Lindsay is a blogger. A very successful blogger.
Lindsay is not only my friend in real life, but also my friend on Facebook.
Sometimes, when I write a funny story about my life on Facebook, Lindsay will leave the following comment.
“This is going to make a GREAT blog post!”
And every time Lindsay leaves that comment, I laugh because I know what Lindsay really means is “stop posting these stories on Facebook and start blogging again!”
She’s right. I have been using Facebook to share my life instead of writing about it on my blog. On Facebook, I can share the stories that I feel are worth sharing without having to spend a great deal of time (or thought) writing it out.
Here’s the thing– I love Facebook (you’re laughing, aren’t you?) I have reconnected with amazing people from my past (Sixth Grade Love of My Life) but more importantly, it’s allowed me to reconnect with people whom I love– family, friends– but had lost touch with over the years. It’s also a place where I can interact with people during the day. I work from home and am alone and online all day. It can be very isolating at times. It’s nice to have a tool like Facebook, where I can get some kind of ADULT HUMAN INTERACTION during the day. But as much as I love Facebook, it’s becoming very clear to me that it’s made me a really shitty writer/blogger.
The next time I want to tell a story on Facebook, I’m going to log into this here blog, put some time and thought into it and create a mofo blog post instead.
Lindsay will be so proud.

19 thoughts on “Facebook Killed the Blog

  1. mommabird2345

    I’m not on Facebook *gasp*, so I think this is a GREAT idea. I’m home all day with my 3yo and with school ending next Tuesday, I will be home all day with all of my kids, so I completely understand wanting adult interaction. I enjoy your posts and can’t wait to read them. 🙂

  2. Michelle in Mx

    Er, yes. And I thought I’d leave a comment since I have no “Like” button to press. Like, Like, Like.
    Heh – guess Facebook also makes me a lousy comment-er, too.

  3. Y

    Michelle, YES! It’s made me a lousy commenter too. I need to start commenting on blogs again!

  4. Y

    Lena, true. Very true.
    Also? I feel like we’re not using the I Don’t Care Bear to it’s full potential.

  5. Lindsay

    Ha ha! Your Facebook status updates are so often potentially CLASSIC blog posts. 😀 If it makes you feel any better, I often tweet something and then based on the response realize that I NEED TO BLOG THAT.

  6. Jenn

    Word up sister. I am quitting facebook partially because of this. Your blog is forever.
    Shout out to Lindsay on this “subtle” encouragement.

  7. Mr Lady

    I’m pretty sure that social networking has made us all less social and less apt to network. Funny how that works.
    Either way, I hate facebook but i love your blog. That’s my two cents.

  8. Damsel

    It’s so true! I’ve even noticed that I think of things that happen in my life in terms of a FB status update – as in, “Oooh, how can I explain what happened in a pithy, concise way that will get the most response?”
    I already struggle with “expanding” my writing; FB has not helped. I need to swear off FB for awhile and write more REAL work.

  9. Redneck Mommy

    I love you where ever you post. Here, there, anywhere. Because I’m full of stalk-y love that way.
    I admit though, your facebook status often leave me giggling. I’m still picturing you going full out Latina mad on someone’s arse.

  10. Daisy

    Instead of promising to blog more (world doesn’t need more of that…) I’m promising to leave real blog comments instead of replying on Twitter.

  11. Nanette

    I hear ya! I feel like my FB page gets all the good updates — well, “good” in MY eyes — and then writing about it on my blog seems redundant.
    However, the point of my blog is to archive my life and family stories, and there’s no easy way to check out archives of that stuff on Facebook.

  12. Cherie

    I have you on my facebook and love reading things from you and thinking there would be more on your blog. Glad you have come back here, but I will see you there too!
    bloggy love to both you and Lindsay!

  13. LaDonna

    I realized the same thing about Facebook and my own blog (poor, neglected thing). I also blame my iPhone, as it is much quicker to make a status update to Facebook than to write out a blog post on it.

  14. Backpacking Dad

    I use Facebook now in a very specific way. All I do is offer up some premise, a nugget of background or a personal detail, and then I ask a question. It’s almost always something about parenting. I don’t use Facebook to stay connected with other people anymore, and changed my profile to a Page specifically so I wouldn’t. This has helped me segregate my different strains of writing and my life. My blog is for long-form things and general writing; Facebook is for parenting questions or surveys or short observations. And Twitter is for ridiculousness.
    I spend most of my time with Twitter.
    It’s awesome that I basically said nothing about your post but instead made it entirely about me. I’m amazing, and I should know.

  15. Jack B.

    I hope your bloggers make a comeback from social media. I’ve been enjoying Facebook for several years and suddenly, I can’t stand it. Lots of good comments on this page. A good strategy might be to blog first, then promote via twitter and facebook. Carry on!

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