My Daughter Teaches You How to Make an Adorable Christmas Ornament

I should have titled my last post “Sometime Next Week.” I’m such a jerk. I’m sorry for leaving you hanging.
Today my daughter brought home a beautifully wrapped gift with the most thoughtful note attached. I opened it up and found a hand made ornament.
I am a sucker for hand made ornaments. I’ve made them with my children throughout the years and they are by far my favorite decorations on the Christmas tree each year.
This ornament was particularly adorable– snowmen made out of her little hand print.
“This is adorable, G!” I said. “I absolutely love it and can’t wait to put it on the tree!”
I asked her to tell me how she made it because I would love to share the idea with my friends.
“Can I help you write it and put it on your Joy Unexpected?” She said.
(How does she know about my Joy Unexpected? And has she told my parents about my Joy Unexpected? Must investigate this further.)
I told her that I thought it would be wonderful if she would share how she made the ornament with all of my friends on my Joy Unexpected. So, we sat down at my computer and I typed while she talked.
“First, you need to tell them the ingredients.”

  • Clear, plastic ornament
  • White paint
  • Black and orange markers. A brown marker too if you want.
  • Blue straight, shiny ribbon
  • Gold ribbon

First- We painted our hands with white paint. Then we put our hand print carefully on the ornament.
Second: We drew the eyeballs on the five fingers to make them look like snowmen.
Third: We drew an upside-down carrot nose with orange marker
Fourth: We drew the mouth with little dots and buttons with a black marker.
Fifth: We added arms with brown or black marker and added a hat with a black marker.
After it dried all the way, we added blue ribbon to the inside of ornament. Then we tied a ribbon at the top to hang it from the tree.
Oh! Don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom!
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18 thoughts on “My Daughter Teaches You How to Make an Adorable Christmas Ornament

  1. Kathy from NJ

    Thank you, Gabby, the instructions were very clear. Will you be starting your own blog soon? Or an etsy shop for your ornaments?, I’d buy one. Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

  2. Andrea

    This was SO worth the wait! I consider myself to be crafty but this was a new one for me. So cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. shauna

    My 3 big kids have each made that same ornament in 2nd grade at school. However they made them in glass so I am terrified they will break! I am considering having them framed in a shadow box to protect them!! 🙂 They are so precious.

  4. Debbie

    We made those in preschool this year. We used white enamel paint and then added the accents with black and orange enamel paint. Then on the ones for my class, I put Modge Podge over it all after it was dried – gave it a pretty textured look with the brush strokes. Inside we put irridescent snow (think glitter, but bigger pieces, and it got EVERYWHERE!). I think this was my most favorite Christmas gift ornament to have done with the kids ever! Definitely one of the prettiest!

  5. Maybe Lady Liz

    Adorable! I’m actually blogging about trying to decide whether to have kids, and did a post recently on how your Christmas tree looks pretty lame if you don’t have kids to make meaningful ornaments for you. Right now, we’re relying on contributions from friends’ kids and neices and nephews, but I guess it’s just not the same…

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